the job

She was new to her job and no one here really knew anything about her. She had a thirst for sex and could never get enough. There were always men available wanting her as she had the sexiest body built for sex. She loved hot kinky sex, lots of deep sucking oral, no matter how big the cock and she craved anal.

Here at the office she was looking for new sex partners. The men noticed her right away with her large tits in her sexy suits and the ass that curved just right with the full round ass cheeks.

She had her eye on Ben. He was young and very good looking and sexy too. She got here chance to seduce him when they had to work late one night. He was working on his computer and she went to his office to take him some forms. He told her to look at this new proposal for him. She leaned in over his shoulder rubbing her tit against the side of his face as she read it. He turned to ask her something and her tit was right there by his mouth and she pushed it to him rubbing his lips. He could feel her hard nipple as she wore no bra. He wasted no time and grabbed the nipple between his teeth and began to pull on it. She pushed the back of his head tight to her tit and he unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open to see her huge tits. He was amazed at the size and firmness and began to suck and bite them before he sucked each one.

He then pulled her skirt uo to her waist and sat her on his lap. He was devouring her tits as his hand ran between her legs and moved the thong aside to find her shaved pussy. He wasted no time feeling every inch of her pussy and the rubbing the clit between two fingers till she moaned. She arched her back and pressed his face to her tits as he continued to suck the nipples as his hand played with her pussy. He moved his hand down to her fuck hole and inserted two fingers. She then spread her legs for him wanting more action from him. He began to finger her pussy and she moaned and moved loving the fingers up her hole.

He pushed her to his desk face down and pulled off her thong. He spread her legs and began to lick her already wet pussy. As he tongued her hole he then spread her ass cheeks and licked her ass. As he licked and sucked her ass he again began to finger her love hole. He inserted two fingers and began to fuck her fast and hard as his tongue licked the bud of her ass. She was moaning and raising her ass for more so he then took his other hand and inserted two fingers in her ass and began finger fucking her ass and pussy. Soon she was screaming and twitching cumming fast. The more she moved the harder he fingered her and soon his fingers were really pounding both holes. He loved that she was sexy and horny for him.

He unzipped his pants and pulled them down with his underwear. He pulled her down to her knees and pushed her head to his now hard cock. She wasted no time as sucking cock was a fav of hers. She licked up and down the sides of his hard member before she sucked a ball. When she grabbed a ball with her mouth he moaned and pushed her head closer. She sucked the balls as she stroked the cock soon moving to the head of his cock and licked the tip and then tongued the slit. Her tongue on the slit made him leak cum that she lapped up. After several minutes licking and sucking the tip she started to suck the cock. He had a nice big shaft and she would take it all down and then come back and down again. He then knew this gal was a great cock sucker and knew how to please. Again and again she sucked him all the way and then pulled him out. His cock was leaking cum and hard as a rock. Then she started sucking hard and squeezing his balls. It was not long before he was pulsing his cum down her throat. At the first sprurt of cum she rammed a finger in his ass and smiled as he screamed. She sucked the cum as she pushed her finger deep in his ass. He had never had a better blow job and knew this would not be the last from this sexy lady.

He then layed her on her back on his desk and spread her legs and began to eat her pussy. She had nice thick pussy lips and a clit that plumped as his mouth sucked it. As his mouth sucked her clit his finger rammed her hole making her spasm for him. After fingering her for quite some time he needed to taste her sexy cunt so his mouth moved to her hole and he began to lick the wet hole. Her hips were moving up and down as she could not lay still and he then pushed his tongue up inside her. "Yes, fuck me" she screamed. And his tongue fucked her pussy as she coated him with her liquid.

By now his cock was hard again so he was ready to fuck her showing no mercy for her tight cunt hole. He aimed his cock to her opening and began to push inside her. She was wet and warm and felt so good. As he got his whole shaft in her, he then began to move in and out. She loved this and soon he was going faster and harder. As he fucked her she lifted her hips to get him in deep. He then started ramming her hole pounding her hard as he reached up and grabbed her nipples and pulled on them. He was pulling and twisting the nipples as he fucked her hole hard and fast giving her every inch of his big cock. His cock felt so good in her tight cunt as it surrounded him and seemed to hold him. He could feel her wet warm walls on his hard pounding cock. He fucked her hole for several minutes showing no mercy with how rough he was but she seemed to like it rough. Her pussy would be sore tomorrow with the invasion of his big cock tonight and the pounding he was giving her. Then he pushed in all the way and and let the cum fill her hole. It began to run out onto his desk but he did not care.

He then kissed each nipple that was now beet red from the twisting and pulling during the fuck session. The nipples were swollen and puffy and he liked the feel of them in his mouth and on his tongue. He sat her up and kissed her mouth. tonguing deep to feel her suck his tongue. "If you want an all night session, lets go to my house so I can fuck you till dawn breaks and then maybe all the next day." She replied, "Nothing I like better then to be fucked for hours and hours or days and days."

They got up and dressed and headed for his house. He thought about having her tied to his bed as he fucked her over and over in every hole. First he was going to fuck her sexy ass. Yes, both called in sick the next day as the sex never ended at dawn.
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4 years ago
great story would love to hear what happens next!
4 years ago
that was really hot
4 years ago
Wow!! What a hot story!
4 years ago
more of this 1