Alice's Daughter and her best friend

I was in the kitchen washing up when someone came to my open back door and said "Boo", it scared the shit out of me as I was in my own little world. There stood Wendy, Alice's daughter, and her best friend Sophie. She still looked rough, and her friend looked just as rough, they were coming up to see her mum but she was out, thought she'd say hello.

I felt trapped and asked her if she wanted a drink. As they came in I sensed that Sophie was shy, she was 17 and a couple of years younger than Wendy. They came in the lounge and we were chatting and having a drink, when Wendy, who was sat opposite me, opened her legs to reveal white panties, I feel sure she knew what she was doing cos her friend giggled.

Sophie was wearing a short skirt also, but she sat at the side of me. I couldn't stop looking up Wendy's skirt as I have a thing about white panties, so obviously it was getting me horny. She suddenly said "Do you like what you see", I replied "Yes I do", and with that she kept her legs open. I said to Sophie, "What colour are yours", and she said "Blue".

I leaned over and lifted up her skirt to see for myself and yes they were blue, she giggled. As I looked under her skirt, she opened her legs and I slipped my hand on the inside of her thigh, slowly carressing her, she giggled again. As I made my way up her leg, she put her arm around my neck, when I reached the top I ran my finger down the front of her knickers.

With her arm around my neck I leaned in to kiss her, soon we were snogging, tongues and all, as I was running my finger up and down her snatch. Wendy came over and stroked my cock through my pants, I moved my fingers inside Sophie's elastic and found her to have a very wet pussy, as I fingered her and rubbed her clit she went stiff and moaned, she'd come.

I stood up and lifted Sophie onto her feet, lifting up her skirt I pulled down her knickers to reveal a shaven bald cunt. As I was doing this Wendy had unclipped her small bra, and some small tits appeared, Wendy began to lick her nipples as I pulled Sophie onto the floor, pulling down my pants I fed my mature cock into this slim young 17 year old.

I rocked her with my chunky boner, as Wendy was rubbing her clit and licking her nipples, she said she was coming again, moaned and started to cry. I pulled out and she trickled out pussy juice with which Wendy lapped it up. I stood there watching this as hard as a rock, when Sophie put her hand up Wendy's skirt, and was obviously rubbing her.

I lifted up Wendy's skirt and there was Sophie's fingers inside her knickers rubbing her crack. What a turn on! Moving Wendy onto her back, she and Sophie got into a 69, Fuck me I didn't know where to put my cock. As i'd already fucked Sophie that day I inserted myself deep in Wendys cunt, shagging her softly as I didn't want to come too quick.

As I was taking her from behind she was moaning, I could only imagine the feeling of being shagged and licked at the same time, as I banged her she said she was coming, so was I to be honest, and as she shouted out her climax I shot my seed into her deep pussy, pumping and pumping I seem to have gallons. When I pulled out Sophie was licking my sperm out of her.

I sat on the sofa as Wendy sat Sophie up and they started to kiss, feeling each others tits, as they sat there touching and stroking each other I was rock hard again, Sophie came over to me and began to suck my cock, as Wendy buried her face into her quim. God it was so good to watch. As she licked me I said "Come here and sit on me".

Sophie got off the floor and sat on my cock, bouncing up and down on my pole as Wendy rubbed her clit as I felt her tits. After a few minutes I told her to get off and kneel on the floor, as she did Wendy just wouldn't leave her alone, she was rubbing her nipples onto Sophie's cunt, as I put my chunky cock in my hand I fed it back into her wet young pussy.

Fucking her brains out I built up speed and I knew I was coming, pulling out Wendy put her mouth over my helmet and I deposited all my semen into her throat, she swallowed and sucked me dry. As we got dressed Wendy said "Told you I'd be back, and Sophie was a virgin", I said "Well she fucking isn't now", as they were leaving she said "Another time".
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I Love incest relationships, family sex and naughty fun with friends of my kinky family members...
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that was quick and very erotic loved it