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When a master outsmarts the cuckold.

Grif was very different from any man Carole had fucked before. He was a typical black bull and she had never dated a bull and the fact that Grif was so experienced in this role was to change our sex life from that first date onwards. Instead of that date being limited to a drink and a chat, as was planned, he talked her into going back to his place and letting him have a quickie with her. I was unaware that she’d parted her legs for him on that first date until she let slip when she emailed me the details of her second date, that she’d left her belt at his place on their first meeting. She was keeping me up to date with email because I was away on an extended trip to Europe. So Grif had really cuckolded me big style within minutes of meeting my wife. A true and full cuckold - he took my wife and had her commit adultery by fucking her without my knowledge or permission and then had her lie and cheat by withholding that information from me!
Their second meeting I knew about in advance, but cuckold that I was, I still believed it was the first time he’d be taking my wife. I knew she’d be spending some considerable time with him and he was going to fuck her as a bull fucks a cuckold’s wife and open us both up to a form of cuckoldry we’d never known before. I’m sterile, so before these plans with Grif, Carole wasn’t on the pill, she depended on either condoms or her old diaphragm if she did another guy. Since we were now exploring new ground and with a black man, we felt it best for her to go on the pill. That second date happened about half way through her first cycle, so she chose to also use her diaphragm on her date with Grif. Her doctor warned us the first month on the pill, its effectiveness can be as low as 50%, so without the diaphragm, there was a 50-50 chance she could get knocked up.
It didn’t take Grif long to have my wife naked and as she sucked his cock, he got naked too. Carole loves to suck cock and Grif enjoyed taking pictures of her sucking his big black cock, knowing that I, their Cuckold, would get to see them by email. In fact the first photo I saw of Grif was a close up of his cock and I knew from that moment that his was a cock that would delight my wife and cause me the sweet pain of penile envy! They both took plenty of photos during the whole of my cuckold and some were relayed to me via email in the next few days and the rest I saw when I got back to Maryland. There were emails from my wife and also from Grif. They left me in no doubt just how great the sex had been for them both but particularly for Carole. The words she used to describe him were “he had a lovely big ‘talented’ cock”. I’ve never heard a man’s cock described as talented before but it obviously pleasured my wife in ways her pussy hadn’t experienced before and which she was happy to tell me how good he had given it to her. If it was painful to read my wife’s comments about sex with him in such glowing terms ~ it was a new level of torment to read comments from a bull, telling me my wife had been fucked by a real man for the first time. Not only did he email me but he copied his comments onto his webpage, complete with a few discrete photos. At least he ensured our privacy by blanking our faces but he totally decimated my fragile male ego. So even before I met Grif face to face, I already felt very much inferior to him, both as a lover to my wife and as a man. As he’d pointed out on his Blog, all three of us knew my wife had been fucked as she never had before, Grif was a real man and now she’d been pleasured by his big black cock, she knew for sure what a damp squib she’d married. I couldn’t disagree with him, after reading what my wife said about that second date. It hurt so much to think my wife thought so highly of him and so much less of me by comparison. (Even now he’s still not aware of this - but during their hard fucking, his big black cock was buried so deep in my wife’s pussy it dislodged her diaphragm. He asked her if she was using one because he felt it on the head of his cock as he intruded on her innermost parts. When he came in Carole that night he was shooting his load directly into her womb. The next day when she went to remove her diaphragm, she felt it dislodged and resting sideways, there were tense days for us between that date and her first period on the pill, thankfully her pill must have been working and he hadn’t knocked her up).
I give all this background information so you’ll understand my psychological state going into my first face to face cuckold with Grif. I felt very inferior to him and was aware that both he and my wife knew he was vastly superior to me in both cock size and his ability to satisfy her.
Carole had told me that they’d planned a couple of surprises for me and the first was seeing Grif undress my wife and play with her ‘puppies’, as he called her big tits. It hurt to see my wife kiss and be fondled by him, to see how much she enjoyed his touch and how wet and ready she was for him. He took her quickly and easily and my stomach turned over at her gasps as that big black cock opened her cunt and filled her in ways I never had or never would. Grif turned to me and asked me how it felt to see my wife react to being fucked by a real man, did I feel inadequate when I saw how much pleasure his BIG BLACK DICK was giving my wife, he emphasized BIG and BLACK, much to my discomfort. I admitted to him as my wife listened that I did feel inferior and I admitted too that this was more painful that I imagined, I thought it would be so exciting and erotic but being humiliated this way by him wasn’t how I imagined it. I hadn’t thought he’d make me admit his superiority in front of my wife, we all knew he was the better man, so why did he make me say it out loud for my wife to hear me belittle myself.
