Wake Up! (Written by Tiffany)

This is a story that was written specifically for me by my best friend Tiffany. This is her work and I'm very proud of her


So you are visiting me on vacation, but regardless of how much I would love to just hang out with you, I have classes that I have to attend…

Waking up next to you, my naked body pressed up against yours, looking at you for a second, and then reaching for my phone. Seeing what time it was, knowing that if I didn’t get up and dressed I’d be late for class. Kissing your cheek and sliding out of bed, making sure I didn’t wake you up… looking down at my night stand, grabbing my shiny pink boyshorts and pulling them up over my legs and wiggling them over my ass… moving down another drawer to my bras, grabbing my pink padded one, sliding my arms through the straps and cupping my perky little breasts up in the cups, fastening it in front and then squeezing my breasts and pushing them together… letting out a long quiet sigh, wishing I didn’t have to go to class and could just crawl back in bed with you… walking across the room to my dresser and opening the top drawer, grabbing a red tank top and pulling it over my head… bending over, opening the next drawer and grabbing my blue mesh soffes, pulling them up over my little bubble butt. Now that I’m dressed, I walk over to my desk write something down and then pack all my books into my backpack so I’m ready to head to class.

Before I leave the room, l leave a note on my night stand so that you won’t be able to miss it...

“Morning baby, sorry for not waking you, you just looked so cute while you were asl**p. Here is my ID card, you can use it to go to the gym or run around campus. I have classes till 4pm, but I’ll be back as soon as I can. I hope you have fun. I love you!”

I turn to leave, then glance over my shoulder to take one last look at you sl**ping. Then shut the door… I walk quickly towards Sam-Wilson Hall, where all my business courses are, trying to make it to class on time. Walking into my accounting class only minutes before my teacher takes attendance, glad I’m on time... however, my mind isn’t exactly in the same place. I’m sitting there unable to completely concentrate, wondering what you are doing… accounting is such a slow class, and my teacher is such a pain, which only makes time seem to go by so much slower.

Finally, the long hour and twenty minutes are over, and it’s time to head to Econ… I love this teacher, but he’s almost as boring as my accounting teacher, so I’m in for another long hour and twenty minutes… sitting in class, bored out of my mind, my phone vibrates in my lap… I look down and the front of my phone says “Monica”… I open it up and read “Hey hunny, thanks for leaving me your card, I’m going to go to the gym and work out for a bit, I’ll see you whenever you get back later. I Love You Too”.

I close my phone smiling, at least now I have something to think about… seeing you put on your tight spandex shorts, which you enjoy so much, and a sports bra and tank top… just staring at that image in my head until class ends... immediately I head to the computer lab on campus. I had almost completely forgotten that I had a paper due for my next class; luckily I had a 50 minute break in my schedule and just enough time to complete it. Quickly walking back to the other side of campus to my class, getting there and there was a note posted on the door “NO class today”, I’m always up for cancelled classes, especially today. I look down at the time, and figure you are still at the gym, but with no way to get a hold of you, l txt Kelsey and ask her if she wants to have lunch. We head up to the cafeteria… she asks how you are doing and where you are at, she didn’t figure I’d leave you alone… I told her I had left my card with you since I had so many classes so that you could do what you wanted around campus.

After lunch I decided to head back towards my dorm. I found someone to let me into the building and then called Katy, the RA to see if she would let me in… she came down and opened the door for me; I thanked her and told her I’d see her soon. I walked around the corner and noticed my door was shut; slowly opening the door, wondering why it was shut… I look up at the bed and there you are passed out naked. You’re laying on your right side, leaning over onto your tummy… your tummy is lying on my body pillow and your legs are spread so that my fan will blow air directly up against your crotch. I shut my door quietly, stripping my clothes off and dropping them by the bed… climbing up in the bed and laying my naked body beside yours. Pressing my soft mound against your ass and my breasts against your back, trying not to wake you… sliding my hand over your side and over your tummy, moving my fingertips down towards your mound and barely touching your slit… softly kissing your shoulder, noticing your hair was kinda wet.. l thought to myself “guess she had a good workout, she had to shower afterwards… at least she’s nice and clean for me”… holding you close and slowly pushing my fingers between your lips, rubbing and massaging your clit under my fingers.

