Business Confrence turned good

I got the short straw at work recently or (so I thought) I had to go to an exhibition / conference and run the company stand for three days they event was held in a large hotel,

I set the stand up and program was we stood around all morning and then the delegates wandered coffee / lunch / breaks and then we would hopefully get a chance to grab them and get some new business. It was attended by grey blokes in grey suits to say the least boring.

I was chatting to other sales guys on the other stands and told me there was a change to the format this year

“ What they are going to ship a load of hookers in for the conference dinner !”

“Not quite but the delegates are bringing their wives along

“ we joked they probably would be as grey and dull as there husbands.

The bonus of the conference was we finished around 3 pm and we were free until dinner at eight were we had the pleasure of joining our grey customers to talk about work all night fucking wonderful.

I took the opportunity to use the hotel leisure suite so would swim use the gym have a sauna I had been getting into shape recently and was back to my fighting weight and feeling pretty good although I had got my self involved in a small scuffle in a local bar with and ended up with a black eye I was out with some other sales guy from the conference who got mouthy with some locals I tried to calm the situation down and ended up get whacked by some guys elbow I over slept and hadn’t shaved so was going have to smarten up for the evening .

On the last day, the day of the evening conference I was back in the leisure suite in the afternoon & having worked out in the gym I was making my way to the sauna and the could see the leisure suite was full of women they must have been the delegates partners

Now not all were lookers but some were quite cute one especially caught my eye she was a double for the newsreader Susanna Reid she was around late 30’s brunette deep brown eyes she was very cute

She was heading for the sauna I opened the door for her we had it to ourselves , closer up she was even better great cheek bones she had great toned legs and full heavy breasts with a lovely deeply tanned cleavage she wore a thick gold necklace that dropped tantalizing deep into her cleavage she smiled and asked if I was here on business so I told her about the conference ..........

“ it’s the last day of really tedious exhibition topped off tonight with a gala dinner with some boring after dinner speaker to listen to “ she smiled and nodded as I told her what my evening had in store for me

“ sorry to go on but I’ve been here for a few days gets a bit frustrating”

“ Looks like you have been in a fight ?” she reached up and smoothed my black eye with her soft fingers she got real close as she worked her fingers over my eye this was getting interesting I was hoping we didn’t get disturbed,

I noticed she had a very sexy tattoo that ran down her spine in a Chinese script I asked her what the meaning was

“ No regrets if it feels right do it “

With that she dropped her perfectly manicured hand on my thigh kissed my neck

“ Your cute I would love you to take care of me this afternoon.” she drew her hand across my unshaven face she repeated the text of her tattoo in a almost a whisper

“No regrets if it feels right do it”

Fuck me I was getting chatted up by a MILF in a hotel sauna this was my ultimate fantasy!

She slowly eased hand further up my thigh and gently stroked my cock through my trunks

“ Do you think you can take care of me ? “ she smiled and kiss me full on the lips

“ Why don’t we go somewhere I little more private, your room maybe ”

I was struggling to take it all in I now had a semi hard on in my trunks and this horny married woman inviting herself to my room.

“ Yea sure no problem that would be nice”

“ Nice ? it’s going to be whole lot better than nice I promise you”
She picked up her towel and passed it over to me

“ I think you need to cover up your ......” she laughed and kissed me on the cheek I looked down my cock was full on hard I covered my self up as we walked to the changing rooms

“She leant over and asked “ Room Number ?” “ Oh, 201” I replied she nodded and mouthed “ 30 mins”

My head was racing , fuck me I slipped on my shorts and vest and trainers and made my way up to my room .

I jumped in the shower and had a long soapy shower my cock grew rock hard with anticipation I started to stroke it but soon stopped didn’t want to be embarrass myself by shooting my load

Then there was a knock on the door I was in my towel how obvious I thought oh fuck
I opened the door it was room service

“ Hello sir Champagne two glasses as ordered “ I looked confused “ Sorry mate I haven’t ordered any Champagne I would never get it on my expenses”

“ Don’t worry the bills going to another room 601 that’s the exec floor so you have a wealthy admirer “

Few minutes later there was a knock at the door I opened it and there she stood she looked stunning, business like but very sexy

She was in gloss black heels and diamond patterned stockings on which showed off her slim toned legs to great effect black pencil skirt and three button black jacket she didn’t have a blouse on under, her lips looked full and wet from her lip gloss she looked stunning.

“ Come in come in “ I stuttered she stepped in and the door closed behind us she smiled

“ Ah good the Champagne arrived would you like to do the honours what is your name by the way? “ she giggled

“ Steve” I replied as I struggled with the Champagne cork “ Christine “ she replied with a kiss on my cheek her scent was fresh and filled my nostrils she just oozed class

“ Well Steve nice of you to get dressed up for me “

Oh god I caught my reflection in the full length mirror my blonde hair spiked up from the shower unshaven, black eye and stood in a towel wrapped around me I looked as rough as fuck

She kissed me on the lips “ I’m joking you look cute I know you are going to take good care of me” she stroked my stubble with her soft hands

“ Very cute how old are you Steve ?” “ Me I’m 23 “ she smiled and kissed me on the lips a long lingering kiss her tongue eased into my mouth she was horny as fuck.

