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She was young and unmarried but pregnant. The babys father was a relative. She had sex with her dad and uncle and two cousins. She grew up in an all male house and did not know any difference but to let the men fuck her. Her belly was beginning to bulge and her already big tits were getting bigger as they filled with milk. Her shirts were tight against the full tits.

The men in her f****y still were coming to her bed every night. Sometimes all of them would have their way with her petite body. They had been having sex since she was a c***d. Last night her dad was fucking her pussy as her uncle had his huge cock in her mouth. The two cousins were sucking her tits when they got a mouthful of milk. Her huge tits were full of milk and it felt good to have them drained as they were heavy and tender. The men took turns fucking her and nursing on her tits.

Many times the two cousins would fuck her ass and pussy at the same time. They were young and their cocks were hard all the time. They loved to double up on her and fuck her for hours. Last night they stayed in her bed all night and fucked her in every hole several times. When she went down to fix breakfast, her uncle laid her on the kitchen table and fucked her again as her dad walked in and his cock got hard and he fucked her after the uncle. Then they all took turns nursing her full tits before they left for work.

Her dad was quite horny today and as he was a farmer and was home all day, he decided he would spend the day fucking his sexy daughter. He took her to his bedroom and tied her to the bed with her legs spread far apart. He then finger fucked her till she came again and again. His cock was now hard so he then fucked her pussy for close to an hour before he filled her with cum. He then straddled her head and let her lick his soft cock.

Soon the cock was hard again and he wanted to fuck her ass. He raised her hips and aimed his cock to her round bud. He pushed in her and loved her tight ass around his hard cock. Since he had already cum several times that morning, he was able to fuck her hard and for a long time. Her tight little ass was sore by the time he was able to cum again.

He then started to nurse her tits as he fingered her cunt. As he fingered her he felt her cunt pulse on his huge fingers. "Yes, baby, you love daddys fingers up your cunt don't you?" He kept finger fucking her till he made her cum several times.

All day long he kept her tied and fucked her. He used her ass and pussy to pleasure him as he also fucked her mouth. She was good at sucking cock as she had been taught at a young age. She would suck her daddy and make him cum when she was too small to get his cock into her cunt. He would finger fuck her and tongue fuck her till her ass and cunt were raw from being fucked so many times.

That night he kept every one away from her sore body. It was time for them to find their own women to fuck. The twins also liked to fuck men and went to a gay club and would ass fuck the guys in the back room. And let the men fuck their asses while they watched each other or sucked a cock while they got their asses fucked. They loved the orgies with the horny men and would stay all night at the back room. Sometimes at night they would ass fuck each other or suck each others cocks before they went into the girl cousins room.

As she got larger with the baby inside her dad then kept her just for himself but he did not let up on the fucking. He had a thirst for sex and used his daughter hours at a time and many days all day. He now only let the other men nurse her tits as she was producing enough milk for them all. Every night they would nurse her and watch her daddy fuck her. They took turns sucking her full tits. Also they would nurse her in the morning as she laid on the table and let her daddy fuck her ass. Some one was always sucking her tits relieving the full mounds.

It was not long before the uncle moved his niece into the house for he and the cousins. She was young and had small tits and the men were anxious to get her pregnant and full of milk to enlarge her titties. They all took turns fucking the young girl who knew she was to please them or her daddy would whip her. She got so she loved the sex and was fucking them at night and as soon as they came home from work.

When the twin cousins went to the gay club her uncle would then fuck her for hours. When he was not fucking her she was sucking his cock. She was the horniest nympho he ever had the pleasure to know. She loved to fuck his big cock. He then moved her to his room and several times a night they would fuck each other. She loved to be fucked while the rest of the f****y watched the uncle pound her pussy and ass. Sometimes the cousins would ride her face as the uncle fucked her.

It was not long before she was also pregnant. The two girls were happy to bear the babies for the uncle and daddy. The two cousins moved in with two gay men and the dad and uncle kept the young girls always pregnant bearing a baby every year and producing lots of milk in their large titties.
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23 days ago
great story and it is so horny fucking your relatives ;)
4 years ago
i loved it
4 years ago
great story very well written
4 years ago
another good story
4 years ago
Would like to hear more
4 years ago
horny story...luved it...have fantasized bout something similar myself. Always with the guys not able to get enough!
4 years ago
nice one
4 years ago
You have such great stories!
4 years ago
i love it can u make a part 2?
4 years ago
love it