The Dark Destroyer

We had been married for 15 years Lisa was stunning cute little blonde around 5’2 short little bob cut now when she was younger she kept it longer , she has a great rack 34 DD I loved it when she tit wanked me with loads of body oil, in truth I was punching above my weight all the rugby lads all ways took the piss in the bar after the match joked she was going to leave me.

It was Lisa’s birthday at the week-end I was plans for her special day , we had a party arranged at home for Saturday night Cowboys and Indians theme around 20 or so couples invited .
Lee was an old rugby pal he had boxed in his youth and was the original gentle giant 6’2 amazing upper body strength biceps like steel he had lost a couple of teeth due to rugby and had them replace with gold, he had a variety of tattoos over his chest around his biceps it was his passion

I had played rugby with him for 10 years or more and knew he was blessed with a huge cock, and yes he was black his nick name in the club was The Dark Destroyer .

I invited him to the party “ Yes no problem man would be a pleasure any ideas what I can get Lisa” “ Well Lee to be honest ,you are her present from me” I smiled he spat out his chilled beer I explained

“ Lisa’s fantasy is to be fucked by a black man she keeps on at me about it every birthday are you up for it ?”

“ Listen man she is cute you know that we all fancy her but if that’s what the lady wants then I’m definitely up for it “ he took a massive slug of beer and gave me great big smile.

Saturday came the house was set we had a large deck area that ran off the back of the house I turned on the outside lights and decking lights the stage was set.

Our guests arrived dressed up Cowboy and Indian gear all the girls were in gingham shirts tied to the front with a loose bow showing off their hips and slim stomachs several had ripped of the sleeves to give a slutty country look, they all wore bright coloured neckerchiefs all had the tightest denim shorts on all cut back to show off their tight arses and they wore calf length cowboy boots and being summer they all had wonderful tanned legs

I stuck on some line dancing music and they all took to the decking and gave an impromptu dance show

All the guys gave a massive cheer and the party was off and running
Lisa wanted her present so I made her stand in the middle of the deck and gave her a small wrapped box

“ It’s not another ring is it “ she laughed

She opened it up inside was a dress makers tape measure which she picked out and said “ What is this for” I took it from her slipped it into her back pocket “ You will need that later” she just looked at me she didn’t know what was going on then she pulled out a gold chain necklace which had a gold container in the centre , I put this around her neck and told her she was also going to need it later.

She bit her bottom lip and looked at me and said “ What the fuck is going on “ with that I undid her neckerchief and told her to trust me I made a blindfold and led her to the middle of the deck

I signalled for Lee to come on to the deck and he stood opposite Lisa his costume was a loin cloth made of leather and leather straps tied around both biceps and he was barefoot he had a dagger in a sheath on his hip . He looked stunning he was oiled up and stood shimmering in front of Lisa.

She was jumping up and down in anticipation her tits looked wonderful straining in the gingham shirt I told her to slip off her blindfold she care fully lifted it up she wobbled dramatically as she saw her ultimate fantasy in front of her.

“ Oh my God Oh my fucking God” she ran her hands over Lee’s chest she turned to look at me I just nodded and told her “ Dive in babe he’s all yours “

She didn’t need telling twice she ran her hands all over his chest and tested his biceps gave out a loud “ Wow they are fantastic guns “ she lent forward and kissed them one by one she started to run her hands lower down his body putting her small hands on his 6 pack

“ Every thing is hard as rock it’s fucking amazing” she was playing the crowd and loving it the attention

She ran her finger around the top his loin cloth he smiled and Lee took out the dagger from the sheath and offered it to Lisa she knew exactly what to do
Taking the dagger she slipped the point under the leather strap around his biceps and cut them off she then turned her attentions to his loin cloth and again pulled the cloth from his waist taking a peek down to his cock while doing it, again playing to the guests

“ It’s absolutely huge !” Lee laughed out loud he was loving it

She cut the loin cloth and it fell into her hands she held it so it still covering Lee's cock she took the dagger and threw it towards the deck with some f***e it was a perfect throw and it stuck in and vibrated till it was still

