An Evening With A Beautiful Woman And Her Cock

An older man finds an older woman and her cock at a Spanish class.

With winter coming to an end I was taking a class in conversational Spanish at the senior citizens centre because I planned to travel to Spain or Mexico next year. The people in the class were about my age, 60 to 70. I was fortunate enough to sit beside possibly the most attractive woman in the class. Unlike the others she dyed her hair a bright red and, come snow or sleet, she always wore a dress. For a number of classes we worked together trying out our poor Spanish until we could both ask where the toilet was, or order a tortilla.

At the end of the fourth class she met me at the door and asked if I'd like to go for a drink. I believe she sometimes flirted with me in class and I found this very flattering so going for a drink was a welcome idea. I joined her in her car and we drove a short distance to a nice quiet street and parked in front of a bungalow. Once inside and having put our winter coats in the closet, she sat me down in an elegant wing back chair and placed a wineglass of some excellent Scotch in my hand. She took a chair directly opposite me.

"I've enjoyed working with you in class. You're one of the few men there who is the least bit intelligent" she said. She had assumed correctly that my most vulnerable sex organ was my mind and was massaging it vigorously so I didn't contradict her. Indeed, she was a sharp and insightful person herself and a fine conversationalist. And did I mention, beautiful!?

Soon we were engaged in a conversation about travel that moved on to our personal goals at this time of our lives. She was studying Spanish so that she could travel but mostly so she could meet people. She admitted that she had targeted me from the beginning as a possible friend. I too admitted wanting to meet people and was delighted that she was sitting next to me. I tried flirting, telling her how lovely she dressed and so on but, I wasn’t very good at it. I’m a bit shy.

During all this polite chitchat I couldn't keep my eyes off her legs. She had removed her stockings and her legs were bare, Her dress revealing more than would have been polite, but I didn't object.

"Are you looking at my legs?" she said shocking me out of my dream. I admitted I was and tried to get out of the awkwardness by complementing her on the beauty of her legs. "Thank you, I appreciate compliments." And with that she got up and went to the kitchen coming back shortly thereafter was fresh drinks and a plate of sweets, notable among these some very chocolaty brownies. My mind was thrown back to some very special brownies I'd enjoyed in my youth. Would I be so lucky again, in my golden years?

Fine Scotch and brownies seemed an odd combination but quite nice, really. We chatted between sips and bites and I started to notice a buzz from my distant past. "Like my brownies?" she said "It's my special recipe. I find it expands a conversation into new areas." I have no objection described to her the few times I had done brownies and blurted out how they all “ended up in fucking.

That doesn't mean we will now. We’re just chatting." I said nervously, wondering why I had been so crude.

She giggled at my discomfort . Her legs, crossed before, were uncrossed and came slightly apart. And the more we talked, the more her legs parted until I'm sure, I could see her panties. "They're a lovely shade of blue. Want to see more?" she said. And my Scotch and my brownies said "absolutely." She sensuously parted her legs allowing the dress to slip back revealing electric blue panties. My heart was beating very fast now. And it became faster and she put her Scotch down, pushed her dress aside and rubbed her crotch.

"I think it's only fair that you join me." she said. "Take off your pants." It was in order and one that I was happy to obey, although it was challenging to remove my blue jeans without looking awkward. She was enjoying my discomfort and giggled. My boxer shorts look like a badly made tent the centre pole pushing up against the fabric. "You need to get out of those before you hurt yourself," she said, and I did - quickly. She was right. The way my cock was getting hard, harder than in recent memory, I would have hurt myself.

She stood up coming close to me and reached down taking my cock in her hand stroking it slowly. I sat back, closed my eyes slightly and enjoyed the delightful feeling, glimpsing occasionally at the top of her dress, and the soft round breasts just under her dress.

All too soon she let go of my cock and stood in front of me rubbing her crotch again. She slipped her hand under the panties, provoking me grasp my cock and stroke myself. Her hand went deep into her crotch and rubbed and when it came up, was somewhat larger. "Don't let this shock you." she said. "It's a surprise that I was sure you'd appreciate."

Her hand was replaced by the bulge of a large, erect penis. She coaxed the tip over the top of her panties and then teasingly, covered it again. "I'd like you to take these panties off, now." I reached up and slowly pulled her panties down forcing her cock - I will keep calling her, "her" - down, almost straight down. Then, as the panty went lower, her cock sprung up catapulting a jewel of precum onto her belly. "Touch it. Rub it. Hope you enjoy it," she said with a giggle. And I did what I was told and her cock was very hard, very firm very long and her foreskin moved so smoothly back-and-forth over her cockhead. The Scotch and the brownie and my lust were working very well together with this strange woman.

