Startled by the windowcleaner

The wife was meeting a friend in town for lunch so I'd just got out of the shower and was drying off, I was laid on our king size bed feeling randy, I started to feel my cock and get in the mood for a good wank, I had my wife's vibrator in my hand and I was licking her juices off it, closing my eyes I let it wander over my anus, feeling the vibrations I was as hard as a rock.

I started to slowly pull my cock and run the vibro round my ass, when all of a sudden, and it took me by suprise, there was a knocking on the window, there stood our window cleaner, he was tapping on the window and pointing at me, God I was so embarrassed. He was about 45 years old, 6 foot tall and a little chubby, similiar to myself, I jumped up and got dressed quickly.

Five minutes later I was downstairs having a drink, when the window cleaner, who I know now as Ben, came round the back and said "Sorry if I caught you out", I replied "I'm so embarrassed", he said he'd seen everything on his round and not to be embarrassed, he asked where my wife was, and I replied "in town".

He came in the door and asked me if he could clean the windows on the inside, I said Ok, although I was a little bemused by this, as I hadn't known him do this before, he said "I'll start upstairs" "Ok" I replied, following him upstairs, we entered my bedroom, he went towards the window, and pulled the curtains half way on, turning round he looked at the bed then at me.

He walked slowly over to me and asked me how often I use the vibro, I said "Not often I'd wanted to try it" he picked it up and sniffed it then licked it, I almost came in my pants, I asked him if he was married, he said "No Divorced!", he came closer to me and sat on the edge of the bed, I sat next to him and he put his hand on my leg, asking if he'd had a man before, I said "No".

He moved his hand up my leg and onto the crutch of my pants feeling my rock hard cock, I wasn't sure what to do but instinct took me over, and I put my hand on his knee, squeezing the inside of his thigh, he motioned for me to stand up, as I did he unbuttoned my jeans, they fell to the floor, and he stroked my cock through my boxer shorts, God I was hard.

He picked up the vibrator and told me to put my hands on the drawers, as I did he pulled my boxers down and touched my ass hole with the vibro, it was a good feeling, he went in the bathroom as I stood there with my ass in the air, he covered the vibro with soap, he came back and proceeded to slowly insert it, vibrating, into my hole, it was a great feeling, he was dilling me off with it.

I thought I was close to coming and told him so, he stopped and turned me around, I was stood in front of him, facing him with my cock straining at six inch, he bent down and gently licked my entire shaft, feeling my balls, and slowly wanking me, God I was so close to coming and again told him so, he said not to worry, and sucked me off to a massive climax as I shot my load down his throat, he licked me until I was empty and soft.

I sat down on the bed and told him how good that had been, putting my hand back onto his thigh I moved it up feeling his cock through his pants, he was moaning also, I asked him if he was gay and he replied he'd never felt so turned on as he did when he saw me earlier and had to do something, I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out a massive nine inch cock, I'd never seen one that big before.

I tried to wrap my mouth around it but not being experienced in this found it difficult to deal with the size, I began to wank him off, and just licked his helmet, he said he was coming so I stopped, grabbing hold of the vibrator, it was still sticky, I inserted it into his ass hole, switching it on to fast speed, I dilled him off as I wanked him off.

I knew he was coming as he was trying to pull away from me, I carried on until he shot a stream of hot spunk all over my hand, pulling the vibro out of his ass I realised I was as hard as a rock again, I soaped up my cock and pushed it into his ass, and started to shag him, he said that he was having another orgasm, as I thrusted and thrusted, I was coming as he was.

I pulled my cock out of him and wanked myself off over his cock and balls, cum dripping between his pubes. He said "Thanks", I thanked him also, we got dressed and went downstairs, he went on his way and I was left wondering what had just happened.
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fantastic story
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great story