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Jill loved to be spanked. It made her horny and she loved to fuck afterwards. It started when she was fifteen and her dad stripped her naked and spanked her for being bad. She loved him stripping her and laying her across his lap and spanking her ass with his hand. First his hand rubbed her bare ass before he spanked her. It turned her on to feel her dads hand rub her ass and she then spread her legs.

Dad noticed her wet pussy and would spank her harder with her legs spread. Daily he would take her into the bedroom and strip her and lay her over his lap. He took more time rubbing her ass before he spanked her. he would spread her legs to see if her pussy would get wet. He then found a paddle to spank her with. As he hit her with the paddle her pussy would vibrate and her tits would rub against her dads legs. She started cumming as he paddled her.

One day when he took her to be spanked, he looked at her tits which had grown to a nice full size. Today he was only dressed in his underwear. He layed her naked body across his lap and spread her legs. He could feel her tits on his bare legs. He spent extra time rubbing her ass before he began to spank her. He rubbed down her legs and then the insides of her legs. He was close to her pussy and liked that she kept it shaved. He then spanked her feeling her tits across his legs. This made his cock hard. He noticed her pussy getting wetter and knew she was pulsing as he spanked. He put down the paddle and rubbed her bright red ass. As he rubbed her he spread her ass cheeks and ran his finger over her puckered bud. He played with her ass quite a while before he moved his finger to her wet pussy.

As he found her pussy he then shoved her leg to the floor to spread her wider. He ran a finger over her pussy lips and her clit feeling them and tweaking both of them. She was now squirming loving her dads finger over her pussy. He then found her love hole and circled it with his finger. Soon he had his finger in her fucking his young daughters cunt. It did not take long before he had her moaning and loving her dads finger up her cunt. He pulled her wet finger out and spanked her cunt then began to spank her ass again.

The next night when he stripped her naked, he ran his hands over her naked body before he got ready to spank her. But then he removed his underwear and she saw his hard cock. This time he bent her over the end of the bed and spread her legs wide He stood between her legs and she felt his cock brush her leg. He rubbed her ass and pussy getting ready for the spanking. He propped a pillow under her to raise her ass higher. He got his paddle and began to spank her hard. He watched her ass get redder and redder as he gave her whack after whack. Then he stopped and rubbed her ass and then down to her pussy.

He then rubbed his hard cock over her red ass cheeks. He spread her ass and rubbed the cock down her crack and around her pucker. He saw her cunt hole and aimed his hard cock and pushed into her. As he pushed into her tight hole he began to spank her with the paddle till he got his cock all the way inside her cunt. He looked at her stretched hole and then grapped the strap and as he fucked his daughter he whipped her with the leather strap. As he saw the lashes across her as he fucked harder as the beating was making him so horny. He could feel her cunt pulse and make his cock wet over and over. She was as hot and horny as her dad. He fucked her cunt and beat her ass for almost thiry minutes before he pulled out his cock and covered her ass with his cum.

Now every night he would spank her ass as he fucked her hard. This turned her on as she craved getting her ass spanked and loved her dad fucking her cunt. Sometimes he would put her on her hands and knees and smack her tits as he fucked the horny daughter. When he was ready to cum he would cover the tits with the cum and then he would rub the cum over her tits. One night he spanked her ass and only finger fucked her. He let her cum several times before he turned her to her back and entered her pussy. He fucked her hard pounding her as he twisted her nipples. Tonight when he was ready to cum he covered her face with his cum. Opened her lips and let some go into her sweet mouth. He then closed her mouth so she would have to swallow his cum. He was going to fuck her mouth and cum down her throat.

For several years he would strip her spank her and fuck her different holes. She loved getting the brutal spankings as long as daddy would fuck her hard and deep. He would whip her ass and her tits and her back and legs. She wore huge welts but loved the fucking. Some nights dad would stay in her bed and fuck her sore body all night in every hole. He never got enough of the daughters tight cunt. He taught her to suck his cock and on Saturdays, they would fuck all day between her sucking the huge cock. She was able to get all ten inches down her throat and swallow all his cum. He loved to fuck her mouth before he would fill it with huge loads of cum and then watch her swallow.

She loved fucking her dad and would never lead him even tho some times he was cruel to her with the spankings.
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5 years ago
that is sssoooo hot very good
5 years ago
u must have been very bad to deserve such beatings
5 years ago
Shit, that got me so fucking hard ;) nice story