sexy daddy

All her life she thought she had a sexy dad.
He had a great body and handsome looks. She wondered what he looked like naked. Her friends were all in love with him. Now she was home from college and she could really see how sexy daddy was.
They both were out at the pool enjoying the sun. Her mom was away for a week at a convention for work. She wore a skimpy bikini and her whole body was waxed. She had nice big tits and a great ass. As she lay outside, she asked her daddy to rub lotion on her back. He was rubbing the lotion when she undid her top so he could oil her whole back. He started to oil the sides of her getting close to her tits. It felt so good and she turned just a little as he got closer to her tit. He grazed the side of her tit with the oil slowly rubbing it. Then he was actually rubbing the tit on the side for her. She then rolled over and asked him to oil the front. Her size D tits were bare and the nipples getting hard as he looked at her. He could not resist the sexy daughter and then rubbed the front of her. He oiled the big tits and nipples spending a lot of time on each one. He was using both hands massaging her tits with oil when he then ran one hand down to the stomach and then lower. The bikini was low and he rubbed oil clear down to the fabric then he rubbed under the bottoms finding her waxed pussy. She spread her legs for her daddy to feel her as his fingers rubbed oil on her clit. As he played with the clit and tits she arched her back and raised her hips showing him she wanted more.
Now she found his hard cock and pulled it from his bathing suit. She stroked it up and down enjoying how big and hard it had grown under her touch. His hand now found the opening to her pussy and began to finger her as his other hand tweaked the nipples. She was jerking his cock as she raised her hips wanting her daddy to finger her pussy harder and faster. She felt the moisture on the tip of daddys cock and rubbed it in her finger then licked it. He tasted great. As he finger fucked her cunt he was pulling her up so he could really fuck her hard.
She pulled his suit down and pulled him to her mouth and began to suck his cock. She felt him leak cum on her tongue and she really sucked his long shaft hard. His cock was huge at least 9 inches and thick as a fist. He then grabbed her and jerked her over so he could lay on her. "Oh baby girl, I am going to fuck that tight pussy of yours and make daddy feel so good. Spread those legs and raise those hips so I can get my hard cock deep in your sweet pussy." She spread her legs and arched her hips as he began to enter her slowly at first. Inch by inch he pushed into the tight hole. Soon it was all in and he waited a minute for her to adjust to his big member before he began his stroking in and out. He would pull almost out then go back in. Over an over he stroked her. Her tight pussy felt so good to him and laying on her huge tits felt so soft and comfy. He felt her pussy pulse as she would cum many times. "I want it harder and faster" she told him. This turned him on and he really began to fuck her hole. He was ramming his big shaft in her rough and deep. "Yes, fuck me hard daddy". This made him pound the young tight hole faster and harder with his big rod. He then shot his huge load of cum into her tight hole. She felt so good.
"Your mom is gone for over a week and I am going to sl**p in your bed and fuck you every night and every day. Do not wear clothes, just a robe so I can suck your tits and eat your pussy any time you get near me. Then fuck you all day long in every hole in your body. I am going to teach you to love having me fuck your ass with my tongue and cock."
"What do we do when mom gets back?' she asked. "I will take you away for the day and we can go to the cabin and I will fuck you outside in the open."
He then told her, "I am going to get you an apartment so we can have our own love nest.I love fucking your tight pussy. I need to fuck you often as I can. I want to suck your big tits and nipples till you cum"
"Daddy, I love your your huge cock. Fuck me again." she told him. and they did, all afternoon.
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