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She was so beautiful. she knew she had a body men loved. She had tits the size of DD since she was twelve years old. She either wore tight shirts or low cut shirts. She wore her blouses barely buttoned. she loved showing off her tits. She knew men loved to suck them as her dad had been sucking on them for many years. She never wore a bra at home so daddy could play with her huge mounds. He would run his hands under her shirt and massage her tits then twist and pull the nipples before he would lift her shirt and start to suck them.

Last night he stood her naked in front of the mirror as he got behind her and let her watch in the mirror as he rubbed and lifted her tits. He pulled on the nipples watching them grow in the mirror. He would flick the nipples with his fingers to see them get hard. He loved to pinch them making them sore so he could lick them and make them feel better. He spent so much time sucking the hard nubs.

He then removed his clothes and pushed his cock between her huge tits and began to tit fuck her. He had a nice big cock and as it went between her tits it would come way up high. He bent her head and taught her to lick it as he fucked the tits. As he titty fucked her, he twisted the nipples and used them to tighten over his cock. As he was ready to cum, he pulled his cock from the nipples and sprayed her tits with his warm juice. Her tits were covered with cum and he rubbed the cum over each of them. He then began to lick the cum from her tits. Several times he titty fucked her and covered her tits with his cum and licked them clean.

Tonight he told her to take off her shirt so he could see her tits. He played with them as she arched her back pushing them out and showing how huge they were. He then got out some thin twine and began to bind her tits. Then he ran the twine around her back and between her legs. He had smaller twine that he bound her nipples with. when he had he tied very tight, he lifted the large tits which pulled the twine between her legs. He then sucked her tits and pulling on the twine in her pussy and soon she was cumming as he nursed her like a baby. he kept this up for most of the evening as her cum ran down her leg. Then he titty fucked her pulling on the twine making her cum time after time till she was soaking wet with cum. He had sprayed his cum over her tits each time he came. He then rubbed his hand over the cum she had running down her legs and rubbed her own cum over her tits. He slipped a finger into her cunt to scoop out the cum in there and rubbed it on her nipples. He layed her down and began to lick the cum from her delicious tits, tasting the mixture of their cum together.

Each night he would bind her and titty fuck her and make her cum then rub the cum that leaked down her legs over her tits and lick it off. He would spray her tits with his cum and suck her loving the taste of cum.

Then he started to fuck her cunt so the cum would be mixed inside her. As he fucked her tight hole he would suck her tits and bite them as he came inside her. This would go on almost all night. Sometimes he would tongue her cunt to get the cum and lick her tits.

The sweet daughter then became pregnant. Her tits grew larger filling with milk. Her dad would fuck and suck her day and night. He loved the milk from her huge tits. Her tits had grown two sizes bigger as they filled with milk. He could not keep his hands off her tits or his cock out of her cunt. When the baby was born, she gave it away for adoption, but daddy kept nursing her so the tits stayed full of milk. He would squeeze her tits and spray the milk into his mouth. Then he would have her squeeze the tits and fill his mouth. He would have her straddle his lap and ride his cock as she filled his mouth with her milk. After fucking her several times he would lay her on her back and tongue the cum from her wet cunt so he could taste the mixture of their cum inside her tight hole.

The dad realized what a great thing he had: a sexy daughter with huge tits full of milk that he could suck and a nice tight pussy to fuck and lick the cum.
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4 years ago
great story smile!
4 years ago
i was a D cup when i was the story
4 years ago
My penis is semi stiff....
4 years ago
As for the DD 12 year old, there was a girl in my neighborhood at 12 with that or bigger, her name was Kathy and now shes a nurse at Community hospital here in town, so privateno, it's not common, but realistic, as for the story, I'm leaking pre-cum.
4 years ago
Sorry but DD on a 12 yo is just not realistic and pulls a read out of the story. The rest was ok, but this entire story could have been much longer with more character development.
4 years ago
Loved it, keep writing.My daughter was a skinny flat chested thing and never turned me on like my mother did
4 years ago
good story wish it was longer