Meeting On Vacation (Written by Tiffany)

This is a story that was written specifically for me by my best friend Tiffany. This is her work and I'm very proud of her


School is coming close to Christmas break, leaving only one thing in the way. Finals… the dreaded time of school. Studying and cramming everything possible into their heads.

Luckily for me, I only have 2 finals left before I can just relax for the holiday. I cram two nights straight, take my last final and head home. I decide I need to get away for a few days before the holidays and before I have to go back to work. I look online for a cheap 3 day cruise, so that I will be back home in time for Christmas.
I leave school with my suitcase in my trunk and heads to the airport. Two hours later, I pull into the Knoxville airport to catch my flight down to Mexico. I get off the plane and wait to get through customs, which always takes forever… Finally I get through customs and try to catch a cab to take me to the port. Checking in with the people on the ship, getting my room key and heading down to put my things away. Even during winter, it’s nice and warm in Mexico… slipping out of my clothes: jeans, pink shiny thong, gray bra, and black t-shirt… dropping them onto the floor, opening my suitcase and digging around through it to find my bikini. Pulling my pink and blue bikini out of my suitcase and laying it on my bed… walking to the bathroom nude and looking at my body in the mirror. Then walking back to the bed, picking up my top and sliding the neck string over my neck and pulling the cups down over my breasts, reaching behind me and tying my top… then reaching down for the bottoms, setting into them and sliding them up over my hips. Now that I’m dressed, I grab a towel and key and head for the deck to lie out and just relax.

I walk up the stairs, and notice that there aren’t that many people around on the deck and no one is in the pool. I find a chair close to the edge so I can look off the deck out at the ocean. I pull out my suntan lotion and slowly lather up my body, making sure that I don’t fry out in the warm sun. I then lie down on my stomach, folding my arms with my hands under my chin and just staring off into the wide open ocean… I feel the heat on my back and try to clear my mind, watching the waves break and noticing off in the distance a little way, there is a pod of Orcas bounding out of the water and putting on their own little show. I get up on my knees and lay my hands on the rail and just stare of admiring the beautiful creatures… then I look around and no one seems to notice them, it’s like a public show but only a single party watching. My mind is off in a trance watching the Orcas, their beauty and grace. They make everything feel so peaceful.

Like all shows, this private show has come to an end, when our ship has traveled far enough away that they are no longer able to be seen by the naked eye. By now, it’s almost time for lunch. I gather up my towel, key and lotion, slip on my sandals and get up… l look over the deck down onto the level below me… yet again, noticing that there aren’t that many people outside today. I start to turn my head to look back to my level, when out of the corner of my eye, l merely catch a glance of someone that looked like you. I do a double take but by the time I realize what I thought I saw, they were already gone.

So I head down stairs to the snack bar and to grab something to eat and see if the person that I saw was down there. I grab a soda and a sandwich. After eating, I go exploring the ship and see what all this ship has to offer. I found several schedules posted around the ship… tonight there is going to be a pool party and tomorrow there is a dance in the ballroom. I think to myself “hell, you’re here to relax and have a good time Tiffany… just go and enjoy yourself”. After telling myself that, I decide to go back to the room and take a nap. I lie down in my bikini and start thinking about the girl that I thought was you earlier.

I wake up right as the sun is setting in the west, watching the sun disappear into the ocean. After the sun falls beyond the horizon, all the torches are lit, lighting up the ships decks and pool area. By now, it seems like everyone is here for the pool party. I make my way through the crowd, laying my stuff down on an empty chair, seeing an empty seat in the hot tub and hurrying over. Sitting down, realizing the hot tub is a little higher up than the pool and you can see everyone in the pool from the hot tub. I’m not the social type, so I don’t talk to many of the people in the hot tub with me, I just try to relax and look around. Then all of a sudden I see that girl again, the one I saw earlier, she looks almost identical to you, but I can only see the side of her face. I think about it, but don’t have the nerve to go up and talk to her. So I just sit there alone until I decide to go back to my room for the night.

