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As we live in an affluent area of our city we seem to get a lot of doorstep sellers, most of them are selling shit and we bin them off as soon as possible. A couple of months ago I was sat reading a book when there was a knock on the door, I thought here we fucking go again, upon opening the door stood a young man dressed in a shirt and tie asking if I wanted to buy some books.

I invited him in and he told me he was selling these books as part of his 6th form project, I looked and there wasn't anything of interest, not in his books anyway. He told me he was 18, studying zoology and hoping to go to Africa to do further studies on a****ls, his name was Luke and he was raising money for his studies.

As we chatted he was very open in his answers, very articulate and he seemed a nice lad. I told him that I wasn't interested in what he was selling, and he thanked me for my time and stood up to leave. I said "Wait a minute you don't have to go", and he replied "What do you mean?", I stood and approached him, he looked at me with an innocent look on his face.

I said "Come and sit down here" patting the seat next to me, he looked unsure but came and sat to my left. As he sat he said "I don't have anything for you" and I said "Oh but you do", and with taht I placed my hand on his knee. He looked straight in my face and said "What are you doing", and I replied "Do you have a girlfriend", he answered that he didn't.

I said "Sit back into the sofa, make yourself comfortable", as he laid back he looked at me suspiciously, I still had my hand on his knee, as he sat back I began to move it further up on the inside of his thigh. He just sat there in silence looking innocently. As my hand reached the top of his thigh he closed his eyes as if he was feeling the tension.

My hand ran across onto his lap where I could feel his semi, as I loosely ran my hand over his knob, it twitched and he was getting harder, as I ran my fingers up his stem it got bigger, soon it was well erect. His eyes were still closed but his breathing was heavier, as I ran my fingers up and down his shaft.

I unbuttoned his pants, and said "Lift your bum up", as he did I slipped his pants down and there in all his glory was a beautiful erect cock lined in his underpants. I slipped the back of my hand onto him and he sighed. Pulling down the waistband of his undies his cock sprang into view, he was a good 8" but thin.

I said to him "Are you a virgin" he said he was, I said "How often do you wank" he said "Not often" and with that I bent down and ran my tongue up and down his cock, he sighed again as I placed my two fingers round him and began to slowly wank him off, as I pulled his foreskin down I licked his helmet, he moaned.

Taking his pants completely off him I opened his legs as he sat there, as I continued to wank and lick him he opened his eyes and watched me. I wet my finger and slowly inserted it into his ass, he moaned again. I built up a little speed as I wanked him faster, running my tongue over his balls, again he moaned.

I got down on the floor and was right between his legs as I quickened my grip and was really wanking him, I could see pre-cum in his eye, as I licked it off he said "God I'm coming", as I kept up the same speed he was thrusting and bucking as I closed my mouth over his entire helmet, he groaned and shot his seed, I took it all and swallowed every drop.

As he went limp he said "Thanks", I said "There's more", and he looked surprised. I stood up in front of him and unbuttoned my jeans, taking them off, he looked at my cock, I placed his hand on me and he looked shocked, "Pull my pants down" I ordered, he pulled them down and out I popped, moving closer towards him he looked like he hadn't seen one before.

I put my hand around his neck and motioned his mouth towards my cock, he grabbed it and started to pull me off, "Lick me" I said, "I can't" he replied, "Ok then", as I stood back he looked relieved, As I pulled him off the sofa onto the floor I said "Kneel with your arms on the settee, as he did I opened his legs again.

Licking my finger I rubbed his ass and he sighed, he knew what was coming. Grabbing my cock I teased his ass with it he said "No don't", as he finished speaking I pushed my 6" cock into his virgin ass, he screamed and then moaned as I fucked him hard. Reaching round I felt his cock harden as I fucked him.

We stayed in this position for a few minutes when I pulled out and sat on the sofa. I told him to get on top of me, he straddled my thighs and inched down on me, then he bounced his ass on my mature cock, I knew he was loving it as he was wanking himself off at the same time. Within minutes he said he was coming and spunk shot out of his cock.

I told him to get off, as he did I wanked my own cock and came on his chest. I rubbed it in telling him it was like a moisturiser. I helped him get dressed, his cock was so nice I couldn't stop feeling it. Then he left mumbling a thankyou as he went.
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me 2
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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sucking off a teen boy.....luv 2 try it
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Mmmmm bet he was amazing
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that was sexcellent
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wow that was so erotic made me cum all over my panties