My Neighbourly Fuck

Back when I was 16. My Mum was always out late and often came back home at all. Late nights alone led to a peak in sexaul thoughts. Most were
targetted at my neighbour, Helen. She was not a terrific milf but she had something special about her.

One morning, I went for a run down a bushy path that ran along behind our houses. I took a rest at a bench. As I was panting, I heard the trickle of what
sounded like water behind the bushes. I stared through the bushes and I was shocked. It was my neighbour squating down and taking a piss. I don't know why,
but my cock instantly became rock hard. Just the sight of her squating and pissing was enough to drive me up the wall. I think she saw me because she stopped
came out of the bushes and said hi!

"James!" she said, "How are you?"

"Umm..." I struggled, "Well I guess, just taking a break."

I looked down at the obvious bulge on my shorts. I hope she couldn't see.

"Well I best be off, James. You should come by my house sometime soon and have a coffee or something."

And with that she turned round and jogged off. Her ass bulged out from the lycra pants she wore and I could see some pee patches. Yum.

The next day I looked out my window and looked into her shower window. The shutters were open and Helen was naked toweling herself off. Again my 7 inch
cock became rock hard. She had a nice curvy ass and perfect C's tits. Her pussy was not shaved, but it was groomed quite well and resembled a well mown lawn.
I flopped out my cock and started to wank. I was about to burst when she turned around and nearly saw me gawking at her.

In the afternoon, as I was chatting to my friend online, the door bell rang. I answered the door and Helen greeted me.

"Hey James, I came to ask if I can borrow your lawn mower?"

"Oh.. umm yeah sure. I'll bring it by in 5 minutes."

"Thanks alot. I owe you alot."

I filled the mower up with fuel and brought it over to her.

"Howdy again, James. Thanks a bunch. Do you mind if I use it tomorrow and bring it back to you?"

"Nah that's fine. Well I guess I'll be off now."

"Okay, is your mum out tonight?"

"Umm yeah, it's just me."

"Oh, then I was thinking, maybe you can have dinner here for letting me use your lawn mower. The boys are out in Adelaide doing their boy things and I'm
awfully lonely."

"Sure sounds good, Helen."

When I came back home, I got changed and went back over for dinner. I was quite nervous and also very hung. I longed to fuck the shit out of Helen for ages
and thought that this could be the night.

Helen was wearing her lycra pants again and a long sleeve shirt which outlined her perfect breasts. Again I was hard, but not fully. Not yet.

"Ah James, welcome. Sit, Sit. I've whipped up my special beef steaks."

As we sat, my knee was shaking. I was trying to get rid of a massive hardon that was bulging through my pants.

"So Helen," I said, "Where's your husband and the boys?"

"In Adelaide, I told you. They've got some mumbojumbo business venture there. I don't care much for it."

"When are they coming back?"

"Not for a week I think."

Plenty of time to myself I thought.

As she cleaned the dishes. I came up next to her and thanked her alot for the food. As I tried to get past her, I purposefully thrust my rock hard cock on her ass
cheeks. She stopped cleaning and let out a few gasps of air. I held her around her hips and kissed her gently. And the whispered into her ear, "That was a
beautiful main course, now for desert."

I knelt behind her and started to lick her ass crack through her lycra. It held the faint odour of piss which really turn me on. She let out a gasp for air and moaned.
I pulled down her lycra and panties to a puddle around her ankles and tongued her asshole. I stuck three fingers in there and she let out a moan.

"James.... I don't think we should..."

"Save your voice Helen. You'll need it when I shove my cock in your ass."

I moved my tongue down to her sweet pussy and licked the lips then thrust my tongue into the goodness. She tasted sweet with a hint of tang.
She moaned and screamed out some more. "I'm coming, I'm coming."

A fountain of yellow piss squirted out and down my face and onto my pants. My cock was bulging. All 7 inches of it.

As she was open to say something. I put my hand around her mouth and muffled her voice. I whispered, "My turn."

I sat on the bench with her sitting on my lap. My cock rested on her back. I lifted her up and place her ontop of my cock. Now with my cock deep in her ass,
bopped up and down, letting out shrieks of pain and pleasure. I let out a gasp and came in to her ass. She slowed down moaning and jumped off my cock
leant on to the kitchen sink. Cum dripped out of her ass and down her legs. She was tainted. She was dirty.

"James... I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. I've seen you looking at me. Even more so, I saw the hard on you got when you saw me peeing.
James, we cannot tell anyone.'

"Sure Helen, it can be out little secret. Now join me on the couch."

As I sat on the couch, bare naked, with my cock still quite hard and erect. Helen came over and knelt infront of me, down on her knees. She took the meat
down her throat and gagged. She took her head back out and drooled warm saliva down her chin.

"That feels so good Helen."

She gagged on it again, this time, quite violently. She gagged up a tonne of drool which made her mascara run.

"I'm gonna burst soon Helen."

She took the cock out of her mouth and kissed my mouth whilst jerking me off with her hand. She placed my cock between here breasts and titty fucked them
roughly. Streams of hot cum burst onto her chest and mouth and my cock resumed its dormant state. We she knelt on the floor with my balls in her mouth for
quite some time. Then I got up and left.

To Be Continued
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3 years ago
lucky neighbour ;)
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that was hot & sexy
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