His women

He was rich and handsome. In his home he housed over twelve women. He kept them for sex and his entertainment. He needed sex all the time. each woman was hand picked for his pleasure. They had large tits with plump nipples and firm round ass. They were white, black, asian, hispanic, indian, and any thing he desired. They all were horny and loved him to fuck them. Many times he fucked with an audience of the young women.

During the day, they wore just a sheer robe. He loved to be able to see their sexy bodies and touch them any time he was near. He had an adult toy room to tie and bind them and use many toys for pleasure. he love to tie them over a bench and spank their asses. and sometimes their pussies but he was really not a cruel man, just loved the female body.

Tonight he brought two asian women to the adult room. He had them remove the sheer robes and turn around so he could see their horny bodies. He then had them undress him and as he was naked they were to lick every inch of his body. They were petite girls with huge tits and he told them to give him a show and play with each other. They began touching and sucking the tits on one another and then fingered their pussies. As one layed on her back with legs spread wide the other began to eat her pussy as he then fucked the girl on top. As he fucked her, he spanked her ass till it was red and raw and kept ramming his ten inch cock deep in her cunt. The one getting her pussy licked was moaning and twisting as the other ravaged her while her cunt was being fucked hard and deep. He then filled her hole with cum and told the girls to switch places as the one girl would lick his cum from the others cunt he began to fuck the one. He also spanked her ass beet red as her filled her tight cunt with his big cock.

When he was done fucking the two he laid between them and nursed on the huge tits. As he nursed the tits, he called the black girl into the room and had her strip. He then had her suck his cock as he continued to suck the tits of the first two. He rammed his huge rod deep in her mouth and throat fucking her and soon filled her mouth with cum from his huge cock.

He brought in two more girls and put them to sucking and licking and fingering the two asians pussies. He had the black girl straddle his again hard cock and ride him as he fucked her cunt deep and hard. The two asian girls were screaming as they felt their pussies cum again and again, but he would not let them stop. He loved to see them play with each other while he fucked all night. After over forty minutes he filled the black ass with his warm jez and then put her on her hands and knees and played with her cunt while his cock got hard. He was always able to get hard fast as he loved to fuck.

Soon he was hard and he spread her ass wide and fingered her hole getting ready to fuck her ass deep and rough. He entered her ass as he watched the others continue to lick pussy. His big cock stretched her ass and he rammed her deep and filled her ass with the thick member. he then told one girl to now lick the black cunt as he fucked the black ass. As she licked her cunt and he fucked her ass the black girl began to scream as she came time after time. Her tits were swinging as he pounded her tight ass. Since he had cum several times he was able to ram her ass for a long time. As he fucked her ass he beat on her ass cheeks just to see the hand welts show on them. He then told one of the girls to get in front of the black girl and spread her cunt so the black one could tongue fuck her hole. He now was ass fucking her as another was suckding her cunt and the she was also tongue fucking the other cunt. The sexy man liked the women to get involved in his sex orgy.

As he then filled the black ass with his cum, he laid all of them on the bed with legs spread so he could admire the cunts that were his possession. He could spank lick and fuck them any time he wanted and they would suck his cock as he ordered. He went to the little white girl and played with her cunt before he shoved all four fingers deep in her licked hole. He finger fucked her hole hard getting the fingers in all the way to his palm. As he finger fucked her cunt he took his other hand and began to rub her clit. She started cumming and moaning as he watched her cum many times and he would not stop the torment to her cunt. He left his fingers up her cunt but then rammed fingers in her ass and began to fuck her hard. As he finished her he started on the next cunt till he had fucked each cunt and ass making them multi cum. He could see the cunts and asses were red and raw from being fucked sand licked so much tonight.

He then told four of them to leave but kept the black girl in his bed as he was going to fuck her off and on all night in every hole. she would not be able to walk by morning from his big thick cock invading her ass and cunt. But he liked fucking her and she loved sucking his huge monster cock.

Tomorrow he would line them up and give each one a special fuck after they put on a show for him sucking and licking each other waiting for their time to be fucked by the huge cock.
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great story every mans fantasy
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so wonderful hot naughhty