She had started to unbutton the front of her dress which fell to the floor revealing a lacy blue bra that matched the panties. She reached behind her back and eased the bra over small but very lovely breasts with dark and perky nipples. I leaned forward to touch them. They were real and her nipples were supple and I took them, in turn, into my mouth and sucked them. She was good with this, moaning appreciatively.

"Why don't we go somewhere more comfortable," she said. "I have a lovely big bed." So we moved to her bedroom, finished undressing then she pushed me onto the bed to continue sucking my dick. She was very good at it and I told her so, many times between my own moans.

This went on forever - and not long enough - until she asked if I'd like to try something new. "You've never sucked a cock have you? But I believe you'll suck mine." She was very right. Should a lovely cock, and she had tits. Somehow, it all seemed right. And with that, she moved so that we were in a classic 69. She returned my cock to her mouth, her lips stroking gently but firmly.

I have never been this close to another cock. I could see every vein, the purple-blueness of the cockhead showing under the foreskin, all surrounded by a halo of fine red hair. Yes - she dyed her pubes. Slowly, I put my lips to her cock surprised at how easy it was to push back the foreskin with my lips caressing the cockhead. I could taste sweetness. Her pre-come was sweet. She also smelled musky. I’d always wondered why that was also a type of men’s fragrance. I let her cock slide into my mouth until I had almost all of it in. Taking a clue from her I used my lips to gently massage the whole cock back and forth.

"You learn quickly and very well. We could be here quite a while." She said. And with that she continues to suck , using her tongue to excite me, licking under my cockhead and in at the peehole.

My excitement was getting out of control. I could feel that pleasant pressure in my groin and my balls. And I'm sure my cock was getting harder because she was stroking faster and her grip was tighter. I was moving my hips now fucking her mouth. She paced me, moving her hips and her cock in and out of my mouth. All too quickly I could feel my cock become too sensitive to stop the cum from shooting, then oozing into her mouth. She continued to stroke and massage with her tongue and I felt her swallow.

While I was still so excited I sensed her cock getting harder and taste sweeter with precum until she bucked and shot gooey cum into my mouth, seeming to fill my mouth, lubricating her strokes which were very fast and strong. The taste was shocking and not particularly enjoyable so I swallowed quickly enjoying the feel of a hard cock inside my mouth as it became softer while thick enough to suck a bit more.

We cuddled a bit but there seemed to be some urgency to get out of bed and for me to be on my way. As she rose, I glimpsed her very attractive breasts and her magnificent cock even as it was now, soft and hanging, a last drop of cum escaping from the foreskin. She cameo me and gave my cock a kiss and let me suck her nipples for the briefest moment.

Next week we sat at usual spots in the Spanish class at the senior centre and worked together, now able to order paella and enquire about where the Canadian Consulate was. Later we said goodbye at the door as friends. There was a kind of understanding that we were too old to get involved. There was also a lingering desire to enjoy some Scotch and brownies again and again.

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14 hours ago
mmmmm very hot
2 days ago
Scotch and brownies are actually THREE food groups. Very healthy
2 days ago
awesome story and I am sure I would have sucked her cock too. and join her for scotch and brownies
2 months ago
OH, my, that one got me going :D This is one of my fondest fantasies. Keep 'em cuming... i mean coming... your stories that is... hehehehe
4 months ago
This is a lovely story,,,the sort of thing so many of us dream of,,,
11 months ago
such a incredibles,sensual, erotic story
11 months ago
this was so incredible so sensual,so erotic I just loved it
1 year ago
Great story!
1 year ago
Nice story. Don't know if I could 69 with a she male, but I would like to meet one.
1 year ago
What a beautiful stimulating story, very well told
1 year ago
so hot
1 year ago
Another good story crafted with two interesting characters that allow us into their encounter in a nice erotic give and take just explicit enough to arouse the reader and leave us wanting more.
1 year ago
nice story
1 year ago
Very sexy story.
1 year ago
Very good story, thanks enjoyed reading it.
1 year ago
I agree with everyone else, That was a very hot n sexy story. I'd have love to have been the one that was there with her.
1 year ago
Thank you. I had a lovely wank with this story. Cheers
1 year ago
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1 year ago
Let's all go for Spanish lessons!
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enjoyed that,if only............
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OMG! I want to take Spanish classes. Hot!