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Her hubby was going to be gone till late tonight. She had stood nude in front of the window so the pool boy could see her. He had big hard muscles and she figured another big muscle beneath those short he wore. He stared at her sexy naked body, seeing her huge tits and shaved pussy. His cock got hard thinking about fucking this sexy woman. She had a great figure and he could tell she wanted him today.
Soon she came outside in just a sheer robe and asked if he wanted to come in for coffee or iced tea. He could see her body thru the robe and no way was he going to refuse what she was offering him. He followed her inside and sat on a stool. As she got out two glasses for tea, her robe fell open showing the full length of her body. He walked to her and told he he would help her as he pulled her back and opened her robe then removed it from her completely. She stood naked and not at all embarrassed. She liked him looking at her naked body.
He pulled her to him with her back against his chest as he grabbed her tits and began to roughly squeeze and massage them. He pulled the nipples stretching them as far as he could. He then spread her legs and with one hand roughing her tits the other began to play with her pussy. He pulled the clit loving it growing in size and swelling. He found her cunt hole and started fingering her. She was moaning and moving her hips wanting more of him.
She reached around and unzipped his pants and found his cock. Yes, it was nice and large like she thought. She began to stroke it, but he pushed her to her knees and said,"you want my cock lady? Start sucking it. Every fucking inch while I fuck your mouth and shove this hard rod down that lovely throat of yours." She was hot at cock sucking, and she went to work on his cock as he began to fuck her mouth. He pushed every inch of his long shaft into her mouth, in and out, over and over. Soon he filled her throat with his cum which he held her head till she swallowed every drip.
"Lay over that stool with your ass in the air." he ordered. "Spread those nice long legs far apart so I can see your pussy and your ass." As she bent over the stool, he started to spank her ass. "I need to heat your ass before I fuck it." Soon her ass was bright red from the whacks he gave her with his huge hand. He then squeezed the butt where he had spanked feeling the heat in it. He spread her cheeks to get to her bud. "You have a nice round ass lady. Do you like it fucked?" As he talked, he inserted two large fingers into her ass. "Yes, baby, I love to finger fuck you first before I fuck you ass. Get your ass started waiting for my huge cock. I like to see the cum run out of your ass."
He finger fucked her for several minutes hearing her moan and twist as she loved this before he started to push in his huge cock. As he pushed in she screamed feeling like she was being ripped in two, but he kept slowly entering her till every inch was there. "See baby,you will learn to love my ass fucking I give you.I will fuck your ass while I finger your cunt and make you cum till you almost pass out with joy." then he did just that. He fucked her ass with his cock and his fingers fucked her cunt. Over and over she came. Her cunt was soaking wet with her cum. He fucked her for over an hour before he let himself cum in her ass. He figured she would be sore and hard to walk for the next few days.
"Now set up an appointment every week when you are alone and I will clean your pool and fuck you again. I like your nice pussy and that tight ass. You have a great set of tits too. Or if you need my services sooner, come to my house and enjoy my sex room and sex toys."
And to his house she did visit. often.
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4 years ago
very good story again
4 years ago
im a great pool boy ill wear a speedo for u to admire my 9 inch cock in
4 years ago
Great story. I want to clean your pool.