Pushing my body up closer to you, feeling your soft flesh against mine, making my body hot… rubbing your clit in slow stimulating circles, then moving my fingertips a little faster from side to side… kissing your shoulder again and slowly kissing up your neck. Kissing and lightly nipping at your neck… moving my fingers down to your wet pussy, slowly pushing one finger in, pulling my wet finger out and rubbing it over your slit, then pushing two fingers in and slowly working them in and out of your pussy. Picking up the pace, pumping my fingers in and out of your pussy, and then rubbing them against your clit as fast as l can. Trying my best not to wake you up before you orgasm, feeling your first orgasm nearing, continuing to work your clit and pussy with one hand… reaching down with my other hand, squeezing your ass cheek, kneading it in my hand, grinding my pussy against your other ass cheek… l feel your hips buck as your orgasm explodes, which causes you to instantly wake up.

You glance over your shoulder quickly, noticing it was me and then looking at the clock quickly. You say “I thought you didn’t get out of class for another hour and half”… I move closer, wiggling my fingers against your pussy, reminding you that they are there, l whisper “they got cancelled… but when l got back… you naked in my bed means time for Tiffy to have some fun… hope you didn’t mind being woken up like that”… giggling, cupping your crotch and pulling your body back towards me, grabbing my body pillow and throwing it on the floor, then laying you onto your stomach… sitting up onto my knees, swinging my leg over your back, pressing my wet pussy against your upper back, facing your ass and legs… sliding my hands down along your spine to the small of your back… moving my fingertips over your soft plump ass cheeks. After my fingers are down to the bottom and under your cheeks, cupping both cheeks and squeezing them, kneading them very softly, pushing my fingers against your flesh. I lean over, pressing my tummy against your back and my breasts against the top of each cheek… dragging my nails down along your left thigh, replacing my lips against your right ass cheek. Beginning slowly, kissing your right cheek, and then kissing a small circle over your cheek. I continue to drag my nails up and down your thigh, each time moving them closer towards your inner thigh and up towards your crotch… looking over at your left cheek, spanking it twice, then kneading it again… focusing back on your right cheek, swirling my tongue along your cheek… while drawing letters and shapes on your left cheek.

Now, having my left fingers draw closer and closer to your lips, lightly grazing a fingertip over your lips… then pulling it away… raising my head up, setting my left hand back on your right cheek, spanking your left cheek followed by a gentle kiss, massaging my tongue against your ass… pushing my right hand down between your thighs, pressing my fingers against your lips, dragging them from top to bottom, teasing your lips and pussy. Instantly pushing two fingers into your pussy, thrusting them in and out of you… kneading your left cheek, sliding my fingers down along your crack, using my finger to tease your asshole… pushing a third finger into your pussy, curling my fingers up and scratching them against your g-spot... slowly pushing my finger into your asshole, using my thumb to rub little circles over your sensitive area… picking up the pace with my other hand again, pumping my fingers in your pussy, hitting my fingertips against your g-spot, the heel of my hand smacking against your clit with each thrust… I pull my finger out of your ass and then slowly push it back in, spinning it from side to side as I continue to pump it, adding another finger to your ass… feeling another orgasm building up inside, your pussy walls tensing up around my fingers, quickly pulling my fingers from your ass and slid my hand under your stomach and applied pressure to your lower abdomen… almost instantly feeling your orgasm explode, feeling cum release on my fingers and flow down onto my hand.

After your orgasm had subsided, I pulled my fingers from your pussy, bringing them up to my lips and licking them clean… dismounting you, moving down to the foot of the bed, rolling you over onto your back, spreading your legs apart. I run both of my hands up your thighs and under your hips, leaning over, planting a soft kiss on your mound, and then another on your puffy lips… slipping my tongue between your lips, flattening my tongue out and making sure to be easy with your swollen clit, running my tongue up and down, and from side to side a few times, taking my time and enjoying it… then moving down a little further, pushing my tongue as far inside your pussy as I can get it, swirling it around and gathering as much cum as I can get.

Finally, I slowly start making my way back up your body, admiring your body as I slowly make my way up it, kissing your tummy once, then each breast… taking a little extra time on each breast, sucking on your left nipple for a few seconds, moving to the right one and pinching it between my teeth and flicking my tongue across it… nevertheless, giving each one a soft kiss before moving further up… I eventually make it up to be face to face with you, looking into your eyes for a second, closing my eyes and pressing my lips against yours and then pulling back… laying down on my side next to you, wrapping my arms around you, pulling your naked body up against mine, kissing your forehead and just laying there smiling.
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2 years ago
sounds like real, wonderful, complete love to me. I'm happy for you, lucky you!!
3 years ago
do not know who tiffany is, but a truely awesome writer for sure