Kinky School Part One

School was a brilliant time of my life. Everything was great. Especially the teachers. My school was home to many of
the countries finest teachers, many of whom were very sensual. One teacher, my history teacher, was one of them.
She had an amazingly large rack and big booty. She was not especially fit, but she looked like a good fucker.

We were watching some boring documentary about WW2 and my mind went off into a day dream.
My teacher, Mrs M, wore a someone seethrough shirt this day and I could see her sexy lingerie which struggled to
keep her twins in. As she patrolled the rows of students, I purposefully dropped my pencil just so she would pick it up.
When she came by, she squatted down and picked up my pen. I snuck a quick peek down her cleavage and to her
panties, which were exposed. Oh my god. I noticed a wet patch and the shape of her warm apple pie. I was rock hard.

BRRRINNGGG. The bell went off. Everyone in class dashed out quickly to lunch but I waited behind. I couldn't let
anyone see my bulge.

"James, it's lunch. I think you better go."

"Umm.... Yeah... Sure." I replied awkwardly.

As I stood up and met her at the door she turned round to leave as well. I felt pretty cheeky and there was no one else
around so I got in real close and grinded my bulge on her ass on the way out. When I was at the end of the corridor I
looked back and saw her piercing eyes glaring at me.
Shit, She noticed. I thought.

I did an awkward jog to the bathroom and repositioned my junk so it wouldn't bulge so much in class. I thought about
Mrs M's lucious knockers. I wanted to motorboat them so much.

On the way home I noticed Mrs M's car parked on the side of the road on a quiet dead end street. I quietly sneaked to
the boot of the car, and snuck a peek into the window. I was rock hard again. Beads of sweat cracked out all over.
Mrs M was in there. With a BIG BLACK DILDO in her ass. I continued looking.

With the big insertion in her asshole she rubbed her clit. I could see her mouth wide open and could hear faint sounds of
moaning. She was cumming. I fountain of fluid sprayed out onto her dashboard.

I walked home briskly and blew a load in my bedroom. WOAH that was hot.

Next history lesson I was the only student in the room. I was the only one doing the Year 11 subject whilst in Year 10 and the
Year 11's had to attend a chapel service during this lesson.

Boy was it awkward. I sat up in the back row while Mrs M sat on a table at the front of the class, deep into her work. I
stared at her intently, my eyes unravelling her conservative skirt and picturing what wonders lay there.

I was startled by her voice. "James, come up and sit with me. I will not have you mucking about at the back of the class!"

I quickly scrambled up with my books. She stared at me, or rather at my groin. I looked down and saw the big bulge
that poked out from my pants. I quickly sat behind her desk with her.

"See that's better. Now we can chat without me shouting. haha"

Since there was nobody else in the room, I decided to play. I began to rub my thight against her's whilst maintain a
studious manner, like I didn't know I was doing it. It felt good. Warm and soft. My cock became hard as hell. I stood up
leaned towards her with a piece of paper.

"Hey Miss, What's Appeasement?"

I perked my cock so that she could see the bulge move and twitch round.

She replied. "Well the appeasement policy was basically umm.... making Hitler happy to prevent umm... further conflict."

She did not look at me for the whole explanation. Her eyes were afixed to my throbbing bulge. Her eyes were
fascinated with the sheer quantity. I stood up and strolled in the space behind here.

"You don't mind if I have a stretch do you?"

"Umm No it's fine."

This is when I stood close behind her, with the back of her head level with my cock. I proceeded to make contact with my
bulge. She stopped writing. She started to grip the pen and shook.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and gave her a slight rub. I then picked her up by the armpits and double backed into
whiteboard. I kissed her neck whilst fingering her pussy. It was already soaking wet.

"James..." She murmured. "We really shouldn't."

"Mrs M. I've wanted this for so long. I saw you dildo yourself. You want it as well"

"Yes but..."

"No buts Miss. Now drop down."

She knelt on the carpet. I undid my zip and buckle and revealed my meat. All seven inches of it. It was bigger than her face.
"Oh my James. You are a big boy."

"Hush no talking Mrs M. Gag on it bitch."

With that, I used both my hands to push her sweet mouth onto my cock. She gagged and screamed a bit but then she stopped.
A little bit of vomit and slop trickled down her chin and onto her expensive skirt. I took her off my cock and she collapsed, panting
for breath.

"Please! No more James."

"Oh please Mrs M. It has only just begun."

I picked her up again and put her mouth onto my cock. Another line of slop drooled down upon her skirt and onto the carpet.

"My my Miss. You are a dirty girl. I think you better clean this mess up."

I grabbed her my the jacket and thrust her down to her carpet.

"What a pig. Rolling round in her own slop. Lick it up!"

She stuck a tongue out and licked up the gag and vomit.

"Good Girl"

I grabbed her by the collar and pushed her against the wall, face first.

I ripped her panties off and shove my meat in her ass. Mrs M let out a shriek so I covered her mouth. There, I thrusted furiously.
Tears trickled from her eyes with each thrust.

I stopped to ease her pain.

I took my cock out and stuck it in her warm apple pie. It felt so good. I started thrusting slowly. She let out pleasureable moans
this time. Then I started to furiously fuck her. She cried again.

"Miss I'm gonna cum. Its gonna be inside your pussy."

"No James! Please don't."

"Argh Too late Miss"

Streams of hot cum spurted into her cunt.

I withrew my shaft and let her come to her senses. She was crying. Mascara blended with her tears and streams of pale black
rivers went down her face. Cum oozed out of her pussy.

"You dickhead James."

"I'm not finished yet Mrs M."

I lifted her up and put her mouth onto my cock. There I face fucked the shit out of her. I ripped a hole in her shirt and grabbed
her massive boob. Sloppy gag drooled out and she was about to pass out. I withdrew my cock and spurted cum onto her face
and chest.

I put on my uniform and cleaned my hair.

"Have fun cleaning up Miss."

I went out the door and went home.
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very good
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Wow I would have made his behind clean up! But I really did like it!
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