Playing with FIRE

3 hours, since my ex had split up with me I was talking to a friend who I had barely known.

She had the most amazing legs and breasts and for some reason was in to me? We were both shy to meet each other - She come up with the courage when I was recently shot down after a 1 1/2 year relationship.

We decided to meet at a train station she looked stunning in leggings and black cardigan with her shoulder length red hair and deep brown eyes. She got stopped because her ticket wouldn't let her leave the station and when she spoke I could hear her sexy upper-London voice. We looked at each other for the first time and decided to get a few coffees and chat but she was always on her phone, busy. I could see she was nervous so later that night I held her, starring into her deep eyes then we suddenly kissed - It wasn't amazing, more like a stiff boring kiss but after the kiss she kept cuddling up to me holding my hand and stroking my arm as we were waiting for the goodbye train like a 1930's movie.

Next day, I had the Mayor of my City visit our work place it was incredible but also the final day of my apprenticeship.

I received a text from her asking to meet again after work outside her work place (which is literally outside my ex's house) We spoke on the field for 15 minutes before I offered to take her back mine.

When we finally got there it was already dark I was incredibly tired and just wanted to hold and talk to her whilst watching a famous American TV show. I began to fall asl**p on her stomach whilst she stroked the back of my neck, suddenly I kept looking at her flat stomach, smooth legs and her beautiful face.

I began to kiss her stomach and over time slowly work my way down, she kept calling me a tease but didn't try to stop me. I eventually got up and starting pulling down her leggings and dived in for the kill, almost immediately I was being face fucked whilst she was whispering loudly "you f***ing tease, you naughty boy".

It got too much for me so I went on my side and began to rub my cock against her pussy which was soaked. I remember whispering "does this tease you?" gently then I felt her legs pull together and suddenly her pussy was wrapped around my cock.
It wasn't long before I had her with her legs over my shoulders nice, slow and deep. She looked amazing naked her breasts where easily Double E's/ F's but very perky. Her legs were smoother than silk and she looked even more amazing since she had a slight blemish to her skin which made her a light brown/ dark red no need for make up.

It ended 30/40 minutes later, we were both sweating but exhausted.

Ever since that night, nothing turns me on more than a girl who has confidence with her body and knows what to do. who isn't afraid to flirt nor give a chase.

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2 years ago
Not the best story, you need to develop the characters abit more, and need to go into alot more detail