Fucking a bbw

I was busy in the kitchen washing up when a council worker knocked on next doors door. Now I knew they were away so I said "Sorry they're out at work", the lady said to me "Ok thanks but maybe you can help". She was a big girl, probably 22 stone, around 40 years old, 5'5", big tits as with all bbw's. She said she worked for the council and she asked if I'd answer some questions.

As she came round, she was massive, she had a white blouse and a black skirt on, which made her look bigger than what she probably was. She came in and sat down with a coffee she asked me all these questions about local amneties, etc. Was the council doing enough etc. As we went through them I kept looking at her in a different manner.

Twenty minutes later she said "All the questions are now done", "Good" I said, and moving closer to her she just sat there and looked at me. As I got closer I said "Are you married", she said "No" and with that I ran the back of my hand down her cheek. She closed her eyes and said "You can't fancy me I'm a mess".

I said "Everone needs fucking" and with that remark she started to undo her blouse, as I watched she took it off and her bra and out popped 46D tits. As she started to feel them I put my hand under her skirt, she parted her legs as my fingers eventually fornd her triangle, as I rubbed up and down her box through her knickers she gasped.

"No one has touched me in years" she said, as I told her to stand up, as she did I pulled down the zip of her skirt and slid it off. She stood there in big blue knickers, with a massive belly hung over them. As she sat down I opened her fat thighs and ran my finger down her crack, she gasped. I licked her big nipples and rubbed her box.

thinking that all I wanted to do was fuck her that's what I'd do. As I rubbed her cunt she moaned so I got in front of her nad pulled her knickers down, and there was one hairy cunt. As I stood up in front of her I undressed and she grabbed my cock, feeding it in her mouth she sucked me, I reached down and rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy.

When she was wet enough, I pulled out of her mouth and positioned myself in front of her, teasing her cunt with my cock, I pushed it in up to the hilt, as I fucked her she was screaming and moaning, as I bucked her hard. "It's been years" she said. I'm not suprised I thought. As I built up speed her arse was wobbling, her tits were wobbling and her belly, well!!!

She said "I'm coming", as I continued to pound her fat cunt, as I was getting close she went rigid, and screamed her climax out, sweat dripping off her forehead. I knew I was close but didn't want to cum inside her. As I reach my climax I pulled out and shoved me in her mouth, she gagged but delivered a reasonable blow job.

As I was coming she took me out of her mouth and I shot my seed down her tits, she wanked me until it hurt. As I got off her I could see her gaping cunt, she said "That was the first shag for five years. I said "Ok". We got dressed and she left. It's amazing what us guys will do in the name of fucking I thought.
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5 months ago
Nice story hun, but not all of us BBWs go short of cock xxxx
5 months ago
5 months ago
you have to service these girls:)