love to look

i love nudity. I love to show my body to every one. I have D tits, big and firm and I shave my pussy. i am almost always nude at home. I keep the d****s open so any one going by can see me. i also love sex. I can fuck for hours and I love a week end sex fest. I love to suck cock and I love a big cock.


The man was coming over to build me a storage area in my spare bedroom. I went to the door to let him in wearing a silk robe and nothing else. I told him I hoped he did not mind as I loved being naked. He nodded ok staring at my tits under the silk. I showed him the room and where I wanted the storage shelves. He was handsome and young, strong and muscular. I really want to fuck him. I decided to stay and watch him while he works.

I sat on the bed and my robe was gapped open showing a lot of my body. He kept looking over at me. I moved around and the robe opened even more. I pulled it off one of my tits so he could see what he had been hoping to get a glance at. I leaned back and spread my legs and then decided to remove the robe. I am sitting on the bed naked when he says to me "You have a great body." "Would you like to touch me?" I ask him. He walks to me and begins to touch my tits. He rubs the mounds then his fingers rub the nipples. I grab the other nipple and twist and pull it showing him how hard it can get. He is so busy ravaging my tits like he has never seen D's before.

I then spread my legs as I love my pussy stared at. He looks down at my pussy and i then take my fingers and spread my lips apart so he can see the clit. I ask if fhe likes my pussy and he says yes so I take his hand and place it on my shaved pussy. He begins to finger and play with me and I love it.

I unzip his pants and pull his cock free. Now he is hiding a monster cock. It must be 10 inches at least. I pull his pants down as I want to be able to get to this wonderful cock with no material blocking me. He is fingering my pussy as I am stroking his cock.

I then decide to get him naked and remove the rest of his clothes. He has a magnificent body. I push him on his back on the bed and begin to suck his nipples. His cock is sticking straight in the air. I can not leave that huge cock alone so I go down and begin to suck and lick it. I spread his legs and get between them and find his ass. I love to lick ass so I began to rub his cock as I licked his ass. That nice cock began to drip cum so I decided I needed to give it my special suck job. I started to suck the tip before I took as much cock as I could in my mouth. I was able to get most of it down my throat and this turned him on as he began to fuck my mouth with that huge cock. As he fucked, I sucked him hard and soon he was filling my mouth with his delicious cum. "That was amazing" he told me.

Then he spun me onto my back and spread my legs and got between them and began to lick my pussy and my clit. Not only did he have a great cock but his tongue did miracles on my horny pussy. He sucked the clit before he found my pussy hole and rammed his tongue deep into me. i am coating his tongue with my cum and he is slurping it up. He keeps tongue fucking me for close to an hour as I have cum so many times I am screaming. I think I may lock him up and keep him for my sex toy.

Then he asks me, "Is the pussy ready to be fucked hard?" "Yes, fuck me" I answer. Then he aims that huge cock to my pussy hole and begins to enter. Now, not only is he long but he is thick. I feel my cunt stretch as he pushes into me. He slowly enters me and I love the full feeling he gives my cunt. Soon all 10 plus thick inches are in my hole and he then begins to move. He is pounding and ramming and fucking me as hard as he can. His huge cock is built for pleasure. I want at least 10 days of this. He is lasting and not cumming fast so I really get a great fucking. Then he tells me, "Get on your knees with that ass in the air." I turn over and he rides me doggie which is even hotter and deeper sex. As he rams my hole he slaps my ass. Spanking makes me hotter than the bowls of hell. As he spanks me he then decides to finger my ass hole. He spreads my ass cheeks and inserts two fingers inside me. I cum twice at once. My pussy is getting the hottest fuck I have ever had as he adds more fingers in my ass. He pulls his cock almost out then rams it back in several times. He does the same with his fingers in my ass.

Soon I feel his cock pulse as I also feel the warm juice fill my pussy. He pushes that huge cock deep in me and holds it there as he unloads his cum in me. Then he lays beside me and plays with my tits and says, "want to continue? I can eat your pussy for hours. You have the best body for fucking. You suck cock great and I want to fuck your ass if you can take my big cock."

Two days later, my storage was not built and he and i are still naked and have fucked in every position and every room of my house.
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4 years ago
im a pretty good handy man myself!
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
love the story and you can lock me up for your pleasure
4 years ago
great story love to be that guy !!
4 years ago
Great story. Thanks.
4 years ago