Alice's Daughter was rough

As I was sat out on a beautiful warm day, the wife had gone to a meeting, Alice was sat out a couple of houses away, you remember Alice I told the story - look in my stories. Anyway we were sat out and Alice asked if she could come round with her daughter, I said "Ok", as they both came round, her daughter was 19, single, and lived in a rough part of town.

She looked rough, her blonde hair was unkemp, bordering on dirty, she had tattoo's up her arms, she was wearing an off white blouse top thing and a short off white skirt, far too short for her she looked 'rough'. She wasn't pretty and certainly not my type anytime. But we talked for a while and I could tell she fancied me, she kept looking at me in a strange fashion.

I wondered if Alice had told her what happened, her name was Wendy. After around fifteen minutes, Alice announced she'd have to go home and get ready for work, she asked if Wendy could stay with me, I said "Ok", God knows why but she seemed to have the fixation about looking at me, it was starting to unnerve me.

After another five minutes I said "I think you should go now Wendy, I'll have to pick the wife up soon", as she stood up she thanked me for talking to her and as we walked into the lounge on our way to the front door, she suddenly stood still, looked straight at me and said "Please will you shag me, I'm gagging for it", well I was taken aback, I didn't want to but...

I said "It'll have to be quick", she replied "Ok", and with that I grabbed her and shoved her against the wall, roughly snogging her and groping her tits, she moaned immediatley, as I was fondling her tits she had her hand round the back of my neck, pulling me towards her as we kissed, I slipped her blouse off her shoulders to reveal an off white bra, as I felt her tits through it she said "It's been a long time".

I reached round and unclipped her bra, as it fell off her shoulders, I leant down and sucked her nipples, they were hardening up quickly, I rolled them between my fingers, she had her hand on the front of my shorts saying "That's a nice cock you've got", as I sucked her tits I moved my hand under her skirt and rubbed the front on her knickers.

She was moaning all the more, I don't know why but I had a funny feeling and I sniffed my fingers, after that I knew she wasn't getting oral, it was awful! I carried on rubbing her and I slipped a couple of fingers into her wet box and rubbed her clit when she said she was coming, carrying on she grabbed my neck and dragged our mouths together as she orgasmed.

She pulled apart and with a smile on her face she bent down and slipped my shorts down, releasing my cock she started to suck me, this she was quite good at and I'll bet she's had plenty, after a minute I pulled her up and leaning her towards the sofa, I pulled down her off white knickers and spread her legs, she wasn't attractive down there, as I spread them I pushed my cock into her.

She gasped as I built up speed as I was fucking her I told her to rub her clit, she said she was already, then I started to fuck her in some kind of rhythm, she was moaning and virtually crying saying "God You're GOOD", as I was nearing my own orgasm she said "I'm coming again" and with that I shot my hot spunk into her smelly fanny, as she came again also.

I stood up and pulled my shorts up, she put on her knickers, sorted out her tits and said "Thanks", I said "It won't happen again", she replied "It may, if I tell your wife", I said it wouldn't as we have an open marriage, ask your mum, "What do you mean" I said "Ask your mum". And on the note I let her out the door.
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