Kinky School Part Two

At the next history lesson, the class waited for Mrs M to come in. As the door opened, A awkwardly limping Mrs M walked in,
followed by the principal's wild dog Mrs G. I smiled cheekily to myself as I exchanged stares with Mrs M. I could see stains
on her skirt.

"James! Mrs G would like to speak with you in her office."

I stood up and followed her. I looked down at her ass and could see the curves. Not going to lie. Even though she was
fifty years old she was mighty fine.

We sat on a chair in her office and she sat on her executive leather chair.

"Now James. I would like to discuss some matters concerning you and Mrs M."

"Yes? What about her?"

"Don't pretend like you don't know. I know you fucked her. I know you drilled her against the wall and came into her vagina."

"Yes well..."

"And I'm here to cut a deal with you. I could tell the police and have you locked up in Juvy. Or I could bribe Mrs M to not tell
a soul."

"What do I have to do Mrs G?"

She smiled cheekily. She stood up and stuck her neck out the door.

"Gwen! Can you please tell no one to disturb me. I have private matters to discuss."

She closed the door and told me to get off my chair and kneel on the ground. I did so nervously. I was willing to do anything to
get out of trouble. No matter the cost.

"What do I do Mrs G?"

"Shut up James. You talk and talk and talk. Shut your yap. I have something for you to gag on."

I feared for myself right now. I hope it wasn't some strap on fetish. Luckily it wasn't. She took her panties off and grabbed me by
the ears. She brought my head towards her snatch and stuffed it there for a few minutes.

"Like the fucking taste of my pussy?"

"Yes Miss, it tastes like heaven."

I started to lick her out. She close her eyes and embraced the moment. Mrs G clumsily doubled back into door and she entered
back into reality.

"Oh shit James. I'm about to cum."

I kept going until a spray of fluid landed upon me. I was completely trenched.

"Oh James. You are soaked. Better get you out of those clothes before you catch death."

She roughly undressed me and pushed me on an armchair in the corner of the room. Bare Naked.

She stuck her neck round the door again.

'It's alright Amanda. You can come in now."

Oh shit I thought. It was going to be revenge. I was doomed.

Mrs M entered the room and stood side by side with Mrs G. Mrs G reached for Mrs M's pussy and started to stroke it and started to
nibble on Mrs M's lips.

Oh my god. I am so lucky. My cock was immediately erect.

"Oh would you look at that." Mrs M said. "He's getting off on us."

Before I could grab my cock with my hands, they pounced and tied my arms behind the chair. Mrs M squatted above my head,
with her feet on the arms the chair. Oh shit. I think I'm going to have a shower. I thought back to the incident with the car.
I'm going to drown. She was a massive squirter.

Mrs M moaned loudly and a waterfall fell on me.

What was weird is that I as still erect, perhaps even harder. But to admit, I was angry. I didn't like this. I broke free of the binding
and pushed Mrs M down on to my lap and then on my cock.

She cried out in pain, "Mrs G! Help me!"

Rather then break it up, Mrs G joined in. She obtain a cane from her draw and aimed at Mrs M's tit.

"You always were a cry baby, Amanda"

With the combination of my cock drilling her and Mrs G's whip, Mrs M was fucked.

"Urghh. I'm gonna cum inside your asshole. Your gonna enjoy this."

Splash. Ooze. Pop.

I pushed her off me and onto the ground. Once again she was crying and defiled.

Mrs G walked towards me.

'My turn now, James. I want your cock." I stood up and turned her round and put her on her desk. I put my meat inside her asshole and
reamed her. Again and again, i went deep inside her gaping hole. Cries of Pain and pleasure filled the room.

"I'm gonna cum again Miss!"

"Cum inside me!"

And again I came. Like a mountain. As i withdrew a splurge of white cream oozed down her legs.

"Well miss. Was that good enough?"

"Yes, James. Please do visit me again soon."

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3 years ago
is there a part 3??? your so naughty
3 years ago
Wow I think im wet now!.....THANKS!
3 years ago
dear james your sex stories are get and they turn me on ypu did a great job with this one and the first one