Takeaway delivery driver

I felt really hungry after getting home late from work, I couldn't be bothered with cooking and as the wife had gone out with her mates she would be late home herself, I decided to have a takeaway. Ringing my order in the guy said it would be a good half hour, I said "Ok", I sat down in front of the telly and waited.

Forty five minutes later there was a knock on the door, thank fuck I thought, I was starving. On opening the door there stood a young man of about 25 years old, he said "Your food", as I paid him he asked if he could have a drink, I said "Sure come on in", as he followed me in, I gave him a can so he could take it with him.

He said "It really slow on take outs tonight", "Oh really" I replied, "Yes it's boring", and with that I put my food on the table. He said opening his can "Thanks", as he opened it it fizzed up and splashed all over him, with a slight laugh and a swear he looked at me, I grabbed a towel and handed it to him, he dried himself down.

I noticed as he dried himself he was spending an awful long time in drying the front of his jeans. "I reckon they're dry now" I said, he touched them and said "I don't think so, feel" as I moved closer he took my hand and placed it on the front of his pants, as I felt something hard I said "They are dry", as he looked at me grinning.

He grabbed me and pulled me closer, "Is it really dry" he said, as I rubbed him I said "Yes". He unbuttoned his jeans and said "Is it dry inside", as his pants fell to the floor and his hard on was exposed, it took me all the time to take my eyes off his cock, he was grinning as I stared at his bulge.

"You like what you see don't you?", "I'm not sure" I replied. He pulled me closer and put his hand on my crotch, I was semi hard, as he rubbed me I couldn't take my eyes off his growing bulge, soon I was rock hard. He unbuttoned my pants and as they fell to the floor he ran his fingers up and down my shaft as I got to full thickness.

"Take your pants off and follow me" he said, as I followed him into MY own lounge. He took his off and laid on the floor. "Come here" he ordered, as I approached him he pulled me down onto the floor. As we laid next to each other he said "Do what I do", and with that he ran his fingers up and down me, I followed suit and did the same to him.

He just laid there looking at me, then he crouched up and pulled my undies down, my thick 6" sprang into view. As he knelt there I leaned forward and pulled his down, he must have been a good 8". Then he laid back down next to me. As he grinned he touched me ever so lightly, as I touched him in a feather like motion.

After a few minutes he laid on his back and said "You lay on top of me", I said "In a 69?" "Yes" he replied. As I got on top he pulled my legs apart and my cock seemed to slot into his mouth, as it did he started to lick me. I took hold of his monster and began to run my tongue over his helmet and slowly pump him.

He opened his legs as we continued to suck each other at the same time, I knew I wouldn't last long. As he licked me and wanked me himself I felt him insert his finger into my ass as he sucked, I thought I was going to come. As I did the same to him he groaned. After a few more minutes he said "I'm coming".

As we carried on I knew if he came the momentum would tip me. He said "I'm coming", as he said it his sperm shot into my throat and I swallowed it as fast as he filled me. He was wanking me faster by now and I knew I wouldn't last much longer. After only a few seconds I groaned and without any warning he slipped his finger into my ass.

As he did that my orgasm erupted and I shot my cum down his throat, he took every last drop. As I got off him he said "You enjoyed that didn't you", "Obviously didn't you", he said "Oh yes I did", we got dressed and he said "If you want it again just ring and ask for Johnny", I said I might not he said well if you do.

When he'd gone I put some sausage under the grill.............
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