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My wife, Donna and myself were at a retail park shopping, we'd just gone back to our car with some carrier bags and I was sitting having a cigarette, when a young girl, around 25, long blond hair, very slim figure, was getting her c***d sorted from her car, she seemed a little flustered, and seemed to be getting annoyed with her daughter, we watched for a couple of minutes.

Then Donna went over to see if she could help. Sammy, as she was called, explained that she was dropping the c***d off to see her father, they were seperated. She helped Sammy out, she thanked her and pushed the pushchair away towards a large store. Ten minutes later she reappeared looking very upset and annoyed.

Donna went over to see if she was Ok, Sammy was telling her the her ex was a bastard and was only making things difficult with her, to make things difficult!! He wasn't interested in the c***d, just making her life hell. We suggested we grab a coffee and she could have a talk and get all her aggrevation out, she agreed.

A half hour later, we'd finished our coffee and Sammy seemed to be feeling a lot better, Donna went to the toilet and Sammy gave me a hug to say thanks, I leaned in and kissed her, to my suprize she kissed me back, which was nice. Donna returned and also gave her a cuddle, and again Sammy said thanks and gave her a kiss, and again Donna kissed her back.

We were just stood there looking embarrassed, when I suggested to the girls that we go over the road to see if we could get a room at the Travel lodge, I couldn't believe my luck when Donna agreed and so did Sammy. Sammy said as we wallked across the road she hadn't had sex for six years since her ex had left her, I looked at Donna and said "You Ok", she replied she was.

We got a room for £19, and as soon as we went in Sammy wanted to use the toilet. I asked Donna if she was Ok, she replied that she was horny as hell and she wanted to do this. Sammy came back from the bathroom and sat next to us on the bed, Donna and I were kissing, she came up behind Donna and felt her tits, I pulled away and Sammy and donna were kissing.

I pulled Donna's top off and unclipped her bra, Sammy immediately started to feel her tits, I came behind Sammy and did the same to her, Donna was feeling her tits as I kissed my wife, Sammy was licking my wife's tits, I was rock hard in my pants. Suddenly I looked down and Sammy had her hand up Donna's skirt and I just knew what she was doing by her moaning.

I laid Donna down on the bed and and Sammy pushed up her skirt and was rubbing the front of her knickers, I unbuttoned Sammy's jeans and pulled them down placing my hand on the front of her g string panties, slipping my finger over her clit she gasped, saying "That's the first time for years", she gasped again as I rubbed her.

Sammy started to pull my wife's knickers down revealing her hairy cunt, where Sammy licked her and I knew she was close to coming, I sat Sammy on my face and licked her clit, her cunt was shaven and she tasted so sweet, but she came too quickly, I kissed her and rubbed Donna's pussy as she recovered from her orgasm.

Sammy felt my cock through my jeans, as I was licking Donna's box, she was close to cumming as Sammy undid my jeans and pulled them down, revealing my six inch throbbing member, she was quick to put her lips round my helmet, licking my cock, I had to squirm as I was nearly cumming, just then Donna had a massive orgasm and pissed on my face.

I stood up and got Sammy on the bed pushing her face down to my wife's cunt she started to lick her, as I pushed my cock into her tight wet pussy, I fucked her hard as she licked and fingered my wife to another heavy cum, I pulled out and Donna licked my cock as I came in her mouth. After a talk of around twenty minutes Sammy went to the toilet and Donna said she wanted to taste her.

I said "Are you sure", she replied she was, when Sammy came out I laid her on the bed and Donna started by her ankles and ran her tongue up the inside of her thighs and straight onto her pussy, God I nearly came right then, as soon as I was hard enough I pushed my cock into Donna's pussy as she licked this young sexy girl off to another orgasm.

I pulled my cock out and Sammy grabbed hold of it and sucked me off as I shot too much spunk into her mouth, she took a lot as it spilled out and onto her tits. We sat up and talked again. Got dressed, swopped phone numbers, and vowed to repeat the psrformance. Sammy thanked us both for a good afternoon, and some great sex. Donna and I went home and shagged again that night.
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8 months ago
would have been a good story if not written by a man