Your first fetish experience...and you liked it!!

You looked at the bed, the outfit laid out on it. Could I do this? Was it crossing a line? It was my turn but I still wasn't sure. Finally I shook myself out of me reverie and picked up the skirt, getting dressed at last.

I waited downstairs, nervously awaiting your decision. I had done what you asked, sl**ping with you in the office, the whole time I had spent on edge wondering if we get caught. It was exciting and it meant when you asked what I wanted in return I had a chance to suggest this. Would you think it was too weird? The door to the lounge opened and you was standing there, wearing exactly what I had asked.

"Wow!" I said, staring hungrily at you.

"I think you mean get to class!" you replied, with a nervous giggle.

You had pulled on your old college uniform, grey skirt, white shirt, blue blazer, white socks. You stood looking at yourself in the mirror for a moment before picking up the pint of water I had left for you. You drank it quickly, wondering once more if this was a good idea. You could hear me downstairs, flicking through the TV channels and walked slowly down the stairs.

In the doorway, you pressed your knees together, wiggling your legs slightly. "I need the toilet first sir. Can I go?"

I stood up, a smile forming on my face just as I felt my cock stiffening in my trousers. "No time for that. Take a seat please."

"Yes sir."

You sat down at the computer desk in the corner, swivelling the chair round to face me . "I really need to go sir. Please, I'll only be a minute." As you spoke you let your legs open and close, flashing your white panties for just a second each time.

"Get on with your work."

You turned back to face the desk. Despite your desire to pee you felt yourself getting more and more turned on. Without glancing behind you to see what I was doing, you slowly moved your hand up your skirt, gently stroking your clit through your panties.

"Are you cheating?" I snapped, making you jump as I had quietly come to stand behind you. "Turn and face me now!"

My heart was racing as I was finally getting to live out the fantasy I had dreamt about for such a long time. "What are you doing?"

"I was touching myself sir."

"Well don't let me stop you."

You pretended to look shocked. "But sir, surely that's not allowed."

I smiled. "Just do it."

You lifted your bottom off the seat and peed down you panties, trying to ignore the ever growing desperation. With one hand you pulled the lips of your pussy apart as with the other one you began to gently stroke up and down, gathering up wetness and rubbing it into your clit. I stared at you as you leaned back in the chair, closing your eyes as you concentrated on the sensations spreading round your body.

I began to undress. "That's very good sweety," I said as I lowered my zipper and pulled out my now rigid cock. I held it in my hand as I moved forward, stroking it gently as I watched you. With some effort I pointed it down towards you, whispering to myself. "Come on, come on."

With a sigh I began to pee, it splashed over your white shirt, making it stick to your skin. You opened your eyes in shock, not expecting this.

"What the hell?" you snapped.

I couldn't stop now, I had to finish. After a few more seconds, the urine stopped flowed and I stood proudly looking at you.

"Sir, what did you just do?"

"Enough," I replied. "I've got to have you."

I grabbed you and pulled you down on top of me. The two kissed as you pushed my arms down to my sides, holding them in place.

"We shouldn't be doing this sir," you whispered as you allowed my cock to rub between the cheeks of your bottom. You lifted yourself slightly and guided it up your pussy, sinking onto it and moaning loudly. I pressed against your stomach with my hands, feeling the wetness of your shirt as you rode me gently.

"I'm going to pee," you said. "Are you ready sir?"

There was a pause as you stared still, raised up so just the tip of my cock was inside you and then you let go of your bladder. A gush of piss splashed out, running over my cock, soaking my balls, my thighs, my stomach.

As you peed you began to slowly ride me again, letting my cock move in and out of you even as my hand began to toy with your clit, hot pee trickling over my fingers. It was all too much for you and with a quiet gasp, you came. Your orgasm made your pussy tense up and you stared into my eyes as the contractions gripped my cock inside you. You froze for a few moments before beginning to lift your hips again, faster now, wanting my cum inside you.

I began thrusting my hips, knowing I was close. I grabbed your bottom with both hands and gently toyed with your anus, brushing my finger round your hole as I rammed myself up you one last time. With a cry of satisfaction I came, spunk shooting up and filling your pussy.
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