Looking forward to this weekend yet? You will be..

(this is a really, really old story the wife sent me when we were still dating, the names have been changed to protect the innocent, lol)

It had been a long day of work, and you were so glad to finally be done.
Upon arriving home, you found the door to be unlocked. This is strange, you
thought, but you HAD been in a rush when you'd left that afternoon, so you
figured that it was just an oversight. Upon entering, however, you saw a
sign that read GO UPSTAIRS. Glancing at your watch, you saw that it
was about 12:30 am, and locked the door. You then began to walk accross the
living room...

The bedroom door was cracked just slightly open, and you could see a shard
of light coming from it. Your mind began to race, as you thought about what
might be in store for you. After all, you remembered that it was Friday,
that Your Katie was coming home from university tonight, and it had been so
long since you had felt her.

You stopped just outside the door and peeked through the crack, but couldn't
see anything.
"Well, come in..." you heard.
It was her, and you could hear the arousal in her voice. You slowly opened
the door to see your Katie, all dressed up and smiling devilishly. Her hair
was pulled back into a little red bow, and curled just slightly to make her
look even sweeter and more innocent. She was wearing a tight, almost see
through white shirt that drew attention to her already erect nipples,
straining against the thin cloth. A tiny pleated skirt , unbuttoned halfway
to the top, tried in vain to hide her pale white skin. High dark socks
allowed the most tantilizing sliver of flesh to peek out. She was the
perfect little schoolgirl, even down to the little strappy heels she wore on
her feet. You'd seen this outfit before, but there was something about her,
now, that was driving you crazy; your cock already tingling with
anticipation. You wanted to rip her skirt up and fuck her right then, but
you could tell that she had something special in store for you.

"Hi. Did you miss me?" she asked getting up from the bed and wrapping her
arms around your neck. "God, how I want you..." she whispered, loosening
your tie and unbuttoning the top of your shirt.

You ran your hands over her tits,then down her sides, feeling the curve of
her waist, the smoothness of her hips, and going up under the little kilt to
touch her round, naked little ass. Little tease, she wasn't wearing any
panties and her naked skin made you think of the little cunt, undoubtedly
wet and ready for you. The lump in your pants got harder as you felt your
cock aching for attention. Almost instinctively, you pressed your erection
into her, hoping for a release. "Here," she cooed,"lay down."

You almost leapt onto the bed, your excitement building. "Now don't do a
thing; I want to take care of YOU tonight," she said, her voice breathy with
her obvious horniness. She finished unbuttoning your shirt, and began
running ger little fingertips allover your chest. She straddled you, leaned
over, and kissed you passionately for a moment, before moving down to suck
on your left nipple. Her hot mouth felt so good, her tongue to intense, you
wanted to scream "God, Kate, Just BLOW ME!" but before you could, she was
caressing your throbbing dick with one little hand, while now moving onto
your other nipple, and then down to suck on your finger, simulating fellatio
with such intensity that you couldn't believe how aroused you'd become.

"Mmmmmm. You don't know how bad I want to taste you," she moaned. Then, she
began to undo your belt, frustratingly slowly, "Kate, let me..." you began,
but she wouldn't hear of it, and soon enough your pants were unzipped, and
off, and you were left naked while she proceeded to rub and suck on your
toes, which gave you a beautiful shot of her ass and pussy as she bent over
you. Finally, she spun back around, and with another kiss, began to suck on
your huge cock while running her fingers all over your body. Her warm, wet
mouth sent delicious sensations all through you, and you had no choice but
to moan in ecstacy. She kept at it, rolling her tongue around your swollen
head, pullling incredible pleasure out of you with each stroke, stopping
only to kiss you before hungrily sucking at your giant penis again.

Suddenly, you realized that her tight little snatch was ready to go, and
when she finally asked, " Do you want me to go down on you some more, or
should I fuck you now?" you knew that you wanted to be inside that little
body, to see her impaled on you and riding, naked on top of you.

She slowly slid down your length, taking you into the very depths of her.
"Oh GOD!" she said, her voice straining,"I forgot how BIG you ARE!" Then
she began to rock back and forth on your shaft. She was hot and wet inside,
so slipperey wet in fact that you could feel her begin to flow over you.
You had forgotten how good she felt, and how much you had missed this.
Reaching up, you pulled off her little shirt, exposing her white breasts,
pink nipples so hard and erect. You felt your body aroused beyond all
belief, as she slid up and down, pulling all of your thick cum through you,
her tits bouncing temptingly. She began to pant and moan, as you slowly
undid the skirt and slid it off to reveal her perfect, white body. God, she
looked hot, and she felt so good. Back and forth she rocked, recalling the
pictures you'd seen in your mind on all those lonely nights. And now she
was real, and all yours. "Tell me when you're going to cum!" she screamed,
her breathing labored. "God, I want to taste you!"

But you weren't ready to cum just yet! You threw her off of you and spun
her around, fucking her from behind as you watched her little ass pumping
against you. It was a little tighter from behind, and you found yourself
letting the pleasure take over. You pulled her into you, over and over
again. You were no longer yourself, but a slave to the will of your body.
And you knew that she was willing to do anything to please you.

Realizing that you had only a little time left, you rolled her under you and
began to fuck her from on top. Through an almost pained expression, she
stared up at you. She began to talk wildly, no longer to control her
arousal. " Oh my GOD! I'm gonna cum! Oh God, I want you so bad! I want to
taste your hot, thick cum! Oh! You're so big! God, yeah, fuck me! Fuck me
harder! Do it! Oh GOD! Fuck ME!! Daddy!! DADDY!!! OH MY GOD!!!" She screamed
as she started to climax, her body tightening around your dick, squeezing
you even more as she came so hard, she almost passed out. Soon enough,
though, she was back to moaning and panting.

You realized how close you were, and how badly you wanted to cum all over
her. You didn't know where, though... her tits. . .her face. . . inside
her? You asked, " Kate, do you still want it?"
"God, yes! I want to tast your sweet cum! Let me have it, PLEASE!"
That was it; you wanted to do it, and you wanted to do it now! You rolled
onto your back, and she took you in her mouth, sucking with unprecidented
intensity. Intense pressure gripped you as you finally erupted, shooting
thick cum into her mouth, continuing until it slowly flowed out of the
corners of her mouth. She moaned in ecstacy, tasting your deliciousness,
and continuing to pull every last drop of it out of you. As the pleasure
gradually subsided, you watched her lick the thick white cum off of her lips
and teeth, enjoying the sight immensely.

You felt unbelieveably content, and a little sl**py. She slowly slid next
to you, and you took her in your arms, just wanting to drift off to sl**p.
"Don't worry," she whispered," I can sl**p over." With a giggle, she
nestled tighter into you, and whispered " I love you, baby."
"I know, Kate" was all you had to say. She knew the rest. With that, you
fell asl**p, naked beside your girl, and happier than you could have
imagined. And, for the first time in a while, not the least bit horny.

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