He told me to get underneath my wife and suck her pussy; I should at least contribute something to her pleasure as he filled her eager cunt. That’s how I got to be so submissive in this cuckold, lying underneath my wife, licking her juices and clit as Grif fucked her doggy style. She was really enjoying his long slow strokes and I could taste her juices flowing freely as he fucked her long, slow but hard. My face as trapped between her legs, her slit pressed against my lips, both her stockinged legs resting on each of my arms. Occasionally Grif’s shaft would graze my nose as he rhythmically drilled my wife’s cunt. My tongue worked up and down her crack as his cock pleasured deep inside her cunt, this was how I was caught completely unawares when he pulled out from her pussy and slipped his big cock between my open lips and deep into my mouth and held it there. I was so shocked. I mean I was in shock; my first thought was he’d cum from riding my wife and his load was going to be shooting into my mouth, would I be able to swallow quickly enough to stop me choking? I waited, dazed by the speed this had happened, but nothing, no cum, I needed to swallow saliva, as my lips closed round his shaft I could taste my wife’s juices from his cock. I really have no idea how long it took for that to happen, then Grif pulled back the foreskin of his cock exposing all of his cockhead cocooned in my mouth and slowly rubbed it around the inside of my mouth and over my tongue. I had no idea why he was doing this, was he exerting his dominance over me, his cuckold by marking his conquest? My next swallow was markedly different, now the taste of Grif’s cock was so much stronger than the taste of my wife’s pussy juices, but it wasn’t at all unpleasant and a certain eroticism from the contrast of his strong male flavor to my wife’s, it made me very aware that I had a man’s cock rolling around my mouth. Still no idea of how long this was taking, was it a couple of seconds or 20-30? Then Grif started to slowly fuck my mouth, my first thought as I felt the exposed head of his cock pull back towards my teeth, was that I’d hurt him if I didn’t cover my teeth, so I pulled my lips tightly over my teeth and allowed his cock to ease back and forth within my mouth. He was thrusting deeper now and I started to feel his cock push beyond my mouth and down my throat, I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to gag or be sick, I felt humiliated enough without that too, so I closed my mouth as tightly as I could over his shaft and tried to limit the length of his stroke inside my mouth. I wondered what his thoughts were about me doing this, was he thinking I was trying to make it better for him, did he think I was so actively sucking his cock, I so wanted him to know I was only doing this to prevent him forcing his cock right down into a deep throat scenario, which I felt sure was his aim. I had such a strong taste of his musky big black cock, its head fully exposed and flavoring my saliva and I felt he was going to ride my face until he came in me. Again, still in shock, I had no idea how long this was lasting, what was Carole thinking had happened Grif’s cock, how long had it been out of her pussy, it was at this moment I saw Grif’s right thumb massaging her clit, it was mere inches from my face, so maybe she wasn’t too concerned about the lack of cock inside her. I just know by this time, my lips encapsulating my teeth, were wrapped tightly around his thick shaft and I was sucking as hard as I could on it ~ I felt the harder I sucked on his cock the more static I’d hold in up in my mouth. I’m not sure if my hard sucking left him feeling restricted or he planned the next part all along, but he stopped pressing his cock deeper towards my throat and instead dropped his big scrotum down onto my face and began slowly and very deliberately grinding it into my face. He got a rhythm going that covered the whole of my exposed face, his thick, heavy balls taking their toll on my skin. I thought too that it was those big black balls that had shot their load into Carole’s pussy just a short time ago, the balls now grinding my face had left us worrying that he’d knocked her up, now my thoughts turned to how they were hurting me very much in a different way, I don’t know if it was hurting him to press them so hard against my face but my skin was burning from the roughness of his scrotum and vehemence with which he was tormenting me. It felt like he was never going to stop, I was completely intimidated by his actions, his cock in my mouth, his balls grinding my face, which was becoming raw. I felt so small and so much less a man than Grif, his success in making me suck his dick was to take most of my male pride away from me, very few things can rob a man of his ego more than knowing another man has his dick in your mouth. He made me suck on it and I could never rewrite this one line, he’d made me into a cock sucking cuckold and forgive the expression, but all I could do with this knowledge was to suck it up and get on with my life. It’s a bit like a woman’s virginity, once a cock has been in there, it can’t be undone! I knew too that Grif would always have a power over me because of this, his black cock would always be the one I had to admit with shame - I had sucked. I knew the next time he eyeballed me, his smile would mean he was thinking of me as a sexual failure to my wife and his cock sucker. I was used to admitting I was a cuckold, I have been cuckolded many, many times, could I one day admit I’ve sucked a big black cock - or is that too much even for a habitual cuckold like me to admit? I’d read how black bull’s liked to make white cuckold’s suck their black dicks, it was something I was sure I’d never let happen to me, I’d never let any man denigrate me so completely.
