Day 1: Miley's Adventure

*First, I will state that I am back after a few day... well lack of being here. The Goddess had caught me being "too flirtatious" with one of her man friends she had ordered me to serve. I was her slave and I made the mistake of being too hot for one of her guys. (I now apologize to the Goddess, as well as her online male companion.)*

Goddess told me she would teach me a lesson.

The next thing I knew I was watching her friend, "T" was fucking her like I had never seen her fucked before. I wish I had been able to please her that way, but I was better at pleasing her as her sex maid. This was a little odd as she was quite upset with me. She didn't even want me to worship her ass as she rode his cock. Instead, she had me lick his balls and whatnot... soon she stopped speaking me and was only speaking through her guy friend.

After she had reached orgasm, she told "T" that I was his for at least the night. She told him she was thinking she may need a new bitch, and that he could actually keep me as long as he liked. "You're his now bitch... you do anything he asks," the Goddess told me. I tried to beg for her to keep me, but I was interrupted by "Finish me off bitch." T had then shoved his cock in my mouth. He asked the Goddess to use a strapon on me, while I blew him. She had not brought one, so T said she could leave if she needed to.

Before she left she got down on her knees with me and sucked on his cock for a moment with me. Then she got up, handed him something, and left silently. I was confused, but I kept sucking on his cock as he ordered me too. I tried everything, but apparently I was not very good at it.

Finally, he ordered me to stop, and he put a collar around my neck and attached a leash to it. "You're mine now... forever." Before I could start crying as the Goddess never said anything like this, he had me blowing him again. "I heard from your former Goddess you love to eat ass... eat my ass." He sat down on the couch and situated himself to wear I could do this. At first, I was disgusted, but realized if it wasn't the Goddess's ass I was worshiping, then I'm glad it is someone she had chosen for me. I began to worship T's cock, balls, and ass, as if he were my master all along. I loved it. This was better than hating it. He began fingering my tight pussy-ass. He then ordered me to take my panties off and bend over. "Make sure you keep the stockings on."

I was excited and scared at the same time. In a way I was still serving my goddess, but he had what looked like a large dick to me. It had gagged me often, and was pretty thick too. All of a sudden he left the room. I didn't dare move as he had ordered me to stay bent over there. He returned and lubed me up. T proceeded to fuck me just as hard as I had watched him fuck the Goddess, or least it felt that rough. He ordered that I beg he fuck me harder, which obviously I did. By the time he came inside me I was hanging off the back side of the couch, moaning, due to both pain and some pleasure. He told me it was time for bed, and utilized my leash to make me join him. I could take just about anything for the goddess, but I remember being really annoyed at the cuddling. I fell asl**p that night hoping it was a lesson being taught, but fearing... I was stuck.

To Be Continued.... next (Day 2)

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1 year ago
Finally Miley (VD) knows her place like a good slave slut has to
1 year ago
Very hot.