The next day I’m up in time for breakfast and spend the day hanging out and lounging around waiting for today’s party in the ballroom. I still have a few hours before the party, so I go up to the deck and sit down, hanging my legs over the side and just watching the world around… wondering if there will be a show today by the seas’ performers. Staring off, seeing nothing in the distance besides water… and I start thinking about you… over the water, l can see you… standing there in a little white skirt and light blue tank top, revealing your black bikini top with red flowers on the breast… still looking out over the open water, seeing you notice me and l just stare. After a while the sun starts to go down and l snap out of the illusion. I quickly hop up and run off to my room and get dressed for the dance.

I pull off my bikini and jump in the shower real quick… rinsing the lotion off my body and washing my hair… grabbing a towel and drying off. Dropping my towel onto the floor, reaching for the blow dryer, turning it on and starts drying my hair naked…. Within 10 minutes my hair is dry, l brush it out and then go to my suitcase and pulled out my teal dress and hot pink padded bra. I slide my arms into the bra and cup my breasts and fasten the front, pulling them up and at attention; then slipping my dress on over my head and down my body… walking over to the mirror and looking at myself, sliding my hand down my hips and over my ass, straightening my dress… grabbing my key and heading for the door.

I walk down the hallway and into the ship’s ballroom. I see hundreds of people in there, ranging from all ages. I look around hoping to see a familiar face, and I had almost given up… then I see Jaclyn and my jaw dropped. Immediately I realized you were the girl I saw earlier, but I never had proof. But when I saw Jaclyn over dancing with someone, I knew you were here somewhere… and that’s when I spotted you, well not you exactly, but your dress. I’d seen it in many pictures before and that bright royal blue dress, who could miss it. You were looking off in another direction, and I hesitated; then got up the nerve and walked up to you… by now you are completely facing away from me, l place my hand on your shoulder and say “excuse me”.
You turn around and look like you’ve seen a ghost.

“Monica, would you care to dance?” Reaching my hand out to you, giving you a chance to take my hand if you want.

You take my hand and we walk out on the dance floor, making sure we are on the opposite side of the room as Jaclyn. As you know, I don’t dance, but this time I try and make an effort. We start dancing and just having fun together… after a short while, I move closer to you, sliding one hand down your arm and around your back, cautiously setting my hand on your ass and lightly squeezes... pushing my crotch up against your thigh, leaning over and whispering “come with me?”. You look up at me and say “yea, l just need to tell Jac that I’ll be back to the room later”… so I go stand by the door as you go talk to your s****r, watching you walking back my way, smiling. I smile back and open the door for you. I take your hand and head down the hall back to my room, reaching my room and unlocking the door as both of us walk inside. Once inside and the door shut, I take a step closer to you, pressing my front up against yours… reaching around behind you and sliding my hands down, cupping your ass cheeks and squeezing, slightly lifting you up off the floor. I slide my hands under the bottom of your dress and bring them back up to your ass, feeling a slick satin fabric, knowing they are your blue panties, kneading each cheek tenderly. Thinking for a second, leaning over, kissing your cheek and letting your ass go. I walk over to my suitcase and grab my pink shiny panties and lay them on the bed… reaching down and pulling my dress up over my head, revealing to you that I’m only wearing my pink bra, laying my dress on the bed and stepping into my panties, shimmying them up over my hips.

I look back over at you, looking overly dressed… motioning for you to come over to where I am, looking you up and down “lose the dress”. You fire back, “take it off yourself”. I turn you around, take hold of the zipper and unzip it, allowing the top to fall down, and slowly wiggling it down over your hips. Now looking at your backside, with you only in panties, spanking your ass, reaching over to my suitcase and grabbing one of my bras… with my breasts being a little smaller than yours, your breasts are filling up my bra’s cups. You turn around and look at me and say “why am I wearing your bra”… I stand up and look in your eyes, then leans over and kisses your lips for a moment, pulling back “don’t ask questions”.

I take your hand and pull you towards the door.

You say “Tiffa…”

I look at you “no questions”. Taking a step out into the hall in only my bra and panties, pulling you along with me… we stop in the middle of the hall, “close your eyes”

You reply “What for? No! Tiffany what are you doing? Where are we going?”

I look at you “Do you trust me?”

You answer “yea…”

I say “then please just close your eyes”

Finally, you close your eyes… walking hand in hand, l guide you up the stairs and through several doors… the temperature is the same outside as it is inside, so you don’t notice the temperature change, but I felt the deck was slightly colder than the floor. I tell you to keep your eyes closed and I reach down, sliding my arm your back and the other under the back of your knees and picks you up… carrying you across the deck and up a few steps. When I stop and sit down, I tell you that you can open your eyes.