I was concerned how would Carole react to this development , how would she think of me now I’d sucked another man’s cock, and a black cock at that - or was this one of the surprises that Carole said they had planned. Had my wife and Grif discussed him tricking me into sucking his cock, was it possible that my wife was okay with her husband sucking the cock of a superior black male?
My mind was racing and all the while I still had my mouth full of Grif’s big black cock, his balls still resting on my face. How long had it been in my mouth? I was still in shock and minutes or seconds meant nothing to me, instinctively my tongue rolled around the base of his cock head, the deep groove between the thick corona and his foreskin ~ his cock tasted so strong, the flavor was like my wife’s juices ~ times twenty! Grif started to jiggle his cock in my mouth again and I sucked as hard as I could to immobilize his dick, I felt a thick sludge ooze onto the center of my tongue, I swallowed, it wasn’t cum, I’ve tasted men’s cum often enough to know it’s taste instantly, this wasn’t cum, I must have sucked precum from his shaft, it was thick and viscous, yet tasteless. Grif started to withdraw his cock and I let him, once clear of my mouth I closed my lips tight and while he tried to get it back in again, he didn’t succeed, he’d caught me unaware that first time and I had a mouthful of his cock before I knew what was happening, but not again. After a few unsuccessful attempts to get his cock back in my mouth, he gave up and slipped his dick back into my wife’s pussy.
I have no idea if Grif ever said to Carole he had put his cock in my mouth, I know I later told her he had tried but that I had been able to avoid his cock entering my mouth. I only told her about the times after he’d withdrawn his cock and tried to re-enter it into my mouth, not how he’d caught me unawares. I’ve always denied he had his cock in my mouth that night, I think I have been in personal denial, blanking out the feeling of it in my mouth; I did admit to the tasting my wife’s pussy juices off his cock but claimed that came from him brushing his cock hard against my lips as he tried to put it in my mouth. I also said about him hurting my face with his balls, I alluded this was while he was riding my wife; but the angles of his cock shaft to his ball-bag mean he could only have exerted that much pressure on my face when his cock was deep in my mouth.
I recently had occasion to contact Grif and ask him if he remembered trying to put his cock in my mouth. I think if he hadn’t remembered or wasn’t sure ~ I’d have passed it off as him having tried to get me to suck his cock but failed. But when I asked him if he remembered trying to get me to suck his cock - he told me with great gusto, he had deliberately put his cock in my mouth that night, he was too proud of his accomplishment in getting this white cuckold to suck on that big black cock of his to forget. He had planned from the very outset to make me a cock sucking cuckold, he had way too much pride in having succeeded to forget or let me forget ~ that he’d filled my mouth with his cock, that I’d sucked on him was a large tick on his checklist of his superiority over me. I had been outsmarted and taken advantage of by a superior black bull who, when he had the opportunity, treated me with the contempt black studs treat inferior white cuckolds.
Now, after all this time, I have admitted first to him and now to myself - that I did suck his cock - and yes, in a way it was an erotic experience for me, should the occasion present itself again I would no qualms about sucking this man’s cock again. He’s told me next time not only will I suck his cock but his balls too. That while he fucks my woman ~ he’ll have me lick his rim too! I told him there’s no way I would do that, he told me that at one time there was no way I’d suck that big black cock of his, HE has always known I sucked his cock. I now know I did and even admit to it.
He won’t tell me if he and Carole had planned for me to suck his dick, I never admitted to Carole I had sucked him so I can’t ask her again, on the drive home that night when I said to her about Grif having tried to put his cock in my mouth, I asked if she was aware he was going to try to do that, she never really answered me, both of them have left me guessing what was planned for me that night, I know Grif planned all along to make me suck his dick, I guess I’ll never know if he and my wife schemed together, hopefully the shame is mine alone and no one but Grif knows what he suffered on me ~ likewise I give all kudos to Grif, he took a proud white man, treated me with without any consideration and contempt. HE instilled in me feelings of abject inferiority to him and all well hung black studs ~ this bull, my sexual master, turned me into a cock sucking cuckold, the feelings of inferiority last to this day.

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2 years ago
enjoyed your post, really realistic and exciting. I know it is hard to admit and accept the fact that you sucked a superior cock but relax, all cuckolds are submissive and most lick and swallow other mens seed. So sucking cock is just the next step of being a complete submissive cuckold. Thanks again for the post...
2 years ago
great story