She gets it all night

I went to the lesbian club looking for a new body. My last lover left and I needed a lover that was hot and horny. I dressed in a short clinging low cut dress. My tits were barely covered and my ass was visible to any one who looked. i wore no underwear. I wanted to pick up a hot ass and take her to my room and not waste time.

I walked to the bar and sat on a stool. I spread my legs and showed my shaved pussy. Many of the girls were looking but were already with a date. I was looking for huge tits and a nice round ass and shaved pussy. My tits were almost falling out of the lowcut dress and a hot chick started staring. She had nice big tits and hard round nipples. i never was interested in a gal with tits smaller than a C and i really liked D or bigger. I loved to suck tits and have mine sucked.

She came over and ran a finger across my nipples. Then she ran a hand up my leg to my spread pussy. She felt my pussy right there in the bar. I spread them farther wondering what she would do. And she began to finger my pussy as we kissed. Her tongue pushed deep into my mouth and I started sucking it. She made me cum then ran the finger across my lips and into my mouth. I sucked my cum from her finger. "Lets go. I want to fuck you till you scream." i told her.

We went to my hotel room in the next block. He kept feeling my ass under my short dress as we walked up the street. One time she pulled my dress up over my ass and pushed a finger in my ass. She was going to be hot and wild. When I got in the room I stripped her naked fast. i quickly hand cuffed her to my bed with her hands over her head. She had huge tits and i played with them and then sucked them and bit each one.

Next i bound her legs spread wide to the end of the bed. I propped two pillows beneath her ass to raise her spread cunt up high for me to begin my all night fucking and sucking. First i spread her ass and finger fucked her. Yes, she had a great tight ass. Then I shoved a huge butt plug in her. I pushed all eight inches of the plug deep in her ass. It was thick so it stayed in place. but every so often I would push on it. Later i would remove it and ass fuck her with my twelve inch dildo.

I loved her tits so I began to suck them. i shoved two fingers in her cunt as I sucked her huge tits. It was not long before I heard her scream and cum many times. My hand was soaked with her juice so I then scooped her pussy and let her lick her own cum. I now worked on her clit as I sucked her tits. She had a big thick clit and it was easy to grab it between two fingers. I played with it making her cum but she did not scream till I bit her tit. I love to leave bite marks on the sexy bodies. I put two more bite marks on her huge tit before I moved to her fat clit.

I licked her clit and she was thrashing cumming under my tongue. Now i sucked her clit and felt her multi cum. She was a hot horny sexy fuck. As she keot cumming I grabbed her clit with my teeth and pulled on it and lightly chewed. I did not bite it as I planned to use it all night long to make her cum again and again. i did bite the inside of her leg loving the marks there.

I got out my double dildo and strapped it on. One end goes up my cunt and as I fuck her pussy it fucks my pussy. It is big and thick and will stretch both our fuck holes. I will fuck her pussy and then her ass. I let her watch me insert the big rod into my cunt. Slowly I pushed it into my hole. Then I tightened the straps and went to her pussy. As I pushed into her hole it pushed my hole. Yes, this was going to be so fucking hot. I watched the dildo stretch her cunt and go in deeper. Soon I had all ten inches into her and the hard rod was thick too. I started to fuck her and as I fucked her it fucked me. This oversized fake cock felt so good. As i fucked her in and out I played with her clit. She was easy to make cum and as I watched her cum I began to vum and as I came I fucked her cunt harder and faster. Soon we both were cumming and she was screaming, "Fuck me harder you sick bitch". I then really fucked her stretched pussy hole. Both our cunts were really taking a hard fucking with the huge shaft. I fucked us for almost two hours and could not even guess how many times we came. We were soaking wet and cum was running out of both cunts.

I then pulled the strap on out of her cunt and let her rest a minute. I remover the butt plug and aimed the dildo to her ass. When I pushed in her ass, she screamed at the size of it but I knew she would soon get used to it and was able to get all ten inched in her ass. Then I began to fuck the ass. I fucked her hard with no mercy and every time she screamed I slapped her swollen pussy. i was so turned on with that dildo up my cunt and watching her ass get ****d while I slapped her fat pussy that I kept cumming hard. I fucked her ass for over an hour. I knew she must be raw in her pussy and ass from my large rod in her. I pulled out the dildo and got some cool cream and filled her cunt and ass with it. It had a numbing effect and settled her burning hole down fast. I then rubbed the numbing lotion on her pussy lips as I love to bite them but I decided she had had enough pain for a short while. I numbed her pussy lips and bent over to leave my teeth marks in them. One on each side. Her tits and pussy now had my love bites on her.

I laid beside her and let her rest but kept her tied. We would nap for a short while then I would begin to fuck her again. Since her cunt and ass are so raw, I am going to use my ice formed cock on her. It will freeze both her holes and i will be able to fuck them again for hours.

She is a hot fuck and I am going to keep her till she wears out.... I hope not soon. I have a big thirst for sucking sweet pussies.
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4 years ago
love thinking about u with a hot woman!
4 years ago
some really good writting from you
4 years ago
thats awesome
4 years ago
hot story
4 years ago
Wow!! You are a fabulous writer.