The lingerie shop

Today she was going to buy sexy lingerie. She knew just the shop to get the really scandelous articles. She wanted crotchless panties and shelf bras to start with.

When she got to the shop the clerk asked her if she could assist her and she then showed her some very sexy bras and panties. The clerk looked at her DD tits and smiled. Then she eyed her ass. You will look great in these she told her as she handed her bras with the center cut out so the nipples could poke thru.

She showed her to a dressing room and told her she could try on the things as she looked for more for her. The lady then got naked in front of the mirror and admired her big firm tits with no sag to them and the nice round nipples. She looked at her ass and knew it was round and sexy. She kept her pussy shaved and smooth. She loved sex and loved to show her body off to men and women. She remembered last week with the man and his wife. The wife could not keep her hands off her big tits and the man loved her pussy. Then they switched as the man devoured her tits and the wife ate her pussy like a starving woman. He had a nice cock and fucked her for several hours as the wife licked her pussy. They were going to meet again as the sex was great.

She was closing her eyes remembering the sexy couple fingering herself when the door to the dressing room opened. The clerk came in and closed the door behind her. she had found more sexy bras and panties for her to try. She liked that the clerk was looking at her naked body. She reached over and opened the blouse on the clerk and saw her very sheer sexy bra. She also had nice firm tits, about a D in size. She took the clerks hand and placed it in her tits. The clerk began to massage her and play with the nipples. She slipped the blouse from the clerk and rubbed her tits inside the bra. The clerk unsnapped her own bra and removed it showing her firm tits. The clerk took both hands and began to massage her clients nice tits as the client grabbed a nipple and rubbed it between two fingers. soon the clerk started to suck the clients nipples taking them deep into her mouth. As she sucked the client was rubbing and pulling her nipples. Both women were getting quite hot.

The client then removed the clerks skirt and saw her crotchless panties. She found the opening to the pussy and pushed her fingers inside. She began to run her finger over her slit and then found the clit to stimulate. The clerk then layed the client on the bench in the dreesing room and straddled her face as she went down to her pussy. They both were licking and sucking each other then tonguing the cunt as they finger fucked the ass. As the women came they slurped the cum from the pussy holes with their tongues and kept tongue fucking. They kept adding fingers to the asses and were finger fucking each other hard. Soon they were moaning and screaming as their pussies were cumming fast and hard.

Suddenly the door came open and the store owner saw the women licking and fucking ass. He slapped the clerk on the ass and pulled her off the client. He sat on a chair and pulled her to his lap and started to spank her ass. As he spanked he grabbed the client and pushed her hand to the clerks pussy. The clerk was getting her pussy fingered as the owner spanked her ass.

He then pushed the clerk down between his legs to suck his cock an motioned for the client to put her leg up on his shoulder. As his cock was sucked, he licked and tongued the other woman. soon both were cumming and shooting cum. Then he bent both women over the bench and spread their asses apart. He poked his cock in the client as he rammed all his fingers in the clerk. He was fucking both non stop. The owner had a nice big cock that loved to fuck pussy. As he rammed the client with every hard inch as he finger fucked the clerk and soon was fisting her cunt. Both women were screaming with pleasure.

When all were done, he stood the women in front of him. "I have locked the store for the day and we are going to move to the lounge and I am going to fuck you in the ass and pussy as I watch you suck each others tits. I want you to put on a great show for me."

All day and all night the three entertained each other.
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3 years ago
great story but what happen next?
4 years ago
very good but longer please
4 years ago
i wanna hear what happens next!
4 years ago
Very nice got my cock dripping
4 years ago
4 years ago
longer please
4 years ago
beauttiful story