Still "Playing Dirty" after all these ye

“Being dirty” began with Hazel on an old couch in a vacant lot. It may not have been my first sex play. It was long ago and it's all a bit misty. Writing this story may sort it out.

Hazel was convenient and agreeable and she was the first. She lived next door and I don't remember what she looked like but her mother was big, fat and dirty - her top was always soiled from where her large breasts rubbed against things. Where we lived, everything was dirty. Perhaps that's why I saw Hazel as a willing partner in my sex play - she was dirty too.

My house was on a tenement row, like a poorer Coronation Street. There was a vacant lot behind our backyard that was full of people's castoffs including furniture among these was a Chesterfield, a filthy, dark couch. I asked Hazel to come back to the chesterfield maybe inviting her to see my cock or to be felt up. She agreed but was motivated as much by a peanut butter sandwich that I got from our kitchen and brought back to the Chesterfield. I think that they didn't eat well next door.

I saw what was between her legs. I remember the soft slit and then some darker skin around her crotch and asshole. I'm sure we played with each other’s naughty bits. I mostly laid on her and did a grunty-grunty motion. Where I'd learned this, I'm not sure. Maybe I was copying something I'd seen at home. More likely it was something I'd heard other k**s talk about. Without a real playground, we played by letting each other put hands down our pants.

I think we played at fucking a few times. Hazel went on though. Two b*****rs down the street told me about feeling her up. She told them I had done it too. I denied this because it was my secret and I didn't want to share. Do you think that Hazel and I had something special? I think so.

I wonder how I learned about being dirty. I'd had a man's cock in my mouth around the same time as the Hazel soft fucks. I was m*****ed but I was intrigued the big cock in my mouth except for the chocking he did to me when I didn't want to suck. He put it in my mouth at least three times. My father got worried about the guest taking so long in the washroom and came upstairs to my bedroom and bashed him.

Maybe the m*****ation was before Hazel and that's why I wanted to be dirty. Or maybe doing dirty things was what k**'s did on our street - for fun. The mystery is why I wanted to press my limp dickie against her hole. Other adults who had "played doctor" when they were young said they “just knew” how to dry hump. If Hazel and I playing in the backyard came after sucking my m*****er, did I ask Hazel to suck me? Maybe I did. I hope so.

Hazel and I stopped playing when I moved to a new home a block away. "Being dirty" was still interesting so I played with a neighbour. I probably sucked his cock because I knew how to do this,thanks to the m*****er. I could have kept on playing with him but it was dangerous so I chickened out.

Years later in my early teens I tried mutual-masturbation with a friend. I hadn't yet jerked off to cumming but I had played with my hardon a lot - I enjoyed stroking while reading through my dad's collection of suggestive paperbacks. My overnight friend had a huge cock and he enjoyed it. I admit that I was fascinated by the sight of it but was more interested in how his s****r liked his big cock. He showed me his cock getting hard and then jerked it. He asked me to touch it and I did but I didn’t take it in my hand. (I might have jerked him off if he’d told me about what his s****r did to his huge dick.) He wanted me to watch him jerking off so that I'd try it. Again, I chickened out… This was too personal. I was going to have trouble with my shame if I went through with it, so I didn't. He kept stroking but didn't cum before we fell asl**p.

When we were going into puberty, a f****y friend let me be dirty with her. She felt my cock in my pants and I probed her cunt with my fingers. I sucked what were going to be her tits. I hadn't ever cum yet although I regularly stroked my hard cock while looking at pictures of big-titted women in magazines. Then, one night, I stroked until I came in huge milky gushes. It was awesome and frightening. What power had I unleashed? I did it a few more times until I got it right. Then I just had to show someone. My friend got to jerk me off for our first and only time. She was shocked. I was delighted.

In my 60's I met a mature "Hazel." We did everything except fuck. She let me stick her hand down my pants and get my cock stiff like we were adolescents. I gleefully played "stink-finger' with her cunt and enjoyed her moaning. She had beautiful tits and I sucked on these almost too much for her. She was happy to suck my cock and did this wonderfully but I never came in her mouth. Maybe that's my fear of commitment. I didn't want to take our special relationship to another level that I couldn't escape from. So we'd spend hours groping and sucking and dry humping. She jerked me off once and I enjoyed it a great deal. But she wanted to fuck and I disappointed her.

Today, I know my sex drive is dirty and that's the way I enjoy it. With Hazel I began a secretive search for filth. I find it now, exclusively on the internet where someone will willingly stimulate my cock and appear to be interested and talk dirty. Many internet porn performers have the skill and maturity to be convincing. Otherwise, I’d chicken out.

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1 year ago
very cool story bb. Brings back all sorts of memories.
2 years ago
Very nice story. It is very nice to have memories like that growing up. I was a loner growing up because I stuttered and hated the kids that made fun of me. I did mastubate a lot and it wasn't until I joined the Navy that I discovered what I really liked (read my blogs) and I loved that for about 4 years.