American Milf in the UK

“ Jack this is Helen’s address she has moved into a huge old farmhouse and she is getting it ready before her f****y move down in a couple of week, her hubby is going to be my new boss so I need you to help me here,... Jack are you listening ?”

I was flicking through Sky Sports and half listening “ Yes yes gardening yada yada” “ She is expecting you around noon don’t be late”

I was late but arn't all students.........

“ We are renting it for 12 months always wanted to live in the country so we thought why not the company’s paying” We walked through to the kitchen
“ Well Jack I really appreciate you coming over like this” I was admiring her fit body her legs were toned and tanned as she walked ahead of me her hips swayed I was mesmerised.

“ Oh it’s no problem mum said you needed some gardening doing ”

“ Think you can help me out buddy “ she laughed.

“ but first thing is I need know about you Jack” she fixed us coffee and I told her I had just finished Uni I was in the rowing team and was considering training for Olympics and I had just turned 23.

“ 23 oh my god you have it all in front of you well my advice is keep fit it keeps you young I look after myself but you cant hold back time I,m 43”

I was gobbed smacked she looked incredible.

“ Ok first job is can you put a swing up for me in the Oak tree it's for the k**s when they come over soon , it’s out on the back yard,

I’ll go and change out of my running gear I do 10 k a day it’s great roads around here a little hilly but keeps the butt tight” she smacked her arse and she made her way up stairs.

I picked up the swing slung it over my shoulder and climbed up into the middle of the tree, picking out a good position I started to tie the swing in place. I was up quite a height and looked up to stretch my back and looked towards the house, I could see Helen on the phone she was up in her bedroom she was sitting on the large window cill with her knees up to her breasts chatting on the phone.

She finished her call started to peel off her vest top and stood topless looking out the window.
I was completely hidden in the tree she looked stunning her nipples were large and also very dark almost chocolate, her ribs slightly showed through she then inched her tight Lycra shorts off she was completely naked she a fantastic body with a small trimmed triangle of pubic hair .

She reached up to open the small top window which was obviously stuck as she had to f***e the handle a little in doing so her breasts became pressed against the window she looked amazing I undid my shorts and started to stroke on my stiffening cock I already had some pre cum I stroked away as Helen struggled with the handle she eventually got it open and she dropped down out of view heading for the shower. So there I was with cock in hand I laughed and thought to myself I had not done anything like this since I was a teenager, I put my cock back in my shorts and secured the swing in place.
I found the petrol brush cutter and fired it up I had an old Uni T shirt on from a past Rowing tour it had my nickname on the back “ Plumbs” I was thinking I hope Helen doesn’t ask me why “Plumbs”

I started to cut away at the grass about an hour later I had made a broad path down the middle and needed to refuel switching off the cutter Helen was making here way towards me
“ Jeez you’ve done really well Jack” Helen had changed into white linen shorts she had a pink mesh vest on and a white linen sleeveless shirt on top of the vest which was not buttoned up but tied in a bow using the lower half of the shirt, she didn’t have a bra on so her nipples must of been pushing through the holes in mesh but were covered by the linen shirt her nipples pressed against the linen As she got closer to me I said

“ Are you OK with snakes ?”
“ Your joking Jack aren’t you ?”
“ No look there is an Adder warming in the grass “
Helen grabbed my bicep and using my body as shield she leant across me to take a look at the snake as she did her firm breasts push against me they felt full and tight I was getting another hard on .Helen clung to my arm I could smell her natural scent she filled my senses

“ It’s not a problem you can see it’s an Adder he has a small V on his head if we walk away I will nudge him with cutter and he will make his escape, Helen was amazed when the snake slowly moved away and soon disappeared

“ You wont get bothered when I get the grass cut back they like long grass not short”
Helen leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek and in a jokey way

“ Jack my hero you saved me” she was laughing as we walked arm in arm back towards the house.She had fixed a jug of chilled fruit drink and she poured me a large glass as she leaned forward filling my glass her shirt opened slightly to reveal her breasts encased in the pink mesh she looked amazing her dark nipples poked through the vest my cock was getting harder, Helen poured her self a glass and she sat beside me on the bench I downed my glass in one Helen got up and started to fill my glass again all I could do was stare at her wonderful breasts again

“ Listen Jack I hope you don’t mind me saying this but I can see a small damp patch in your shorts I am guessing it's pre cum “ I flushed up and went bright red she lent forward and kissed me on the cheek and then full on the lips

“ Jack it’s not a problem it makes me as horny as fuck to think I have gotten you you all fired up ” with that she undid her shirt and dropped it on the table

“ Are you enjoying the view Jack” I nodded I was speechless my cock was straining in my shorts Helen took my hand and we made our way upstairs to her bedroom the room was huge with a massive king size bed we walked on through to shower Helen peeled of her pink vest then she lifted my shirt off
“ What’s with name Plumbs ? “ she smiled as she asked I was struggling to speak and just shook my head. I kicked off my boots and Helen loosened off my shorts they didn’t drop due to my erection

“ Oh I think we have some resistance wonder what that could be? “ she laughed as she eased my cock out of my shorts and they fell to the ground

I kissed her full on the lips she was so horny I felt her breasts against my chest and brought my palms up to caress them they filled by palms with their size they felt cool and heavy in my hands I moved my thumbs up to her large dark nipples and moved her erect nipples from side to side, Helen sighed out loud and kissed me on the neck “ Undo my shorts Jack “ I did as she asked they fell to the floor to reveal her neatly trimmed bush.
Helen turned on the shower and we both made our way under the soft warm water she soaped my body starting on my neck and shoulders and moved slowly down over my stomach stroked my thighs and finally took hold of my stiff cock and gently soaped rolling back my foreskin she soaped my balls looking me in the eye she said

“ I now know why you got your nickname you have got the biggest balls I've ever seen “ she cupped them in both hands and pretended to weigh them " Jack you are one lucky young man"

I was fucking lovin this this women touched every part of my body I started to caress her breasts and moved my hands down to her waist and hips she started to kiss my neck my cheeks and lips, she turned the shower off she asked me to sit in the big leather arm chair in the bedroom she followed me in walking towards me she had wrapped a towel around her waist she looked stunning her breasts swaying from side to side as she made her way towards me she, kneeling in front of me she lent forward and took my cock slowly into her mouth she rolled her tongue around the ridge of my cock and then engulfed the tip she sucked hard which increased the pressure in my balls they ached and felt they were going to burst

she just stared directly into my eyes for 15 minutes she sucked me she sucked harder and harder I could feel I was about to come she knew it as my body went rigid she didn’t flinch she was sucking even harder

I exploded in her mouth my cum was pumping into her mouth she she didn't move with her mouth still wrapped around my cock as I continued to cum she looked me straight in the eyes I emptied my load and she finally lifted her mouth from my cock my semen filled her mouth the sticky mass started to dribble from her mouth on to her chin she smiled and collected some with her fingers and pushing it back into her mouth.

" Well Jack dont suppose you have ever come in a womens mouth before dont worry I have lots to teach you "

81% (8/2)
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