the scrap man

It was a sunny day and this van appeared on the road, a man of about 60 got out and approached me, it was the scrap man. "I want to apologise for my son's behaviour the oth week" he said. "I really don't want to talk about it" I replied. "Well just as long as you know" he said. He came into my kitchen and sat down.

"I'm ashamed of him" he continued, "It doesn't matter" I replied. "His mum left when he was young and he's been a right handful since, that was 23 years ago" he said, "I've not had anyone since, that must be his problem", I made him a cup of tea and we were just talking about k**s and f****y etc, in general.

I don't know why but I sensed something was going to happen, he said "I'm 59 and a right sad bastard", I said "No your not" and with that he looked at the floor. As i waited for him to look up he said "I don't think I've done a good job with him", I replied "They can be a handful", he looked up at me and smiled.

Suddenly without warning he put his hand on my knee and said "You sound like a decent bloke", I smiled to myself, I stood up to shut the door, as I locked it he came up behind me, gently rubbing my ass, as I turned around he was facing me smiling, his hand brushed my crotch, and to be honest my cock twitched.

As I walked into the lounge he followed, as I sat on the sofa he sat next to me, and again placed his hand on my knee. Looking straight at me he leaned in to gently brush his lips on mine. I jumped he said "Sorry", then did it again. As he kissed my neck his hand moved up my leg, I sat back into the cushions and he moved closer.

I was sat there with this older man kissing my neck, I don't know why I let him it just felt right. Then before I knew it his hand was stroking the front of my pants, I was getting harder every second. I put my arm around his neck, ruffling his hair with my hand as he leaned in and kissed me right on the lips.

As I let him kiss me, I didn't kiss him back, he was stroking my rock hard cock. I moved my hand down to his crotch and found, without suprise, he was hard too. He unbuttoned my pants and told me to stand up, as I did he pulled them down, as my cock was released he grabbed it and started to kiss my helmet running his finger up my shaft.

It felt good. As he continued to lick me I knew I wouldn't last long and told him so. He stopped, stood up and unbuttoned his, pulling them down his cock sprang to attention, It was a little smaller than mine. I reached out and touched him, he said "That's the first time anyone has touched me inside 20 years".

As I sat down I pulled him closer to me, as he edged forward I put his cock straight in my mouth, moving up and down using my lips instead of my hand to wank him off, after only a few strokes he said he was close. Taking my mouth off him and placing my fist around him I started to wank him as I licked him.

Seconds later he groaned, as I engulfed his helmet with my mouth, what seemed like gallons of spunk poured down my throat, it was coming and coming as he really groaned. As I moved away from him spunk had run down onto my chest as his cock went limp. He said "God that was so good better then doing it myself".

I said "Lay on the floor", as he did I got my cock in my hand and teased the entrance of his ass, he said "Don't please don't", I replied "This is what your son did to me and I pleaded with him", what could he say to that! As I ran the tip of my cock up his ass crack he looked horrified. I sat on the sofa, he got up and sat next to me.

Placing his hand on my erection he started to wank me off. Which was done in an amateur way. I stood up in front of him and he took all my cock in his mouth, talk about deep throat. He was wanking me and sucking me, feeling my balls and slightly fingering my ass, it felt really good. A few minutes later I said "I'm coming finger my ass".

As he did I shot my warm sticky spunk down his throat, he swallowed it all. When I'd gone limp, he stood up and kissed me, I didn't kiss him back. "Thanks" he said, "I needed that". And then we got dressed in silence, then he left.
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good story