Vacation Part 1 (Writtey by Tiffany)

This is a story that was written specifically for me by my best friend Tiffany. This is her work and I'm very proud of her


We're cuddled up together, you're lying on your back and I'm curled up half way on top of you... my thigh is pushed down against your crotch and my head right above your left breast, with your nipple still
between my lips from when I had fallen asl**p, my left hand cupping your right breast... you have one hand on my butt and the other in the
middle of my back.

You wake up before I do, bringing one hand up and brushes the hair out of my face so that you can tell if I'm asl**p or awake... placing your hand back down onto my butt, softly starting to knead my big butt,
trying to wake me up... leaning up and kissing my forehead, but still I don't wake up... you slip one hand down off my butt and softly brush against my lips, causing me to wake up slowly... looking up at you
through little slits in my eyelids, as you press your lips to mine... nuzzling my body against yours through the sl**py kiss.

Having been awake a little longer than I had, you were ready to get up and stop wasting the day away in the bed. You spank my ass trying to wake me up a little faster, and I roll off of you and say "go potty,
I'll be up in a minute"... you get out of bed and then comes back into the room and see that I'm back asl**p, you pounce on top of me and tell me to get up. I roll outta bed and stumble to the bathroom, but by the time I get back from the potty I'm awake.

I sit down on the edge of the bed and ask "so what do you want me to wear?" You look down at my suitcase and pull out my lime green bikini and hand it to me... I take the bottoms and step into it and pull it up over my plump butt, then I take the top and place the cups over my boobies and say "You gonna tie me... please?" You tie the bikini for me and then ask me "so what am I wearing today?"... I dig around in my suitcase and pull out my black bikini with paint splatter design on it, you mock what I did, and ask me to tie your top... I take hold of the string that go around the back and pull them around tying it, then sliding my hands around your side and graze your breasts as I get the neck strings and tie it... then softly kisses your shoulder, “Sorry, couldn't resist.”

After we get our bikinis on, we dig around in our own suitcases and find something to go over them... I pull out my bright blue cami and a pair of tight soffes that create a visible panty line with the bikini I have on... you pull out a pink cami and pair of spandex which also gives you a visible panty line, giggling to myself. I grab a beach bag, filling it up with towels, sun screen, a few snacks and some bottles of water. We grab our sunglasses and are out the door.

We go down the hall and down the elevator, it is 8:30ish in the morning and you already know I'm not a morning person, so the stairs are outta the question. I pull my sunglasses down quickly before I'm blinded by the early morning sun. It's an early Hawaiian morning and the temperature is perfect, we walk towards the beach which is only a few blocks from the hotel... once to the beach, and the warm sand against my feet... we walk down towards the water, but it's too cold for my tastes, so I spread our towels on the sand, set the bag down, take off my cami and shorts to use them as a pillow, then lay down on my tummy, wiggling my butt up at you, and starts giggling... you take your tank top and spandex off, lay down on your towel in the same manner as I do, only you lay the opposite way where your head is closer to my butt, and your butt is closer to my head.

I see your thighs and butt within reach, reaching over, placing my hand on the back of your thigh, softly tracing my fingertips over the back of your thigh and farther over to your inner thigh... moving my fingers from the back of your knee all the way up to your butt cheek, as my fingers make it to the bottom of your cheeks, I wiggle my fingers under the bikini bottoms and starts playing with your butt...
after a while we both roll over, picking up where I left off on the other side, placing my hand on your thigh, moving my fingertips around to your inner thigh and rubs your thigh, up to your bikini clad crotch... slowly tracing your lips through the bikini, then pushing a finger between your lips and continuing to move my finger the length of your lips... giggling to myself as you close your legs and hold my hand in place with your thighs. I lean up and look at you, smiling.

Then I ask if we can go somewhere where there is shade, as my skin doesn't do well in the dead heat of the day... we gather up our things and walk a block down the road to a small park... we find a tree with
some shade and spread our stuff out, and l begin to rummage through my bag looking for something to munch on... you place your hand on the top of the back... as I turn around to look at you, you press your
lips to mine and push me back down onto my back... straddling my hips, sliding your hands down over my breasts, pinning me down onto the ground... continuing the kiss, sliding my hands over your butt,
pushing my hands under the top of the bikini bottoms, cupping both of your cheeks, digging my nails into your cheeks, squeezing and kneading your cheeks... with all the kneading of your cheeks, the bottoms start sliding half way down your butt, but you aren't the only one being exposed... in the process of playing with my breasts, you pulled the cups to the sides, exposing my light pink nipples.

I slide my right hand around cupping your soft crotch, sliding my fingers between your lips and then down further, slipping two fingers into your pussy, scratching your g-spot with my fingers held deep
inside you... then I start pumping my fingers in and out of your pussy, slipping my hand off of your ass and down between your cheeks, gently tracing my finger against your butthole, applying some pressure
to the sensitive area... adding another finger, pumping my fingers in fast and deep, rubbing your g-spot with each inward and outward motion, leaning up some, kissing and nipping your neck... holding your
body down against mine as your breathing picks up and you stomach starts quivering, never slowing my fingers in your pussy until after your orgasm is over... you collapse down on top of me and roll onto my
side, laying your head on my shoulder and cupping my right breast... I pull my fingers from your pussy and bring them to my lips, sucking them clean and then kissing you, sharing with you... pulling my hand
back up onto your cheek, lightly moving my fingertips around, being gentle... leaving my breasts exposed, holding you against me under the tree, enjoying being with you.
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Wow Great Story!
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Great story!
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Made him hard!
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Hot story
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