A taste of my own medicine

About five years ago I went on an old mate's Stag Do in Doncaster and ended up getting my cock sucked on stage by a rough old Stripper which was a great way to finish the weekend (or so I thought).

I got home Sunday afternoon totally knackered and jumped in the bath while my Wife made the tea. Around about 7pm she got a call on her mobile and her face changed instantly, she hung up the call and went absolutely ballistic ! The call was from a wife of one of the guy's on the Stag Do and she'd rung my Wife to tell her that she'd found pictures of me with the Stripper on her husband's phone !

To say my Wife went mental was an understatement ! she was screaming and slapping me, calling me every bastard under the sun ! I was banged to rights and there was no way out, all I could offer was the usual lame excuses:- I was pissed, it was a dare, my cock was only in her mouth for seconds etc. My head was spinning and I still could'nt believe my idiot of a mate had'nt deleted the pics ! Thankfully, he was'nt there when I'd gone backstage and shagged the Stripper for £50 !

We'd been married for 15 years at this point and, apart from a few very minor indiscretions, we'd both been faithfull so I played the 'we've too much to lose' card with my missus but I still ended up in the spare room until I finally wormed my way back into our marital bed on the following Wednesday. The saving grace had been the other wife sending the picture to my Wife which clearly showed I was pissed as a handcart !

Several months on and I thought it had all been forgotten about and we were ok so I did'nt give it a second thought when my Wife told me she was going on a Hen Do in Blackpool with the girls from work. No problem I thought;- just a weekend of beer, takeaway curries and wanking over porn for me then !

A couple of weeks later she was away in Blackpool with the Hen's and their theme for the Saturday night was 'Naughty Nurses', corny as fuck I thought but I'd still enjoyed fucking her in her outfit before she went !

Around 1pm on the Saturday night I was chilling on the couch watching a porno when my phone buzzed, I glanced at it see I'd received a picture message from my Wife which I clicked to open. As it opened I jumped up and could'nt believe what I was looking at !

It was my Wife smiling with spunk dripping off her face and over her incredible 34FF tits which were pulled out over her Nurse outfit while she appeared to be sat in a toilet cubicle !

I rang her her instantly but it just went straight to answerphone, I tried again and again but still the same and I must have sent her 20 txt's but still no reply. I was raging but I was also mesmerised but the picture in front of me showing my Wife to be a total Slut ! Finally, I got a txt from her simply saying 'What's good for the goose...' I tried ringing her again but still no reply.

She eventually rang me about 9am on Sunday which started out as a blazing row on my part before I calmed down and she pointed out that was how she'd felt about me doing it. She claimed she'd pulled some guy in a Club and snogged the face off him while his hands were all over her on the dance floor so she dragged him off to the Ladies and let him finger fuck her before she blew him for revenge ! I was gutted but also seriously turned on by the thought of this and was wanking myself off as she was recounting the tale.

When she arrived home that afternoon, she was strode in, head held high looking defiant and sexy as hell ! I told her she was a fucking slag ! to which she replied 'I know, but you've made me that way !' Within seconds we were ripping each others clothes off and fucking our brains out on the couch.

I found out later that the guy had'nt just taken her picture, he'd video'd her with her phone while she was blowing him and we watched it together in bed which was a huge turn on for both of us.`

Since then she's had sex with other guys on three occaisions while she's been away with the girls and we always have amazing sex when she gets back and tells me all about it.
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1 year ago
good story
1 year ago
mmm, good hot story...would gladly shoot some of my cum over her tits and chin if she wants some :)
1 year ago
Very hot. Can I have a go with her? Let me know where she goes next. Haha
1 year ago
Very hot mate,,thanks