the professor

He loved the sexy college girls. They dressed showing off their curves and made him so horny. Today Sima leaned over his desk to ask him a question. He could see down to her fat nipples sitting on the huge tit. She enjoyed giving him a show. He so wanted to eat those tits and suck them for hours. He told her, I will answer all your questions in my office at 3. Be there on time. His cock got hard thinking of what he would do to the sexy gal.
At three, he let her in and locked his office door. He pulled her to his desk and started feeling her tits. She leaned her head back and arched her back enjoying his big hands on her tits. He pulled her shirt up over her tits and began to suck each nipple grabbing them with his teeth. She then grabbed his head and pulled his face to her tits and began to rub her tits all over his face. He caught a nipple between his teeth and began to bite and chew it as his hand pulled and tugged the other nipple.
He pulled her shirt completely of and then removed her skirt. She wore a tiny sheer thong which he pulled down to her feet and she kicked it away. "Turn around and let me see your body and your ass" he told her. She turned loving him watching her looking at her nudity. He turned her so her back was to him and began to massage her ass. "Bend over and spread your legs wide for me." She bent way over with legs wide almost in a split formation. He rubbed her ass then spread her ass cheeks to see her round nub. His finger circled it before he pushed into her hole. He heard her moan as he fingered her ass. As her ass started moving, loving his finger he than added two more so 3 fingers were inside the nice nub. Now she was moaning loud so he began to finger her pushing the fingers all the way inside her tight ass. With his other hand he found her pussy and pushed 3 fingers in it. Now he was fucking her ass and pussy as she was moaning and screaming for more. He felt her pussy pulse before he stood her up.
He had her watch as he removed his clothes. When he was naked she gasped at the size of his cock. The college boys were not built this huge. She could not wait to have it ravage her body. She loved deep hard rough sex and that cock would be able to satisfy her need. She reached and grabbed his hard cock and began to stroke it. He played with her tits as he enjoyed her hand on his shaft. "Now sit oin the desk and spread those legs for me" he told her. "I have a big surprise for that hot pussy of yours". She sat back and spread her legs as he pulled her to the edge of the desk. He kissed her hard and tongued her mouth as he fingered her pussy hole. When she was nice and wet he aimed his huge cock at the entrance and pushed in.She was tight which was what he loved in the young college girls. Inch by inch the long shaft moved in her tight hole. Soon he had it completely in and he began to fuck her easy at first moving in and out of her hole. As he fucked her she began to move her hips up to him wanting more. "Tell me what you want baby." he asked her. "Professor, fuck me hard and deep. I love it rough and fast. Pound me with that huge cock" she told him. So he began to ram her fast and hard. Soon she was screaming and cumming over and over. Her cunt was wet with her juice and he was able to slide in and out with deep pressure and speed. He was pounding her young pussy with his big thick cock.
Then he pushed in far and held it as he filled her hole with his warm cum. "Lay back on the desk. Lick my cock and taste our mixture of cum" he instructd her. As she laid back he leaned her head over the desk so he could put his cock in her mouth so she could suck and lick his member. He loved how her tongue licked him clean tasting both of them from his cock.
He sat her up and said,"come to my house with me so we can fuck for hours. I want to take your picture and make videos with you. Your body is so sexy I want more of you. I want hours of licking, sucking and fucking every hole in your body."
Hand and hand they left for his house with big smiles on their faces knowing the joys of what was ahea for them.
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very good
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very hot story!