Dad's best friend

My dad had a sexy good looking friend that I had the hots for for years. All I could think about was getting him naked and getting naked beside him. I wanted to fuck him bad.

I finally got my chance. Mom and dad went out of town for a few days and asked him to check on me to be sure I was ok. When I knew he was coming over, I just wore my bra and panties. I have nice full tits and a tight firm ass. I wore a low push up bra that barely cover my nipples. When he walked in he stared at my full titties and smiled. He sat on the couch and I sat right next to him and started to unbutton his shirt. He grabbed my hand but i pushed his away and kept unbuttoning. I got his shirt off and started to rub his chest and nipples. I then kissed each nipple before I licked them. I could see his cock swell in his pants.

I then pushed him back on his back and started to unzip his pants as I was going to get him naked and see his sexy body before I let him fuck me all day. He seemed to not care that I was stripping him and soon I had him naked. He had a huge thick cock that was now very hard and sticking in the air. I ran my hand over the nice huge member and then down to his balls. He did nothing except spread his legs for me to keep playing with him. I then licked his stomach and kept licking lower till my tongue found his nice cock. I licked his cock and heard him moan. All of a sudden he grabbed my hair and thrust my head over his cock as he pushed his cock inside my mouth. He pushed his cock deep down my mouth as he pulled my head up and down on his cock. "Now suck me you sexy bitch. Take all my cock till I cum down your throat." As he fucked my mouth he then ripped off my bra and panties throwing them to the floor. suddenly he pushed my head deep over his cock and held it making me gag as he filled my throat with his hot cum. He made me swallow every drop.

Then he rolled me over on the couch and spread my legs far apart. "So you want to play with the men. I am going to fuck you hard for hours and teach you how to play with the big boys." He then lowered his mouth to her pussy and began to ravage her sweet cunt. He licked and tongued her clit and love hole till she was cumming faster than she could count. He grabbed her clit with his teeth and pulled on it as he fingered her fuck hole.
"Now how does that feel? You need a big cock to stretch that tiny cunt of yours." "I am going to fuck you till you scream and beg me to stop. Now get on your hands and knees and raise that ass and cunt to me." He shoved her onto the floor and and grabbed her ass and started to push his cock to her pussy. He had a big cock and he slowly rammed it all inside the tight cunt. She started to cry with the big rod invading her tight hole but he kept on till he was in. "Now you get to feel how a man fucks a tight pussy." And then he began to pound the pussy fucking her hard for over an hour.

He then pulled her up to the couch leaving his cock in her cunt as he had her straddle him facing him so he could see her tits. "You have nice tits. I bet you like them sucked and licked." Then as he fucked her cunt he began to suck her tits. Soon she had adjusted to his size and was enjoying the fucking the big cock was giving her. She felt herself cum several times and never wanted him to stop fucking her. "Yes, you like my tight pussy don't you? You want to fuck me for hours as I cum over that big cock of yours." she told him. "If you think I like your tight pussy, wait till I fuck that ass of yours." he replied.

Then he turned her around so her ass was to him and he removed his cock from her cunt to her ass. He shoved the huge rod into her ass slow so not to hurt her and it was not long before he got all the cock in her. She was screaming in pain as the large cock ripped into her ass. "Now I will treat you like the slut you want to be as I ram your ass and fuck you till I fill you with loads of cum. Today you will be treated like the cum whore you are." And he began to move her up and down on his cock as he fucked her ass not caring that she was hurting. He knew she would stretch to allow his cock a great fuck fest. As his cock rammed her ass he bent her forward and began to spank her ass. He fucked and spanked till her ass had his hand marks all over it and was beet red. He then pulled her back up and reached around her and grabbed her huge tits. He massaged the big mounds as he continued to fuck her ass.

He then felt the built up as his cock filled her ass with his cum. It felt so good to fuck her tight ass. He grabbed a nipple in each hand and pinched them wanting them to be sore to show her who was in control. He treated her like a whore and he would come back many times for more. He knew she could not tell her parents. She would be his private slut till he tired of her tight cunt and ass.

"Now get on your knees and lick my cock clean. I want to fuck you more so open your mouth as I shove my cock deep into your throat." he grabbed her head and fucked her mouth till he was able to cum another time.

Now spread your legs so I can finger fuck you while I get a chance to get a hard cock again." He then rammed three fingers in her sore cunt till he had her cumming time after time. She loved being fucked even if he was rough. Her cunt was sore but she loved his sexy body and wanted him to fuck her non stop till her parents came home. Then she would sneak over to his house and fuck him any time he wanted some of her pussy or her ass. She was going to enjoy being his slutty sex slave.
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4 years ago
4 years ago
i want to be daddy's lil whore like that
4 years ago
you know, if he is a good friend of the girl's dad, the two of them should take her camping and fuck her all week end long.
4 years ago
excellent story but what does she look like details
4 years ago
very good story