the window cleaner came back

As I was on my own for the day I decided as I'd hadn't had sex for a while, at least three days, I'd treat myself to a couple of hours on xhamster, it had been a while since i was last on. I sat watching the latest vids and catching up on the latest stories when I was feeling incredibly turned on, sat on the sofa rubbing my cock.

All of a sudden I heard a strange noise outside. Fucking marvellous I said to myself, as I went round the back to see what the noise was, there was Neil our window cleaner taking his ladders down, he smiled through the window as he saw me, I had to smile back remembering the last time he was here.

He knocked on the door and as I opened it he said "Any chance of a cold drink", I said "Sure", as I got him one he'd just finished the kitchen windows, coming in he took the drink and said "Thanks". He sat down and said "You on your own again", "Only for an hour" I replied, with that he stood up and approached me.

Shutting the door behind him he walked into the lounge, as I followed he came up to me from behind and putting his arm around my chest he pulled me into him, whispering in my ear he said "Do you remember last time", I nodded that I did and with that he licked my nape. His right hand was feeling my breast and his left hand was working its way downwards.

Suddenly I felt his left hand rub my cock through my pants, it didn't take long for my to grow. He turned me around so i was facing him and he leaned in and kissed me, I said "NO No kissing", so he kissed my neck and rubbed my cock. "Lift your arms up" he said, as I did he took my T shirt off me, and bent down and licked my nipples, what a turn on.

I put my arm around his neck as he licked my nipples and rubbed my cock, he came up to eye contact and leaned in for a kiss, for some unknown reason i let him kiss me on the lips I was so turned on. Then he squatted down in front of me pulling my pants down and after taking them off he knelt in front of my running his tongue up my cock.

Rubbing me I felt I was ready to cum, pulling down my undies, he bent forward and licked my entire shaft, using his lips like a fist I was getting one hell of a blow job, flickering his tongue over my japs eye as he used the motion of his mouth up and down my shaft I knew I wouldn't last much longer, as I'm sure he also knew.

As I ran my fingers through his hair, he replaced his lips with his fingers and proceeded to slowly wank me off as he ran his tongue over my balls. I shouted "God I'm coming", with that he ran his tongue from my balls up to the tip of my penis, as he moved his lips over my helmet spunk was shooting out, he licked it up and I filled hiw waiting mouth with the rest.

As I stood there weak at the knees, he licked me even when I was limp. As I was panting he said "Turn and face the sofa", as I turned around and placed my hands on the cushions he spread my ass cheeks, licking my ass was even more a turn on, he licked me for what seemed an eternity but was probably no more then a few minutes.

He stood up and i could hear his trousers drop to the floor, I knew what was coming, I started to turn round but he said "No stay there". My cheeks were once again split wide as I felt the tip of his cock rub my asshole. He sat down and finger fucked me for a minute, I nearly fainted at first but soon got used to the sensation.

Then without warning he pushed his large 9" cock up my ass. God it hurt at first, but then as he was fucking me it was a really nice experience. I often wondered what the girls got out of sex when I was fucking them, maybe it was the sensation I was feeling. He bummed me for around ten minutes, groaning with each thrust.

I said "Please don't cum inside me", as he shagged the arse off me. A couple more minutes and he pulled out. He was sweating like crazy, "I'm too big to get all the way in" he said, "Sorry" I replied, "Turn around" he said, as I did he said "Get on the floor", as I did he widened my cheeks again as I laid on the floor.

Bending down and licking me he got his cock and pushed into me again, again it hurt like hell but once he was fucking me it was nice, as he groaned. Leaning forward he licked my nipples, as I ran my finger over his. As he moaned he looked me straight in the face, I put my hand behind his neck and pulled his face forward towards mine, we looked at each other.

I leaned upwards as our lips touched each others, as we kissed so gently he dropped his hand onto my cock, I wasn't hard but it was a gesture that was so sensitive and made the sex that little intense. As we kissed he said "God I'm coming" as he carried on thrusting. He pulled away from my face and really groaned, as he gave one more nine inch thrust.

Pulling his cock out of me he wanked himself off over my chest, loads and loads of fresh warm spunk was lying on me as he was breathless and pumping his tool. As he went limp he bent down and licked all his seed off me. Placing his hand on my cock, which was still limp, he tried to get me up again, "Please, it's all right", he said "If you're sure".

As we got dressed he said "Your innocence makes me want to fuck you everytime", I replied "I'm sorry but that will be the last time", "Really" he said, "Yes the wife's got a new window cleaner so we don't need your services anymore". Well he looked shocked "I might tell your wife", "No I don't think you'd do that" I said "No I couldn't" was his reply.

Then he walked out of my life.
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6 months ago
can I hire him???
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wowI need a window cleaner
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