When we got one morning the lights in the kitchen weren't working, Fucks Sake, that meant that I'd have to look for an electrician, finding one in the phone book, after ringing him he said he'd be up within the hour. I took my wife into town, she was having lunch with her best frind. Sure enough the Electrician, Bob, arrived with his son, Neil.

After looking around Bob told his son, who was his apprentice, what he had to do as he was going to get some cable, he told me "Neil can do a little ground work I have to go and get some stuff I'll be about a half hour". Ok I replied. As Neil carried on with his work I asked him how old he was, "20" he replied, "I did shit at school so I'm learning off my dad".

After around ten minutes his phone rang, it was Bob, he was stuck in traffic and would be about an hour, Ok I said as long as the job's done today. Neil was up some ladders in our kitchen when he asked me to hold them in case they slipped, I did this, and he was facing me, as luck would have it they slightly slipped and I grabbed hold of his hips, he thanked me.

As he turned the ladders round he asked me to hold them again, this time I moved them with my foot and as he wobbled I grabbed hold of his hips, his crotch was inches from my face, as I held his hips I could see the outline of his cock through his jeans, as he went up a rung I steaded him by putting my hands on his bum, then he came down a rung and I held his hips again.

As I was doing this i noticed his cock was twitching, and then it started to grow, as he wobbled on the ladders I gripped his hips tighter and could see his cock growing, he was obviously turned on, he said "I've done all I can here til dad gets here", as he came down the ladder he looked straight in my face and smirked. I still had my hands on his hips.

As we squared up he looked at me and said "You want to go upstairs", as though I was in a trance, it just felt right, I said "Ok", as we walked upstairs he said "Are you gay" I said "No", and with that he stopped me turned me to face him and kissed me, I pulled away saying "I don't like that", as we walked into the bedroom, I said "No I can't do this", with that he manhandled me, grabbing me and sitting me on the bed, calling me a prick teaser.

I was trying to get away but he was stronger and held me down. He got hold of my hand and put it on his crotch, telling me to stroke him, I was still trying to get away when he started to stroke my cock, I was hard. He pinned me down and was stroking me as I was rock hard, he unbuttoned my pants, pulling them down I was pinned down on the bed, he rubbed my cock.

As he let go of my hands he whipped down my undies and started to wank me off, it felt good but it was so wrong, as he wanked me off he relaxed his grip, and I laid there, scared. He put his lips around my helmet licked me and wanked me, I knew I couldn't last long, then he fingered my ass all the while telling me I'd been teasing him on the ladder.

I shouted out I was coming but he just carried on, as I shot my load he took it all in his mouth, licking me and pumping my cock until I ran out of cum. He then pulled my pants off and said "Now it's my turn you prick teaser, I'll teach you to lead me on", I got scared wondering what he was going to do to me, he stood up and took his jeans off, his 8" cock erect in front of him.

Pulling me up to the seated position he told me to suck him, I put my fist around him and started to wank him off, he said "Lick me", as I did do,sort of, he said "You're shit at this", pushing me onto the bed, he opened my legs and positioned himself between them, suddenly he put the tip of his cock at my arse crack and rubbed him up and down on me.

Then he said "You fucking prick teaser", as he pushed his entire length into my asshole, God the pain was awful as he continued to fuck me, he was grunting and I felt like crying, then all of a sudden I had a strange feeling of an orgasm, as he pushed his cock into me I shouted "I'm coming", as he rammed his cock into me I came again.

He pulled his cock out and dragged me up to face him he said "You're going to suck me until I come" I said "No", and you could see the anger in his face as he threw me on the bed, and began to ass fuck me again, he fucked me long and hard, and it was killing me, this wasn't pleasure it was pain, but Neil was enjoying it, all of a sudden he slowed down and was grunting less.

Then he pulled out and told me to get on my knees, as I did he entered me again, fucking me harder, I reached down and felt my own cock it was as hard as a rock, all of a sudden he screamed pulled his cock out and wanked his come all over my cheeks, bending down he licked all his own seed off my arse, turning me over, seeing my hard on, he ordered me to do the same to him.

I said I couldn't, so he just roughly wanked me off, as I was coming he slipped two fingers into my arse as I shot my load, my spunk was all over my pubes and he bent down and licked them dry. Afterwards as we got dressed he said he was sorry, he thought that's what I wanted, I told him it hurt like hell, he asked me not to mention it to his dad. God what an afternoon.

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