the book store.

She went to the store to get something new to read. She was feeling sexy and horny today and dressed like her feelings. A tight t-shirt over her large breasts and a very short skirt. Because she was going to be in the erotica section, she wore no bra or panties. She felt that would set her mood.

Inside the store in the erotica book section an attractive young man was looking at books and he noticed her walk in. He looked at her large breasts in the tight t-shirt and then at her short skirt. She smiled at him with a sexy grin knowing he liked her tits a lot. As he eyed her tits the nipples seemed to grow and harden for him. He secretly thought how it would be sucking them and rubbing them with his big hands.

She liked that he was staring at her tits and stayed facing him. She smiled at him once again and he smiled back. Then she saw him look at how short her skirt was and knew he was wondering about her ass and pussy. So, she then bent over to get a book from the lower shelf with her back to him and let him see her bare ass and shaved pussy. She was getting quite horny putting on this show for him and decided to make a move. She got very close to him and rubbed her titties against his arm. He reached out and grabbed her and pulled up her shirt showing her nice tits. "So, you want to play" he said. Then he started to rub her tits and pull her nipples. One hand cupped a full tit as the other pulled and stretched her nipple. His mouth then started to suck her nipples taking turns with each one. He sucked each one then began to lightly bite and pull them. She had the best sexy tits he had ever seen.

It took no time for him to find her bare pussy and his hand rubbed as his mouth devoured the tits. She was shaved and smooth and he liked that. He rubbed her clit betwen two fingers as his mouth chewed each tit. She seemed to loved his hands on her sexy body as he ravaged her there in the book section. He then found her pussy hole and inserted his fingers in her. She moaned and moved showing him she loved to be finger fucked. He then started to finger fuck her pussy as he chewed and sucked her large nipples. Soon he felt her cum and soak his hand with her juice. He took his wet fingers and found her ass. He poked the fingers into her raising her off the floor as he finger fucked her ass. As his fingers filled her ass, he then bit her left tit leaving a mark for her to remember him by. She was hot and he needed to fuck her.

He grabbed her hand and led her out of the store to his van. He opened the back and they crawled in. He first removed her top and then her skirt. She had a beautiful sexy body and he was going to fuck her and enjoy her right now. He got naked fast and his cock was rock hard. He straddled her face and she immediately began to suck his hard cock. She would suck then lick and he was loving her mouth over his cock. As he started to get hotter, he then began to fuck her mouth pulling in and out. He grabbed her hair and held her head so he could push his cock down her throat then back out again. As he fucked her mouth, she had a great suction in his cock. Ready to cum, he pushed the cock down her throat and held it till he filled her with warm cum. He watched her swallow every drop then her tongue licked his cock more.

He got down between her legs and spread her wide so he could get his mouth over her pussy. She had a sweet smooth pussy and he licked every inch if it. When he grabbed her clit with his teeth she raised her hips ready to cum. He sucked the clit then pulled it between his teeth and heard her moan loud. Then he moved to her pussy hole. he licked the hole as his fingers kept massaging her clit. He pushed his tongue deep in her hole and tongue fucked her without mercy feeling her cum many times. He was ravaging her pussy and she was thrusting her hips to him wanting more.

He then felt his cock getting hard and it was time to fuck her with his hard rod. he kneeled between her legs and aimed his cock to her pussy hole. She was wet and ready for the fucking he was going to give her tight cunt. He pushed in her and heard her moan as she loved this cock invading her hole. He pushed it completely in her then started to fuck. he had a nice thick long cock and it filled her pussy. He put his hands under her ass to raise her to get more depth in her hole then he began to thrash and fuck her hard. He would pull almost out the ram in hard and fast. He did this over and over feeling her cunt tighten around his hard cock. She loved his fucking her and he was rough and really pounded her hole. he felt her cunt pulse and cum many times maling the fucking wet and slippery. He loved fucking a wet slippery cunt so he was pleased every time she flooded his cock with her cum. He pounded her pussy over an hour knowing she would be sore from his monster cock but he loved fucking her hole. Just as he was ready to cum, she really went widl humping his cock. He unloaded a huge stream of cum deep in her cunt.

"Lets go to my house so I can fuck you the rest of the day and all night' he told her. He jumped behind the wheel and they drove down the road still naked. as they drove, she sucked his cock all the way to his house. He was imagining all he would do to this little nympho at his house. First he was going to ram his cock in her sweet ass. She was a sweet horny toy and they had the whole week end. He was going to fuck her non-stop.
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so very good & hot ande yes the weekend please
4 years ago
lets hear about the weekend!
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