She now had Lee in her hands she slowly dropped the loin cloth to reveal Lee in all his glory his cock was not yet erect it looked long and thick his bell end looked the size of an apple. Lisa was speechless she took his cock in her both hands her white skin against Lee’s black cock looked so horny she started to stroke his cock with a slow rhythm that I knew well

Soon Lee’s cock started to grow she slipped a hand under his ball sack which hung down must be around 4 inches from his cock he was a real specimen Lisa soon had Lee fully erect and I reminded her of the present I had given her earlier she knew exactly what they were for now she pulled the necklace out from her cleavage and also undid the bow of her shirt and the asked Lee to undo her shirt buttons he eased the shirt off her shoulders and it dropped to the floor he reached around her back undid the clasp of her bra and it joined her shirt on the floor

Our guests cheered and the girls joined in with Lisa and got their partners to remove their shirts and bras as they enjoyed the show the girls moved around and changed partners who slowly stroked their new partners breasts and kissed gently and waited for Lisa to make her next move This was going to be a party to remember

Lisa stood on her toes and gave Lee a massive full on kiss she hung onto bottom lip and bit it her hands were all over his oiled body she pinched his nipples grabbed his arse she then placed both her hands on his fully erect cock and started to stoke away I told her to open the bottle on her necklace she did and poured the content all over Lee’s cock the body oil shined on his cock she worked her hands faster and faster and turned Lee around so all the guests could enjoy the view she brought her heaving breasts closer to his cock I had never seen her nipples so swelled before they were huge she slowly eased his cock between her breasts and eased up and down his shaft.

Lee was fully erect he must be 10 maybe even 11” in length and with a massive girth.
Lisa took the tape measure from her jean pocket and placed one end at the base of his cock and ran the tape up the whole length to the tip of his bell end the girls wolf whistled and screamed as she reached the tip she checked the measurement

“ Ladies I can confirm the real reason Lee is known as The Dark Destroyer we have a massive 11” cock here tonight"

Massive cheer from all the guests Lee was loving it, Lisa quickly slipped the tape around his girth and measured “ Oh my God a huge 8” inch”

With that she dropped her lips onto the end of his cock and started to take him into her mouth she looked fantastic as she squatted in front of him. This was too much for two of the girls and they walked forward to join her

Lisa took control “ Ok Carol you suck on his bell end Sue you take care of his ball sack and I’ll stroke his cock see if he can get any bigger” The trio worked their magic taking it in turns in a co-ordinated ballet satisfying their lust, Lee stood like a rock we passed him a cool beer which he sank in one and he began to sweat up but he was in total controlled ecstasy.

The girls started to undo each others shorts and kicked off their boots they were soon completely naked this was amazing.
Soon Carol and Sue dropped back into the crowd they were happy to join Lisa but this was her birthday, Lee bent down slightly and Lisa wrapped her arms around his massive neck and lifted her from the floor now there was something Lisa asked for when she was really horny and I wondered if she was going to ask Lee to accommodate her needs tonight

She wrapped her legs around his waist reached for his cock and eased it into swelling hole the bell end looked like it was to large at first but slowly he eased himself into her moist cunt Lee obviously had experienced this minor resistance many times before he just took his time bit by bit his huge cock disappeared from view

Lisa was screaming with delight he must of got around 8” inside her and Lisa started to ride his cock slowly up and down the shaft she whispered in Lee’s ear fuck my arse with your fingers, there it was that’s what I was waiting for she was close to orgasm and
Lee stuck two fingers up her arse and slowly moved them up and down Lisa was riding his cock and now had got the full length and girth inside she was screaming and moaning with absolute pleasure they must have been fucking for15 mins Lisa came with a long shudder she ws spent they were both shining with sweat,

Lisa asked Lee to put her down and she told him to cum over her face she knelt before him then asked Carol and Sue to join her again they both knelt before Lee as tossed his huge member in front of the trio and covered their faces with hot salty cum all the girls eagerly licked the cum & turned to lick each other faces Lee had a massive load and still was draining his come on the girls for what seemed like minutes he was spent Lisa had her pals took a huge applause and Lee took a bow

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