the gang

They had picked up this young sexy gal and had taken her to their house. They stripped her naked and tied her up. They were going to have fun with her all night before they set her free. They stripped naked so she could see their huge cocks that they were going to use in every hole in her body.

Jae walked over and started pulling and twisting her nipples. She was gagged so she could not make a sound. Then Jim came over and took over one nipple pinching and making it swell. They took turns slapping her tits which were large and full. As they spanked the tits, Mo slapped her ass. He loved to see the red welts on her white skin. He kept spanking till she was beet red as were her tits.

They then removed the gag and told her not to make a sound or they would whip her with a belt. Jae then rammed his nine inch cock in her mouth and pushed it all the way and held it while she gagged. He would pull out give her air then push back in. He did this over a dozen times till he was ready to cum then he held his cock in her and filled her throat with a huge spurt of cum and made her swallow every drop.

Next Jim came to her with his larger cock and began to fuck her mouth, slapping her sore tits and telling her to suck him hard. As she sucked his huge cock he pulsed his cum so she had to swallow each drop as he pinched her nipples.

Mo had the biggest cock of all. It was long and thick. Jae and Jim held her head back as Mo shoved the cock down her throat. She was gagging and having trouble breathing as he fucked in and out of her mouth. They slapped her tits and told her to suck his huge shaft so he could cum. After fucking her mouth several minutes and the gal sucking him hard he unloaded his cum in her. She now was covered with cum that ran out of her mouth.

Jae told them to gag her as he was going to fuck her pussy hard. Her legs spread wide and he then pinched and tweaked her pussy lips and clit. As he pulled on her clit his cock rammed into her hole. She was tight and felt good to him. He pushed all nine inches in her and began to fuck. In and out he went in the tight hole. He would come all the way out then ram in again and again. He was really pounding her pussy hard and rough. After twenty minutes of his hard pounding, he finally got to cum in her.

They brought out a hose connected to a bag and filled her cunt with water to flush the cum from her so she would be clean for the next cock. They did this after each time they fucked her.

Next Jim mounted her cunt. His cock was bigger and filled her as he rammed right into her sore hole. He fucked her like a mad man showing no mercy pounding her pussy deep with his large cock. For thirty minutes he fucked her hole with every inch of his cock as his two friends now were sucking and chewing her tits again. As he started to cum, he reached up and grabbed her clit between two fingers and pinched and twisted it as he filled her again with warm cum. They hosed her out ready for the next cock.

Mo had a huge cock. At least eleven thick inches and he loved to fuck pussy. He showed her his huge cock then walked to her spread pussy. He played with her pussy for a bit before he aimed his cock at her cunt. First he pushed his head of his cock in her. She moaned in pain and then he continued to push into her. The big cock was painful for her and she moaned and tears ran down her face. Mo laughed as he then pushed hard inside her and soon had the whole cock deep into her tight hole. He then began to fuck her. She felt good on his huge oversized cock. He fucked in and out slow at first because she felt so tight on his cock but then he got rough. He then began to really pump her pussy. The more he pumped her the better his cock felt with the walls to her cunt rubbing his huge shaft. Faster and harder he fucked her never wanting to stop. Her pussy was raw from the pounding of the huge cock and still he fucked her. After forty minutes of hard rough fucking he was able to cum inside her. His load of cum was the biggest yet and he filled her sore hole. He was going to fuck her again and again later.

Next they raised her legs so her ass was in the perfect position to be fucked. Jae came to her ass and spread it wide. He rubbed the jell on the outdside and inside before he started to push his cock in her ass. The other two were sucking her tits as her fucked her ass. His cock felt so good in her nice tight ass. He pushed in and out with his hard cock. Several times he slapped her ass as he fucked her hard. Seeing his hand print on her ass turned him on and he then began to push in and out spanking and fucking her. He was able to fuck her for over thirty five minutes before he released his cum up her crack. As he filled her with cum he really slapped the ass. As he pulled his cock out, he leaned over as sucked a sore ass cheek and left his blue bruise on it. She had a great ass.

Next Jim was ready to fuck her ass. He was horny again and wasted no time pushing his big cock into her hole. He grabbed her hips and really fucked her hard. He was ramming his cock all the way in her ass loving how tight she was. His balls were slapping against her pussy as he fucked her. He was able to fuck her for forty minutes before he filled her ass with his cum. As he pulled out he leaned over and left a bite mark of his teeth on her ass.

Now it was time for Mo with his monster cock to fuck the already sore ass. Her ass had been stretched and was aching from the fucking it already received.
He spread her ass and aimed his cock to her opening. He put two fingers in her bud and pulled it wide as he could. Then he started to push in her. He watched his thick cock stretch her small hole. He loved seeing the asses he fucked stretched to the limits for his huge cock. He inched in slowly till he got the big cock buried. He held it there for a minute to feel the tight ass against his huge rod. Then he started pumping in and out. He wanted to fuck her hard as her ass felt so good. His hands grabbed her ass cheeks and dug into then as he pounded her ass. He fucked in and out and in and out with no rest or stopping. Faster and faster he pumped the ass. He knew her ass would be raw for a week just as her pussy and tits would be from the men tonight. After almost an hour, he filled her ass with his warm juice.

He pulled out and told Jae and Jim. "Lets cover her tits and ass with hickey bruises.
she will remember why her ass and cunt are so sore." The guys then gave her over three dozen hickeys across her ass and tits. Each nipple had a huge hickey. They even left them on her pussy lips.

Then they removed the ropes that had tied her down and next the gag ball. She layed there for a moment before she sat up. Jae laughed and said maybe she wants more fucking since she is not getting up. She then got up and kissed each one with a deep tongue kiss. "Thank you for filling my gang **** fantasy" she told them. She had chosen these men for her private fantasy. Jim was her husband and Jae was a cousin and Mo with his big cock was her dream fuck for a long time. She hoped to be able to fuck Mo again and maybe often with his huge monster cock.
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3 years ago
nice story
4 years ago
that is such a hotttt story i loved the ending as well
4 years ago
good story with an interesting twist
4 years ago
Sounds good to me...I would like 3 big cocks all at once..mouth..cunt n ass..m m m m..and my tits, DDDs.nice n big... love to be pinched n pulled..fucked n sucked.(no hickeys) m m m nice story..great fantasie..
4 years ago
wow is so rough!! :P
4 years ago
Really hot!
4 years ago
Love the twist at the end.