the sex meeting

He told her to meet him in the bar and wear something sexy. She chose a tight low cut very sheer top. Her huge tits were stretching the cloth and she tweaked her nipples to make them stand out. Her skirt was short and barely covered her ass. She wore a tiny thong which was same as being naked. When she walked in she arched her back thrusting her big tits so no one would miss them. Every guy could not take their eyes off her. She was gorgeous and sexy. They wondered who the lucky guy would be that got to make love to her tonight.

She walked to the bar and ordered a white wine. She turned to eye the crowd thrusting her tits to entice all the men. She could see the bulge in many pants as they stared at her. She knew she could have her pick of the men and that turned her on.

One man walked up to her and began to chat. His eyes were staring at the full set of tits with the hard nipples. He was a tall muscular man and she liked his looks. He paid for her wine and she thanked him with a kiss on the cheek. She stood close to him brushing his arm with her tits. He looked at her tit pressing against his arm and smiled. He rubbed his arm touching her breast and she did not move but smiled at him. As he kept touching her tit, she pressed closer to him wanting his big hands to massage her tits right here in the dark bar.

He sat her on the corner bar stool lifting her like she was a feather. The short skirt did nothing to cover skantily covered pussy. He began to rub her leg getting very close to her shave pussy. She then spread her legs and smiled at him. He leaned over and kissed her mouth plunging his tongue deep inside her and she wasted no time sucking his tongue. He kept kissing her deep and then let his hand slide between her spread legs. He stood so no one could see what he planned to do, but they could guess. As his tongue ravaged her mouth, his fingers began to assault her pussy. They rubbed her clit and pussy lips before the invaded her wet hole. His tongue pressed deep in her mouth as his fingers began to fuck her hole right there on the bar stool. He heard her moan as he felt her climax. He needed to get her out of here so he could put his big cock in her tight pussy.

He stopped everything and pulled her off the stool and headed for the door. She was still dizzy from his finger fucking he gave her back on the stool. She knew he would be a great lover full of sexual surprises and she loved great sex and lots of it. He took her to his car and drove to his house.

At his house, he grabbed her tits and began to squeeze them feeling their size in his big hands. She arched her back as he tweaked her nipples. Then he pulled the top up over her head and tossed it away. His mouth found the nipples and he began kissing them and then sucking them. As his mouth devoured one, his hand pulled and stretched the other. He sucked the big hard nipple pulling it out from the tit it set on. He loved her huge set of tits. Then he began to bite down the side of each tit. He left small bruises as his mark before he then lightly bit the nipples. She loved this pushing her nipples tighter to his mouth encouraging him to nip each round hard nipple.

He then pulled her skirt off and began to massage her nice firm ass. He loved her sweet ass and spent time massaging it before he removed her thong and told her to bend over the the chair and spread her legs wide for him. As she bent over he could see her smooth pussy and her ass. He spread her ass cheeks to look at her round puckered bud. He began to circle the bud before he inserted one of his large fingers. With a finger inside her ass he began to fuck her hard. He watched his finger go in and out of her tight hole as he fucked her long and hard for several minutes. Soon he heard her moan as he then found her pussy with his other fingers and started to finger fuck it too. He soon had her screaming in delight. He showed no mercy as he finger fucked both holes hard and fast plunging the fingers all the way in her. Her cunt hole pulsed and soaked his two fingers inside her. He kept the fucking making her cum multi times just using his fingers.

He stood in front of her and removed his clothes. Naked, she saw his huge cock. She gasped at the size of it. Over ten inches and thick. It was hard and sticking straight up in the air looking huge and menacing. He rolled her to her back and pulled her head over the end of the couch. He straddled her and rubbed the huge cock over her face and over her tits before he rubbed it over her lips. She then saw his huge balls hard and full. He opened her mouth and pushed two inches of cock in her and said,"suck me". She began to suck his monster cock and he groaned loving her mouth over his member. Then he pulled it out of her mouth and lifted it and pushed his balls to her mouth. "Lick my balls". he demanded. She licked the balls which were huge. Then she sucked on one and she heard him moan. He soon pushed the cock back to her mouth and started to go in and out to see how much of it she could take. After 8 inches, she would gag but she was good at sucking and licking the monster cock. He then pushed more inches down her throat and pulled out as she gagged. He was sure she would be able to take most of it and give him the best cock suck he had ever had. he tipped her head back and again slid the cock in deeper each time. He had every inch in her mouth and kept it there while she sucked and licked. He then held her head back as he started to fuck her mouth, pusHing the whole cock inside her. Her warm mouth felt good on his cock and he began to really get into a fucking motion. "Suck my huge cock while I fuck your mouth" he was yelling as held her head and continued to fuck the mouth that was sucking him.He then pushed his cock in all the way and held it there as he sprayed his cum down her throat and watched her swallow his nectar.

He then picked her up and took her to his bed and tied her hands to the head board and then her feet. He had her tied with her legs spread as wide as the bed would allow. He spread the lips of her pussy looking at her sweet cunt.. He was going to eat her pussy till she screamed then he would fuck her cunt before he fucked her ass. he got between her legs and began licking the pussy. He grabbed the clit with his teeth and pulled it as his tongue flicked it. She right away began to squirm as it felt so erotic. Then his tongue found her pussy hole. He licked around it before he plunged his tongue deep in her. As he tongue fucked her, his fingers rubbed her clit and she was arching her back and cumming for him. Her pussy was delicious and he sucked and licked it making her crazy with desire. His face was soaked with her juices as he tongue fucked her sweet hole. He then licked her ass and tongued it for a few minutes. Now the pussy was oozing cum and he licked it for her.

He got on his knees between her legs with his hard cock sticking straight out and started to push the cock into her tight cunt. He went slow with his big member not to hurt her. He knew if she could suck the whole thing, she could fuck the whole thing. He inched in slowly till he had all of it inside the tight cunt. She felt wonderful. She was tight, warm and wet just how he like a pussy. He felt her cunt walls against his hard cock and then began to move in and out of her. At first she layed still but then she got hot and started moving her hips to him wanting it harder and faster. He was happy to satisfy her and then began to fuck her hard and fast. He heard her scream as his big cock pounded her pussy. She raised her hips wanting him in deep as he rammed her. He had every inch inside that hot cunt and he was fucking her hard and fast. His balls slapped her ass as he pounded the cunt hole. Her tight hole gripped his big cock and he had never had a better pussy to fuck. And she loved his big cock fucking her hard and rough. As he got ready to cum again, he pushed in deep into her hole and released his juice. She was dripping wet as his cum mixed with all the times she had cum.

He then pulled his wet cock out and laid on top of her. He was going to keep her tied for the rest of the night and fuck her several times more then turn her over and see how much of his cock he could get in her ass and fuck her ass hard too. His cock began to come to life as he thought about her tight ass and then fucking her cunt more times. It was going to be a hot fucking night.
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as usual i loved it
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i like it very good