Watching In Class (Written by Tiffany)

This is a story that was written specifically for me by my best friend Tiffany. This is her work and I'm very proud of her


I sneak into your class, being really quiet and sitting down in the corner of the room. Wearing light pink soffes, having rolled them up rather high; also, wearing a white sports bra and wife beater tank top. As I lean back against the wall, watching you instruct and demonstrate for your class… I spread my legs open wide, causing my shorts to ride up and show my outer pussy lips. Feeling a slight chill of cool air circulating in the room against my lips, l look down and see them showing themselves off to you… instantly feeling my nipples harden against the fabric of my sports bra and wife beater, glancing at my perky, excited nipples… raising my eyes up, looking in your direction, smiling… I sit there, watching your body movements, and slowly start undressing you inside my head, wondering what would be fun to do to you while at work, letting my imagination go… closing my eyes and biting down on my lower lip.

~Watching everyone leave the classroom, seeing you all hot and semi-sweaty after a long class session… I walk up behind you, placing my hands on your hips. As you turn around to face me, I take a step into you, pushing your back up against the wall. Slowly, l slide my hands up under your tank top and over your muscular tummy… leaning over, kissing down your neck to your shoulder and back up… then pushing one of my thighs between your legs, pressing it firmly against your crotch. Moving my hands from your tummy to your breasts, cupping your gorgeous breasts in my hands, kneading the soft flesh through your sports bra.~

Opening my eyes, looking directly at you, giggling to myself… sliding my own hand up under my wife beater, tracing my pointer finger around my areola and around my hard nipple… moaning very quietly, sounding almost like a sigh, knowing that no one in the classroom would think anything of a sigh, except for you. I make sure you see that I’m playing with my nipple, making direct eye contact with you and holding your stare, reaching down with my free hand and pulling the soffes to one side, exposing my bare pussy… grinning wider than before, dropping my eyes to my crotch, knowing your eyes will soon follow… holding my shorts aside with my thumb, sliding two fingers between my lips and spreading them apart to show off my wet clit… Immediately pushing two fingers deep into my pussy, getting them all wet and juicy, pulling them out of my pussy and closing my eyes, sucking them clean.

~Slowly pulling my hands away from your breasts, dragging my nails down your tummy, slipping them out from under your shirt… setting my hands on your shoulder and sliding them down your arm until l reach your hands, intertwining my fingers with yours, raising your hands up above your head… grinding my thigh up and down against your pussy. I open my eyes and look at you, pressing my lips to yours and release your hands… moving my hands down quickly and grabbing the bottom of your tank top, pulling it up over your head and arms, tossing it to the other side of the room… doing the same with your sports bra… pressing my hands against yours, which are still above your head, slowly running my fingertips down your arm towards your shoulder, after surpassing your shoulder down towards your chest… my fingertips barely graze over your naked breasts, then stopping… sliding my hands back up to your breasts, cupping them, rubbing my thumbs around and over each nipple. I look into your eyes for a quick moment, then looking down. I press my lips against your collar bone on your right side, making a small trail of kisses down to your right breast, pressing my lips directly to your nipple and grazing my tongue over it softly… then l move to the left breast, not wanting to leave it out, circling my tongue around your areola, pulling back and blowing cold air against your nipple, leaning back in and taking the nipple between my lips and pulling back… letting it pop out of my mouth. I drop down onto my knees, dragging my tongue down over your tummy to your lower abdomen, planting a soft kiss on it and kissing down to your spandex covered lips.~

Making sure I’ve cleaned everything off of my fingers, inspecting them to be nice and clean… I reach back down between my legs and start rubbing my clit, slowly at first… knowing you have a class to teach and can’t be distracted too much cause then everyone will try to figure out what is distracting you… after I see that you are more focused on your class again, I pick up my pace and start rubbing my clit faster, causing my pussy and shorts to become rather wet and sticky… tired of rubbing my clit, I take two fingers and thrust them deep into my pussy, pumping them in and out, moaning a little louder this time, trying not to be obvious… adding a third finger and continue to thrust hard and fast into my wet pussy, breathing heavier.

~Not wanting to let go of your breasts, bringing my hands down and sliding my fingertips under the edge of your spandex… I slowly start to pull your shorts down over your ass, sliding my tongue along your lips, having to raise my head away from your crotch for a second until your shorts have been pulled down over your ass and thighs, dropping them to the floor… leaning back in, pressing my lips back to yours, sliding my tongue between your lips and over your clit, working my tongue to massage your clit… reaching back up with my left hand, tweaking, pinching and twisting your right nipple… using my right hand to slide my nails up and down your inner upper thighs, grazing my nails across your opening and down the other side and back up, during one of the times that my nails were grazing over your pussy, l suddenly push two fingers inside you as far as I can… sucking your clit between my lips, sucking on it hard and creating a suction around it, pulling back… pumping my fingers in and out of your pussy as fast as l can, soon after adding a third, curling them up and aiming for your g-spot… while sucking on your clit, sliding my tongue over your nub, flicking it a couple times and then releasing your clit. I lean back over and take it back between my lips, flattening my tongue against your clit and rolling it around, continuing to scratch your g-spot… feeling your orgasm building, never slowing down… suddenly l feel your hips buck against my face as your ride out your orgasm.~

Right as you orgasm in my fantasy, I suddenly feel my body jerk and I’m riding out my own orgasm with all these people in the room with me. As soon as my breathing slows down to normal, I pull my fingers from my pussy, making sure to clean them off only using my lips and tongue… smiling up at you, leaning back and just relaxing as you finish class!

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3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
Wonderfully written well-layered sexy story.
Big hugs to the young ladies for their efforts.