Indian bbw at the post office

I'd been in the post office getting some stamps when the woman that was serving me I thought started to flirt with me. She was an Indian, long dark hair, about 45, 5'3", probably about 20 stone. Anyway as there were no-one else in the queue behind me we carried on talking, innuendo's flying from both sides, I was convinced she was flirting.

Anyway after a few minutes I decided to call her bluff, saying "When you get a break I'll be sat outside in the car", she looked suprised but smiled. I was sat outside having a cigarette, when after ten minutes she appeared. Tapping on the window she said "We could go upstairs to the stock room", as I got out of the car I realised how big she really was.

As we walked round the back of the post office there were some steps leading to an upper floor. As we went inside the door it was like a stock room, full of rubbish, a table and chairs, lockers and a kettle. It was cosy, without windows. As we walked she said "My marriage is dead but I can't divorce him cos of my religion".

As we sat in the room I asked her how long she had, "45 minutes" she replied. She said "I liked you as soon as you walked in", I said "How old are you", she said "49 does it matter", I said "No". And with that in mind I walked towards her. She was sat on one of the chairs as I put my hand on the back of her neck, she was smiling at me.

I crouched down and liftes up her chin, she smiled and we kissed. As we kissed I slipped my tongue into her mouth and she did the same back. I slipped my hand down her Indian dress onto her breast and she moaned, as I fondled her tits, circulating my fingers round her hard nipple she moaned again. standing up and moving behind I found the zip to her dress.

As I pulled down the zip I slipped my hands inside her dress and onto her tits, removing her bra I rolled her nipples in my fingers, she moaned and said "My husband won't touch me anymore". I told her to stand up, as she did I pulled the zip all the way down and told her to stand out of her dress, she did and she was wearing a matching red bra and panty set.

Still feeling her tits from behind I ran my finger down to her knickers, up and down her crack, she moaned. turning her around and sitting her back down I couldn't get to her pussy for her flab, opting to sit her on the table, she slightly laid back as I ran my tongue down her crack in her knickers, she gasped.

Pulling her gusset to one side I started to lick her cunt, clit and slipping a finger inside she was moaning, as I also touched her ass she said "No not there", but I just carried on, using the juices from her pussy I lubricated her asshole, "No please" she said. Then she came, moaning and groaning, clamping her hand over her mouth as not to make a lot of noise.

As she half laid there I soon discarded my clothes, grabbing my 6 incher I fed it into her wet hole, thrusting slowly then speeding up and slowing down, she was really enjoying it. "My husband goes at it like a speedtrain, I never get anything out of it" she said. I pulled out and turned her around, I bent her over the table.

Crouching down I gave her clit a little lick and she gasped, as I fed my cock into her again she groaned, building up speed I couldn't find her clit for the flab, so just held onto her hips and thrusted. After a few minutes she said "I'm coming", I pulled out and licked and fingered her to another climax.

As she came I again used her juices to finger her ass, and again she said "Please not there", as I positioned myself behind her I slipped into her wet gash for lubrication then pushed my hard cock into her ass, she screamed as I fucked her hard in her tight asshole, after only a few minutes she said "I can't believe it I'm coming again", and she came again.

I pulled out of her tight ass and shoved it into her cunt and fucked her another few minutes, as she laid there panting I pulled out at the last minute and wanked myself off over her ass, spunk fell onto her cheeks. I rubbed it in. Pulling her back she said "Thanks but I didn't want it up my ass", and I said "But you came" and she replied "Yes I did".

We got dressed and she said "Will I see you again" and I answered "Maybe". As we left she turned to face me and said "Thankyou", I smiled and walked away.
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6 months ago
great story... she sounds like a keeper... can I have her????...mmmmmm
6 months ago
She sounded like a hot slut