Leaflet deliverer

We have a letter box at the front of our house, some neighbours at the back have another letterbox on their houses but we don't. Someone put a leaflet through ours, as usual it was rubbish so I threw it away. I was sat out on the patio when an Asian guy came on the back road delivering leaflets he offered me another and I said "No thanks". He asked for a glass of water so I invited him in.

As he stood in my kitchen with a glass of water, he said he was delivering these leaflets for money as he couldn't get a job, he didn't live in our town he preferres to deliver out of his own town so no-one recognises him, "Fair enough" I said. He asked if he could use our toliet so I went upstairs, he followed me, and I showed him where it was.

He stood in the bathroom as I waited on the landing, I never heard him use it but he came out and stood next to me and said "I don't need it at the moment", I said "Oh Ok", with that I went in our bedroom and sat on the bed. He stood in front of me and I motioned for him to sit next to me, he said his name was Ahmed he was 33, married with 3 c***dren but bored in his relationship.

As he sat next to me he looked quite shy, I leaned over and moved his face with my hand so he was facing me, as we looked at each other he put his hand on my knee, as he did that I leaned forward and kissed him, he looked shocked as we sprang apart, he said "I'm married", I replied "So am I", but your bored, and he said he was.

His hand was still on my knee, as I leaned in to kiss him again, this time he let me and his hand moved up my leg, as I was kissing his neck I placed my hand on his knee. I pulled his T shirt off him and laid him on the bed, moving my lips down from his onto his nipples, he sighed, running my tongue down further I stopped on the waistband of his jeans.

Unbuttoning them I pulled them down, he had a monster of a cock, semi hard in his boxers. As I took his jeans off his ankles he sat up, kissed me again and pushed me onto my back, he unbuttoned my pants and took them off, he moved to between my legs and ran his tongue down my cock through my undies, as I was rock hard, he peeled my undies down and there I was in all my glory.

He ran his tongue up and down my shaft, teasing me with his licks over my foreskin, and down into my ball sac, he turned me over onto my tummy, spread my ass cheeks and ran his tongue into me, moving down my legs and back up at the front. God I was so close to coming. As he sat me up I pushed him onto his back, starting at his ankles, I ran my tongue up the inside of his legs.

As I got close to his crotch I could see the outline of a cut 8" cock in his boxers, I reached the bottom of them and ran my tongue over his balls, he gasped, continuing up and over his shaft he gasped again, pulling his boxers down, his cock sprang into view I quickly engulfed my mouth around his helmet, licking and sucking as I placed my hand around his trunk.

As I started to wank him as I licked he moaned, as I was speeding up he moaned more, as I licked and wanked him he said he was coming, as I continued he said "I can't hold back", as I carried on all of a sudden his orgasm poured into my mouth, automatically I swallowed his seed as he shot it down my throat, I carries on sucking until he went soft.

Lifting himself up he thanked me saying "Even my wife doesn't let me come in her mouth", with that I kissed hil again as his hand strayed onto my cock, he gave me a little pull when I said "No", turning him over I spread his legs, then his buttocks and slowly I placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to his ass, he gasped.

As I rubbed my cock up and down his ass he moaned and said "I've only ever thought about this", then with one push I shoved my cock into him, he squeeled, as I built up a rhythm he started to moan again, as I ass fucked him, as I reached round I could feel his cock getting hard again, I pulled out and tuned him on to his back, opened his legs and started to fuck him again.

Because he was facing me as I shagged him I kissed him and now he was kissing me back, I knew I was close to coming, as I pulled out I wanked my cock off and shot my seed all over his brown body. Moving down I had his cock in my mouth again as I fingered his ass he was rock hard and moaning, I pulled him up and I laid down with my cheeks apart.

He grabbed his cock and pushed it up my ass very gently, he said "It hurts" and pulled out, I started to suck him off again and this time I was fingering him as well, moments later he said he was coming again as I took another salty rush down my throat, as he went limp, I kissed him and he bent down and kissed my soft cock.

As we got dressed he said "That was fantastic", but to be honest I was hard again and placed his hand on my cock, he pulled me into his mouth and sucked me in a fashion, I could tell he hadn't done it before, it was more of a wank than a suck, but he did it and I came flooding into his mouth which he took it all and ran to the toilet and spat it out.

And away he went. What an afternoon!
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7 months ago
good story
7 months ago
that was one great afternoon did he ever cum back for more?
7 months ago
Damn, hot story!!!!
7 months ago
nice story i love the feel of a throbbing load