My first taste

When I was in high school, I was the most popular boy, I'd shagged all but 4 girls in my class and another five in the class below me. Everyone wanted to be my friend. I was on the football team and was top in most subjects, I didn't have any enemies as I could also take care of myself. I had four BEST friends, who I'd see out of school, and up to the week before I had a steady girlfriend.

One of my best friends used to come to my house on a Saturday and go home on the Sunday. We'd listen to the latest chart sounds and talk, I also used to have quite a considerable stash of soft porn magazines. This was the early 1970s and porn was difficult to obtain. So it was a time when my friends could chat and not think about school.

In our last year at school, we were both 16, Ian came up this Saturday, I'd just split up with my current steady girlfriend, and Ian was upset by this, "Why" I asked, "It would have been nice if she could come down and wank me off" he replied. "She wouldn't have done that" I said, "I know, but I've always wanted to know what it feels like". I knew he was a virgin.

As we sat in my bedroom listening to music and reading soft porn magazines. Usually after fifteen minutes or so Ian would go to the spare room with a mag and come back after twenty minutes. This day, after what he'd said about wanting to be wanked off, I thought I'd treat him. I said "You stay in my room I'll go to the spare". So I left the room.

After only five minutes, I carefully opened the door to see Ian naked from the waist down, looking at a mag. His cock was hard, looked a little bigger than mine. As I closed the door behind me quietly, he never looked up from his mag. I moved slowly around the bed and gently touched the shaft of his penis.

He sat up and said "What you doing", I said "For this time only I'll give you your wish, you wanted to know what it's like to be wanked off, then just relax", as I continued to run my finger up and down his 6" cock. He put the mag down and settled into a comfortable position, as I now was running my whole hand up and down his shaft.

As he sighed, I wrapped my fist around him and slowly wanked him, his foreskin running over his purple helmet, this was the first time I'd seen another erect cock. As he moaned, I wasn't sure what to do, he was thrusting his pelvis with every tug I was pulling. I stopped and he said "You had enough", "No my hand is aching I'll carry on in a minute".

As I watched his penis twitch I had this urge to do to him what the girls had previously done to me, I clamped my fist around him and carried on slowly wanking him, I also had this urge. After a few short tugs I pulled his foreskin right back and placed my mouth around him, licking his eye and wanking him into my mouth. He groaned.

As I speeded up my rhythm I was flickering the top of his cock with my tongue, by now he was thrusting and moaning, I knew he was nearly coming. As I wanked him with my right hand I rubbed his balls with my left. Sure enough he said "God I'm coming", I stayed exactly as I was as I wanked him into my mouth.

Ian's seed pumped down my throat at 100mph, the taste was unusual, not sweet not bitter, a little salty, but unusual. As I continued to wank him until his balls were empty and he'd gone limp, he said "That was amazing", I said "Our secret" he said "Yes". As I stood up he saw the bulge in my pants. "what about you" he said, "I don't know", with taht he smiled.

As he reached over her pulled my pants down, releasing my cock, he looked and said "I don't know if I can do what you did", I replied "I can fuck you if you want", he thought about it and said "Ok" but we mustn't tell anyone, I agreed. As he lay on the bed, I wasn't sure about this but when I'd been shagging the girls I'd often wondered.

As I took off all my clothes, I sat in front of him as he looked at me. "You sure" I said, "I'll try it" he replied. I parted his legs and his buttocks, as he lifted his bum up I ran my cock up and down his anus, he said "Man it feels good", as I put it in a little, he sighed. I thrust my hard cock right up him, he screamed as I did.

God it hurt, and was a lot tighter than the girls ever were. As I got in I said "What do you think" he said "Just fuck me". As I started to fuck him it wasn't too bad pain wise, but I knew I wouldn't last long. After only a few thrusts I knew I was coming. I pulled out of his ass and wanked myself off coming into his pubes.

Afterwards we talked about it, he said the blowjob was brilliant but the ass fucking was awful.

We met up ten years after we left school, low and behold, Ian was gay.

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great story