baby wanted, part one

He advertised for a sexy beautiful woman to bare him a c***d. She answered his ad and he hired her for the job. During the interview, he had her strip naked and he felt her tits (size D) and sucked her nipples. She was to stay six months after the birth and nurse the baby. He wanted to be sure she had good nipples for nursing. Then he had her sit and spread her legs so he could look at her pussy hole and he inserted three fingers deep in her. He finger fucked her saying it was part of the baby process. He explained they would have sex often till she got pregnant. He would be fucking her many times a day and sometimes all night. She was happy as she was really a nympho and loved sex.

He liked her sexy body. She had big tits and a nice round ass. He could imagine her tits heavy and full of milk, enough for him and the baby. She was just what he needed. They made a deal and she moved in the very next day.

She would sl**p in his bed and he wanted her naked. The first night she got in bed and he was in the room undressing. As he stripped his clothes, she saw he had a great sexy body. Then she saw he had a monster cock. It was long and thick, bigger than any she had ever fucked or even seen. Tonight it was hard and ready to fuck her. He laid beside her and wrapped his arms around her finding her tits. He massaged them then rubbed the nipples between two fingers getting them very hard. He rolled her onto her back and spread her legs but did not touch her pussy at this time. He just wanted her spread while he played with her large tits. After getting the nipples hard he began to suck them. He loved sucking nipples and hers were made to be sucked. Nice and big and hard. He took turns on each one sucking and pulling on them with his mouth, teeth and fingers.

He then turned her over onto her stomach with her legs still spread. He began to massage her ass. She had a nice round firm ass. He squeezed her ass cheeks several times. Then he spread her cheeks and looked at her round ass bud. His finger circled the pucker for several minutes before he inserted a finger in her ass. He pushed the finger all the way in her and she squirmed with discomfort but her kept it there and then began to finger fuck her ass. His finger went in out at a rapid pace and as she stretched he added another finger and kept the fast fucking. Soon he had all four fingers up her ass and was fucking it hard and with such a fast pace the bed shook.

He then traced down to her pussy. His finger ran up and down the slit till he found her clit. He liked that she had a nice fat clit and pussy lips. He loved to chew them and would at a later time. His one hand fingered her clit as the other found her pussy hole and began to fuck the hole. She had a nice tight cunt and getting his cock in would be a challenge, but he would f***e the monster in her. For now, he was going to stretch her cunt with his fingers first. As he fingered the clit he started adding fingers to her cunt. When he had all four in her he began to really finger both the clit and cunt and soon she was cumming fast and hard. She was going to be a great fuck mate every day and every night.

He rolled her on her back and got between her legs. He was so ready to fuck her and needed to get his cock in her tight cunt first. Her legs were spread and he then spread them wider. He placed his cock at the entrance to her fuck hole and slowly pushed in just the fat tip. She moaned at the size but he pushed more in her. She would be hard to penetrate the first few times but soon she would take him with ease.

He pushed more of the cock in her and she was crying in pain but he kept pushing till he had every inch of the monster inside her. She felt so tight around his huge cock. She was warm and wet for his big shaft. He then began humping her, slowly at first and she felt so good and he was so horny. In and out he pumped the tight channel with his cock. He wanted to last as long as he could as she felt so good. Several minutes he was able to fuck her before he began to really get turned on and had to fuck fast and hard. Her cunt seemed to grab his cock as he pounded her tight hole and soon he was fucking so hard and the cum was streaming into her already wet cunt. Never had he had a better fuck. He knew he would be obsessed with her body and need to fuck her over and over as soon as he could get hard each time.

That first night he fucked her five more times. The fourth and fifth times were easier for his cock to get inside her tight cunt. She was beginning to stretch to his huge size. When he was not fucking her, he was sucking her big nipples. He was anxious to suck milk from them even tho he did not want her to get pregnant soon. He wanted to fuck her again and again before she conceived his c***d.

When they got up the first day, he asked her to remain naked for him. She had no problem as she loved to show her body to him. He fucked her at the kitchen sink, then on the table, on the kitchen counter and on his kitchen chair. He could not get enough of her sexy body. Later he fucked her on the couch, on the recliner and then bent her over a chair and fucked her again. When they watched a movie together he had her sit on his lap and he kept his cock in her cunt and fucked her and would cum then as soon as he got hard would fuck her and cum again. He did this for over six hours. When his cock was not hard, he would play with her tits and nipples and massage her ass. He loved having his hands all over her sexy body.

After four weeks of non stop fucking, when he would fuck her all day and night, he noticed her tits were swelling. Now she was with c***d, his c***d. He knew he only had a few more months to fuck her non stop like he liked so soon he would have to fuck her ass. Getting the cock in her tight ass was not going to be easy. He started fucking her from behind so he could see her ass. As he fucked the cunt, he then would finger fuck her ass, hoping to make it start to stretch for the cock. He could get four fingers in her ass and he loved to finger fuck that sweet ass. He loved to see his fingers go in her puckered ass. He was anxious to see his monster cock invade her ass as he would fuck her hard and fill her with cum.

One night when he had fucked her the fourth time and was sucking her growing tits and chewing the huge nipples, he decided as soon as he got hard he would fuck her ass. He kept sucking the nipples taking bites as his fingers found first her pussy then her ass. He soon had all four fingers up her ass when he told her to get on her knees and raise her ass to him. He got behind her and put his fingers in her ass and fucked it hard stretching it then he moved his cock to the entrance of her ass. She said no because he was so large but he needed to be able fuck the ass during the end of the pregnancy and right after she delivers. He slowly put the tip in her ass. It fit perfectly, but the rest was going to be harder for her. As he pushed into her ass he finger fucked her pussy to take her mind off her ass being invaded by the huge rod. Slowly he was getting inside her tight ass. It felt as good as her cunt and was tight and warm around his cock. As he pushed into her, he then grabbed her clit and pinched it and kept pinching it till she was cumming fast and often and this let him push the cock in her ass. He finally got it in her and began to fuck very easy. Her ass felt so good on his hard cock and he fucked it for several minutes at a slow speed, but he needed release and had to fuck hard. He then began to pound the tight ass fucking hard and fast till his cum filled her and started to run down her leg.

Oh, that felt so good to him. He would keep fucking her ass and keep it stretched so his cock could ravage her ass day and night. He looked down and saw her stretched ass with his huge cock in it and it really turned him on again so he grabbed her hips and began to thrust and fuck her again. He watched as his cock slid in and out of her tight ass and he loved seeing the bud stretched as wide as it could to accept his monster cock. This time he was able to fuck a long time till he came and he watched her ass take the pounding from his cock before he came again and filled her with cum. He kept his cock in her ass as he rubbed her butt and pinched it a few times. She had a great ass and he was going to enjoy fucking it often.

But now that he had bred her, he needed to keep her with him always. Her tits were growing and filling with milk and he could nurse her. Her tits got bigger each day and they were heavy when he felt them and he loved them and wanted them bigger and full of milk. he wanted her to stay and be bred many more times, but he wanted time between each breeding to be able to fuck her day and night as when they first met......

watch for part two
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4 years ago
fantastic story cant wait to read pt 2
4 years ago
that is sssoooo hhhoooottttt
4 years ago
do more i want to know how it ends
4 years ago
I so like this story and i like that to hapen to me as well
4 years ago
Need more. How does it continue please?
4 years ago
great story.cant wait for continuation