Upon opening your eyes, the first thing you realize is we aren’t inside anymore… looking around a little more, you notice we are within feet from the hot tub, the deck is completely empty, but the moonlight reflecting off the ocean giving a beautiful glow. I lean over and kiss your cheek and whisper “you gonna come in?”
I stand up and take a step over to the hot tub and stepping in, sitting down and watching you, waiting for you to join me. A few moments later you slip down into the hot water on the other side of the hot tub. I get up and take a couple steps towards you, moving to where I’m straddling your lap, pressing my wet shiny panties down against your thighs in the water, sliding one hand over your cheek, leaning over and pressing my lips to yours, kissing you passionately… I feel your hand slide down over my back, cupping my ass and squeezing… as I move my other hand down your tummy and over your panty clad crotch, rubbing the wet fabric over your clit with my fingers, grinding my crotch against your thighs. I then push the wet blue fabric between your lips, leaving only a little piece of fabric in between your clit and my fingertip… rubbing my fabric in little circles over your nub… moving my hand down from your cheek and cupping your breast in my hand, lightly squeezing and kneading the plump breast through the bra.

I pull away from the kiss, looking in your eyes, lowering my body down, pressing my lips between your breasts, sliding my tongue up between your breasts to your collar bone… while I was down there, my breasts went under the water, with my bra absorbing some warm water… now with my upper body back in sync with yours, pressing my wet breasts against yours, with water leaking from the fabric onto your breasts. Moving my face up just a little farther, kissing your neck, massaging my tongue against your neck with each kiss… moving my wet breasts from side to side over yours, still rubbing my panty clad crotch against your thighs. I move my free hand around behind you and unhook your bra, letting your bra fall off and expose your breasts to the fresh outdoor air. Kissing up your neck, flicking my tongue over your earlobe and says “take mine off too” breathing heavily.

One of your hands lift off my ass and move around between us, up between my breasts, within seconds you’ve unsnapped my bra and are sliding it down and off… I feel my nipples perk up to the fresh air, leaning closer and letting them poke your naked breasts, giggling and getting up out of the water. I step out of the Jacuzzi in only my panties, moving over to the jet switch and turning it on… hurrying back and hopping back into the water with you, grabbing your hands, standing you up with me... sliding my hands down your back and onto your ass, squeezing one wet cheek and spanking the other wet cheek… then letting go, sliding around behind you, guiding you forward with your knees on the seat so that the jet will directly hit your panty clad clit… keeping my body pressed directly against your back, reaching my left hand down and pulling the fabric away from your lips, allowing the jet to give a direct burst of water against your lips and clit. I feel you start to move your hips, trying to hump the water… following your movements, letting my lips grind against your ass as your move back and forth. I kiss your shoulder, dragging my nipples and breasts up along your back, reaching around and starts tweaking one of your nipples: twisting, pulling, pinching… then straightening two of my fingers on the hand that is holding your panties aside, and with each of your forward thrusts towards the jet, my fingers plunge deep into your pussy.

I feel you breathing picking up as your hips move faster… thrusting against the water and my fingers, pushing my crotch more firmly against your ass. I feel my orgasm coming on as your ass is moving against my crotch… straightening a third finger and thrusting it into your pussy… soon after mine, I feel your orgasm approach and let you ride it out. Then just sits there with you, enjoying the hot water and good company.

After a little bit, I stand up and you follow my lead… once we are out of the jacuzzi, I reach down and pull down your panties letting them fall to the deck, then doing the same with mine, stepping out of them and jumping into the heated pool. Motioning for you to join me, swimming around in the pool with you naked… touching, groping and feeling you up in the water. By now it’s really late, and time to head back, I grab two towels, and hand you one. Wrapping them around our bodies and picking up our wet clothes… I offer that you can stay in my room tonight and you accept. We get back to my room, drop our towels onto the floor, hopping in the shower together. After our shower, we crawl in bed together, I wrap my arms around you, sliding my leg between yours… holding our bodies close to each other, kissing your lips and laying there with our eyes locked with the others.
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Another good one
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awesome story to bad you left