Jessie The Neighbor's Daughter Learns

"Why do boys always like it so much this way?"

I had just turned her over, and her question reminds me she's still very young.

Jessie is a senior in high school, she barely shaves past the knee of her Lacrosse skirt, and I'm hard admiring the downy hair frosted over her upturned and tan-lined bare ass. All I want is to yank her hips backward and shove my cock through her cunt and pound her furiously.

But she's only a few months past her first love, the rule is still gentle affection, trading wet petting and sticky fumblings for 'tenderness' 'respect' and 'love', so I answer:

"I don't know, I guess we just like it."

When I enter, her warmth is incredible and my cock stretches her. She's tight. Even gushing wet, slow and gentle will have to do. My girth seizes her breath and each time I press her cervix she turns her head and pushes against the sheets and lets out a small cry.

I come and we spoon, running my fingers through the waves in her brown hair. She giggles and presses her head into my chest.

"Did I do it right?"

I tell her yes, she did, at least for a little girl... She catches on this last bit, and half-tries to push away, but her warm naked body is pressed against mine and I hold her while she pouts.

I will show her how to do it right, I tell her. But it's going to hurt.

--- --- ---

Two weeks later

It's late afternoon in my bedroom and the shades are drawn in the window facing Jessie's house next door.

"The lights are staying on. Take off your fucking clothes."

The lights and my tone make her uncomfortable but she obeys, clothes to the floor, naturally drawing her knees together and lightly folding her arms as she lays back on the bed. She looks off to the side and half-smiles staring at the wall while her eyes inside are focused entirely on her own naked body. The bed she's on is baren, no comforter and only a fitted sheet.

Jessie has evenly browned chestnut skin the texture of buttermilk, turning a lighter pink around the bottoms of her feet, and blending across her bikini lines into pale breasts and ass the flesh color of white peach. I love these parts of her, her breasts and her ass, and her front below her navel plunging down through her innocently unshaven blonde pubic hair and into her pussy and thighs - these parts of her which are always covered, covered at sl**povers, covered at the beach, even covered shy in the locker room at school and covered brushing her hair. These parts are now bare and open and pale and not supposed to be exposed and her white flesh swims in her tan body looking up at me laying and spread.

"I know you're nervous, and that's good. You're going to do it right. Or you're going to learn how to do it right."

My cock is hard and I step out from my boxers and let it flop out and forward, stroking it slowly while my eyes m***** her white parts.

"Your little pussy is always wet, it's too fucking wet." I can see it's not wet. She's spread and exposed and goosepimpled and nervous.

"Too wet. And to do it right you need to feel my cock fuck you inside. You can't feel it when your little pussy is all warm and wet. Turn over, on all fours. I'm going to touch you and don't you let your pussy get wet."

Immediately she looks up towards me with questioning eyes, she hasn't heard me talk like this but I hold our eye contact cold and make a turning motion with my right hand.

She's over now, bent on all fours, and I step towards her, taking my hands from my cock and running them over the small of her back and sliding them to take hold the sides of her waist where her hips turn to ass curved and folded over thighs and calves and the bottoms of her bare are feet staring back up at me.

I have hold of her.

"Don't you let your little pussy get wet you fucking cunt of a little girl. I'm going to show you how to do it right."

My cock is hanging stiff and throbbing and floating between her thighs and I fan my right hand over her ass from the top and pressing my middle fingers gently up against her hairy pussy I push her shoulders with my left hand down hard and her front collapses down leaving her ass and pussy turned up and waiting. She's already past where I want her to be, I can feel the warmth and an edge of wetness on my fingers.

"Too fucking wet Jessie."

I take my fingers away and form an open palm and come down hard and slap her ass and she blurts out a cry. Before she can get away and before I can finish telling her again she's too fucking wet I grab her waist and hold her and my cock and shove it into her half-dry pussy and she screams I mean she really fucking screams.





She's clawing at the fitted sheet but her pussy has exploded with juices and her pubic hair is wetted together and pulling over my cock as I push deeper and I can tell she can't help but feel the pleasure of so much pain thrust into her. I'm pulling my cock out and pushing in farther and fucking her and holding her down on to the bed and suddenly I see the brown pink pucker of her asshole crowning and pushed up almost stretched with each thrust over the girth of my cock.

"Too fucking wet and you need to learn how to do it right."

I press my thumb into the flesh of her asshole and she flails in pleasure and tries to reach back but I keep fucking her harder and harder.

"I'm going to cum in your little pussy Jessie. It's too wet and I'm going to cum in your little pussy."

She shudders and the tendons behind her knees push out under her brown skin and lock and I keep looking over her calves and her back and my thumb pushing into her little asshole and hearing her cries and I can feel her pussy clutching against my cock and starting to spasm and come. The little bitch is crying and can barely take my cock and she is coming like a whore full of cock.

I smack her ass with one final thurst and pull out and whip her around on her knees and stroke furiously on my cock grabbing her hair and pushing her head down and I slap her across the fucking face and jesus fuck fuc FUCK jissom is blown all over her face and over her red cheeks and lips and eyebrows and I hold her hair and melt into the orgasm and pressing my cock across her face spread my cum over her.

"Too wet Jessie."

I can hear through the window the tires of my neighbor's car turning over the asphalt and into Jessie's driveway. She catches her breath and coughs some of the cum out, and she thanks me for showing her. I tell her she still needs to learn and we will try again to keep her little pussy dry.
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great fuck some sluts love it:)