She sat down on the bed crossed her legs slowly her skirt rode up her thighs a little

“ Well Steve I feel a bit over dressed would you mind giving me a hand”

She stood in front of me and undid the bottom button on her jacket and put my hand on the middle button I slipped the button free followed by the remaining one her jacket fell open to reveal a lacy sheer black bra her breasts looked full and inviting through the sheer fabric her large dark aerols stood out with her nipples straining against her bra.
I slipped her jacket off her shoulders she kissed me full on the lips she then turned her pencil skirt around on her hips so her zipper was easier for me to pull down she gestured towards the zipper

I slowly dropped the head down the teeth of the zipper her skirt was now free to drop to the floor she stepped free of her skirt.

There she stood she looked horny as fuck with matching panties hold up stockings in her heels with her expensive jewellery she looked like a high class hooker.

I kissed her full on the lips she was so fucking sexy I kissed her ears her chin and back to her moist full lips she was taking deeper and deeper breaths and was obviously enjoying the attention

I slipped her bra straps off her slim shoulders
“ Babe Its a front opener “ she whispered as she kissed my neck

I found the clasp and started to release her breasts the bra fell to the floor I started to stroke and fondle her ample breasts and stiff nipples bending down to kiss and suck them she pushed her head back and let out a deep low moan I continued to suck and bite her nipples it was clearly turning us both on I was now fully erect.

Sitting on the bed and she started to undo my towel slowly she was enjoying being in control soon she released it from my hips dropping it to the floor to reveal my fully erect cock, I keep my self shaved leaving a tidy short cropped landing strip
“ Now Steve that is a wonderful surprise I love a man who shaves I love giving oral and nothing turns me on more than smooth cock and balls”

She slowly grabbed my cock first with one hand and followed by the second

“ Mm a two hander you have a lovely stiff young cock I knew you can take care of me ”

With that she started to slowly move her hands up and down my shaft she pulled me forward resting my cock onto her tits she started to push my bell end around her nipples it was fucking great her nipples were so hard
She lent over and picked up the champagne and poured it over her tits and my cock

“ Suck my nipples Steve “ I did as asked the taste of wine mixed with her hard nipples was intoxicating she moaned with pleasure.

She continued to massage my cock and now pulled me on to the bed she stood up and wriggled out of panties to reveal a nicely cropped tiny triangle with her lips were clearly visible they were puffed up pink and inviting.

She was still in her thigh length stockings and heels she looked stunning she put her hands behind her head so pushing her breasts out she knew she looked stunning

“ Steve you’ve brought the slut out in me “

She straddled me on the bed and grabbed what was left of the Champagne and poured it over her tits again it ran down her body she glistened in the wine

“ Ok babe about time you fucked this slut don’t you think”

I rolled her on to her back and kissed firmly on her moist lips kissed her breasts and nipples slowly lifted her legs and buried my head into her moist hole it smelt of sweet champagne I kissed her fanny lips found her hardened clit and kissed and licked it she started moan louder as I pleasured her she grabbed my head and pushed my harder on to her clit I continued with my tongue getting deeper into her sweet smelling fanny she shuddered and soon I could taste her cum her nails dug deeper into my flesh

“ Fuck me Steve Fuck me now “ it was like a plea she was desperate to be fucked
She grabbed her legs and pulled them almost over head she held her heels of her shoes she knew I could give her my full length in this position

I quickly slipped my bell in to her moist hot hole she felt huge I pushed deeper in until she took my full length
I started to fuck her firmly I was able to move off the bed to a standing position and now was able fuck her harder and harder I kept a slow pace to begin with and was waiting for her to ask for more she soon did

“ Fuck me faster fuck me faster “

I upped the pace and soon eased my cock out of her and pushed my bell end on to her clit and pushed and nudged her stiff clit she jolted with pleasure and then I slipped my length back in she groaned

“ Fuck me faster fuck me faster “ we fucked for around 10 mins I was close to coming

“ Steve don’t come I want you to come in my mouth

I grabbed my cock and tossed my self a few times she sat there with her mouth wide open awaiting for my load it didn’t take long the first spurt of hot seamen missed her mouth but soon she caught my load she took it all she licked her lips and when she had swallowed most of it she mouthed “ Thanks “
We rested for while and she then she made a move

“ Listen Steve I’ve got to get going I’ve got to a speech to deliver tonight “ she smiled
The penny dropped

“ Oh fuck your the after dinner speaker aren’t you “ she headed towards the shower
“ Yes hope it won’t be to boring for you ! any way you can tell me how I’ve done later, the night is young I want to suck your big young cock till you come in my mouth again if that’s Ok with you”
she giggled as she stepped in the shower
Fuck me this is going to be fun ..........................................

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