the sexy neithbor

He was the sexiest man the young girl had ever seen. She watched him every day in his back yard. His wife was gone so a week so she decided to go over and flirt with him. She wore her skimpy bikini to his back yard. He was sitting in a lounge chair and looked her over when she walked up to him. He was wearing swim trunks and nothing else. She leaned over the back of his chair and rubbed his chest and played with his nipples. He looked surprised but did not stop her. Her hands then roamed down to his stomach and rubbed his stomach going lower and lower. She saw the bulge in his trunks and smiled. She let two fingers go just below the band of his shorts then come back out. She did this several times watching his cock get harder and harder. She kissed his neck and shoulders as her hand went inside his trunks to fine his hard cock.

When she touched his cock he pulled her around to him and kissed her mouth. As he kissed her he pulled his suit down to his knees. He moved her hand to his cock and pressed it to him. She starting rubbing and stroking the big hard cock. He jerked her bikini top off and found her tits with his mouth. As she jerked his cock he was sucking her tits making loud smacking noises. He went from tit to tit enjoying the big hard mounds. She had nice big firm tits and he loved sucking them.

She then reached under and grabbed his balls. As she grabbed the balls in her hand she heard him moan. It was so easy to seduce this man. She took his hand and moved it her her pussy pulling her bikini completely off. He sucked her tits and fingered her pussy as she jerked his cock. She loved her tits sucked and the men like her nice firm tits. She could always find some one to suck them for her and then she would fuck his brains out. Tonight it was going to be her next door neighbor right in his back yard.

He had his fingers deep in her pussy and she had already cum twice before he pushed her head dwown to his cock. She loved to suck cock and his was so big and thick. She wrapped her lips around it and licked with her tongue. She heard him scream as he pushed her head deep onto his cock. Then he grabbed her hair and began to fuck her mouth deep and hard. She loved his cock slipping in and out of her mouth and soon felt him blast her with his warm juice.

He then shoved her on her back and spread her legs and began to eat her pussy. His tongue found every inch of the shaved treasure. He chewed and sucked her clit till she was ready to scream and then his tongue sunk into her cunt hole and fucked her till she covered his tongue with her cum.

He then turned her onto her stonach and spread her ass and pushed his finger into her nice round hole. He finger fucked her ass again and again hearing her moan. Soon he had all four fingers in her hole fucking it fast and hard. His other hand went back to her pussy and he pushed four fingers in her cunt and was fucking both holes with his huge fingers. She was bouncing and pushing to his fingers wanting more.

His cock was nice and hard again so he pulled her to her knees and pushed his cock in her cunt as he rode her doggie style. Her cunt was warm and tight against his hard cock and he fucked her hard just like she wanted. He slapped her ass with his hand as he fucked her hard with his large cock.. He loved her tight pussy. Soon both were cumming and moaning in sheer pleasure.

As the relaxed, he told her that she was a great fuck and did she want to stay for more. She just smiled and took his cock into her mouth one more time. She did not make it home that night.
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4 years ago
very good i like it
4 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
Ok you have me hard as a rock now.
4 years ago
nice story