His control

It started as a joke, but got to be very serious. He wanted to watch her being fucked by another guy. He tried to talk her into it as it really turned him on. She always said no til one night she said ok just shut him up. He was so excited and told her he would make the plans.

She had a great body and their sex had been great but lately he wanted more. He wanted her to be with a woman with him or he wanted to see her get fucked by a guy. She decided on another guy. Any guy would love her sexy body and she was a great lover. She gave great head and loved fucking and loved anal. He loved to tie her up and have rough sex and also fuck her with different objects. He had pushed many things up her cunt and when he did that his cock would shoot cum for several feet in front of him. He loved kinky.

He had found a sexy man to come over and fuck her in front of him. He was to fuck her for at least an hour and anything was ok. He made sure the guy had a big cock by pulling down his pants and stroking him till it was hard. He got carried away stroking the cock and the man soon fucked his ass. After he fucks his wife he was going to meet him often for some male ass fucking. He had lots of plans for the sexy male. But tonight it was his wife's turn to entertain him while he jacks off watching her being fucked.

At eight the man showed up and she was ready in just a sheer robe and naked under neath. They went over to the oversized couch and she removed the robe showing her sexy body. She then removed his clothes and was happy about his large cock. She was sure she would come many times tonight. Her husband took the chair across from them and sat naked ready to watch.

The man grabbed her tits and began to suck them and run his hands betwen her legs which she spread for him and so her husband could watch his finger penetrate her cunt. He sucked her tits and finger fucked her as she started to jerk his cock. After several minutes he layed her back and straddled her head and shoved his cock in her mouth. She began to suck as he moved up and down in her mouth. Her husband watched her suck the big cock and then began to jerk his cock. Both the man and her husband shot cum at the same time.

Then the man got down between her legs and startd to lick her pussy. He sucked on her clit and licked her hole. Her legs were spread wide and she was lifting her hips as his tongue invaded her cunt. He made her cum several times licking the cum each time out of her fuck hole.

As his cock got hard again, he was now ready to fuck her sweet pussy. He got over her and aimed his cock at her hole. Then he pushed inside her and slide every inch deep into her. He then began pumping her hole fast and rough. She was quite tight for a married woman. As he went in and out of her tight hole he now began to get excited and started playing with her nipples. She had huge tits and he some day wanted to tit fuck her. He began to unload his cum in her hole just as she started cum for him. He heard her scream and grab his cock with her cunt muscles. Now that was a woman that could fuck. He loved what she could do.

He layed on top of her and began to suck her tits like a starving baby. He would suck one nipple then switch to the other as his hands massaged the large tit he was not sucking. Soon the cock came to life one more time and he decided to fuck her sexy ass. He pulled her to her knees and spread her ass and found her puckered bud. First he fingered her ass with two fingers till she was moaning and squirming so he then pushed his hard cock into her. Now her ass felt so good, so tight and warm. He then began to stroke in and out of her loving the feel. As he fucked her ass he reached around and found her cunt and began to finger it. Now she was really bucking against his cock and wanted it deeper and harder. He would pull the cock almost out then ram it in harder each time. He now had four fingers in her cunt fucking it hard as he rammed her ass. "Fuck me, fuck me harder" she screamed and he then rode her ass hard giving her the roughest fuck she had ever had.

Soon they both were coming and they collapsed on the couch. Her husband was jerking his cock and fingering his own ass as he watched them . He had never been so turned on as when he watched the man fuck his wife and she scream for more. He could hardly wait till he met the man and the man would fuck his ass like he did his wife.

Soon they were saying good bye to the man and made plans for the next Saturday night so he could fuck her again. This may be a steady date for all three of them.
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4 years ago
You...are a Very bad girl aren't you? That is definitely not a negative thing however. :-]
4 years ago
that is a good story
4 years ago
very good story
4 years ago
Wow! You have a talent for writing really hot stories.
4 years ago
great story